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Leaving from the Bridge of the New Jerusalem, Sekhmet floats us to her Crystal Ship where it welcomes each one of us. We are all gathered in the Crystal Room in our circle with the Arcturians, our other Mentors St.Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, Merlin, Pan, Gaia, Fairies, Unicorns, Devas, and our Ancestors to bring in the infinite LoveLight of Source.  Our mission is to visit the University on Arcturus, empowered by the Oneness of the LoveLight of all gathered.
As we invite the LoveLight to come in, it meets the LoveLight in our Circle, is amplified by the Crystals in the walls, floor and ceiling. We become one big Merkaba and are lifted up and float right out of the Crystal Room!  We move as One Reality instantly to the University on Arcturus where there us a lot of blue light and high dimensional consciousness.  We each follow our own visitor's path which is all about opening to our own Divine Selves. As we tour, we recognize and receive the wisdoms shared  on our tour and our own wisdoms of finding Self and get a taste of instantly being wherever our own wisdom goes.  We return to the Crystal Room with our Arcturian University passes downloaded with what we personally experienced and felt.  We hold up our passes and invite the Crystals to receive the energies so they can gift these energies to Planet Earth. We observe those on Earth feeling the Oneness and reminders of Home and uplifting to higher levels.