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Leaving from the Bridge of the New Jerusalem, Sekhmet floats us to her Crystal Ship where it welcomes each one of us. We are all gathered in the Crystal Room in our circle with Mother Gaia, Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin, St.Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, Merlin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the White Brotherhood, Pan, Fairies, Unicorns, Devas, and our Ancestors to bring in the infinite LoveLight of Source.  Our mission with Mother Gaia is to enter into close communion with her and all of her Kingdoms.
As we select Mother Gaia herself or any one of her Kingdoms to commune with and invite a heart-level connection, we state silently our request to communicate and ask if they are ready. When we feel the connection, we communicate Love and listen for any words and/or feelings that come. When we get into Communion it lifts our Self higher. We are unlimited in the connections and communications we can engage with Gaia and her Kingdoms. to all on Planet Earth. As we dialogue and feel the energies gifted to us, we send them to the Crystals in the Crystal Room so they can transmit the energies of our communions out to all on Planet Earth, sparkling and uplifting  hearts to new feelings so they find Peace, Joy and Comfort as their birthright.  We ask the Crystals to continue sending these energies to all Kingdoms.