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Energy Balance Patches Kit

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Energy Balance Patches Kit
This starter kit of 4 pocket-sized Energy Balance Patches was made with loving care by a student of the free and open teachings of the MTKeshe Foundation.
"I have been been doing energy research and development for over 40 years. I have never run across a product that is so easy to use and that produces immediate results. If you can feel the subtle energy then these Keshe Energy Patches are the right thing for you. After only wearing the patch for just a few hours my body felt much different and after charging some water for the next morning for breakfast I found myself not hungry and full of energy for a very long time after consuming the water."
R. G. M., Bangkok, Thailand
The 4 patches include color-coded sealed patches of plasma water. It has been proven that self-perpetuating plasma energy emits from these patches. They calibrate your energy and become yours. Others may not get the same effect from your patches and their energy may change the effect you get.  You may not notice an instant response from the use of the patches. Don't give up - your body must adjust.
Included are:
a White Patch which resonates with the nervous system, lymph system, pain pathways;
a Grey Patch which resonates with the emotional body, the underlying basis of disease process;
a Green Patch which resonates with muscles, joints, ligaments, soft tissue;
a Red Patch which resonates with blood/hemoglobin, blood sugar, power source.
A how-to-use instruction sheet is included.
No claims are made or implied that these patches will heal or cure any condition. Use only with discernment for your own personal research. Know that you are your own creator, and with a benevolent heart and unconditional love for yourself and others, healing can occur. This technology is not approved in the US by the FDA.
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