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Andara Crystal Pendant-Silver-Wrapped to Order
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Andara Crystal Silver-Wrapped Pendants
NEW-Ready to Mail - *Ane'la Angel Andara*  
Additional Andara Stones Ready to Wrap - at your choice in Photo
We have a limited supply of unpolished Andara Crystals to be wrapped in silver when you order. Choose your Andara Crystal from the drop-down menu.
Please allow an additional week to 10 days to wrap your Andara Pendant order, in addition to a week for mailing.
Any of these Andara Crystals described below can be ordered.  
A sterling silver snake chain is included with your order.
1. Amber - Promotes direction of one's path and choices. Calming, creating mental and emotional strength. Second, Third Chakras.
2. *Ane'la-Angel Stone* - Pale Blue - A Stargate of Unlimited Consciousness; holds field of one's intention. Clearest expression of individual's Source Consciousness, allowing the possibility of receiving, ascending and integrating that consciousness. The High Heart frequency of Ane'la is exponentially increased through infusion of Angelic frequencies that it elicits, catapulting one with pure intention into rarefied Angelic dimensions. Fourth, Fifth, Eighth Chakras.
3. Black - Holds together all things by holding all eternity and access to it. Powerful and grounding. Sanat Kumara is the keeper of Black who works with Thoth to provide access to those ready to receive open Heart, Love and Will of Divine Good.  First Chakra. 
4. Cosmic Force SOLD- Clear or strawberry red. Burns through old energies and patterns for clear and balance body, mind and spirit. AA Metatron, Lady Nada, Third, Ninth, Twelvth Chakras.
5. Divine Fire/Blood of Warrior - Deep red, high energies of Heart and protection of self and others. Babaji guides all in energy of purification and balancing through fire energy; connection with Pele and Goddess energy. AA Michael, St.Germain. Eighth, Ninth, Eighteenth, Twenty-fifth Chakras.
6. Lavender Blue - Powerfully psychic crystal opening the Third Eye putting you in touch with your intuition. Works with St.Germain and the Violet Flame. Sixth, Eighth, Ninth Chakras.
7. Luminescent Blue - Carries gifts of power, will, drive, confidence, strength connected to the Will of God. Master El Morya works through this this Andara and together with AA Michael work through the throat chakra transforming all to the will to do good. Fifth, Twelfth, Fifteenth Chakras.
8.Luminescent Green  - Focused working through the Heart Chakra bringing healing. Connected to the Temple of Truth in science, knowledge and research. Master Hilarion works through this Andara to expand the mind and bring new consciousness and spirituality to scientific discovery with accuracy, justice, common sense and upright attitudes. Hilarion works with AA Raphael for healing through this Andara. Fourth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Fifteenth Chakras.
9.Luminescent White - Holds secrets of God, Universe and true history of the Planet to establish Heaven on Earth through the energy of the Order of Melchizedek, in which Jesus was high priest and to which all humans belong. AA Metatron works with Melchizedek. Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth Chakras.
10. Luminescent Yellow - Brings higher octave of Light, Wisdom, Truth and inner standing. Works with Master Kuthumi and AA Jophiel teaching tact, foresight, consideration, friendliness, decisiveness, mental clarity, power through detachment to the Third Chakra. Third, Twelvth, Thirteenth Chakras.
11. Merlin Blue - Holds qualities of Royalty, Magic and the Mystical, connecting with the Celestial Realms and great Alchemy, moving energy in a spiritually uplifting way.  Fifth Chakra.
12. Oracle Clear - A channel for Wisdom and Focus holding the energy of clarity and brilliance. Resonates Focus, Wisdom and Truth, opening a doorway to the Future. Seventh Chakra.