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Sekhmet Meditation CD - Collector's Item

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ONLY 3 of Sekhmet's Meditation CDs remaining from our 2013 publication.

Three of Sekhmet's timeless "Exercises"

1. Opening to Your Gifts

2. Bridge to the Golden Age Lifestyle

3. You Are Courageous!

Sekhmet is a unique Being - "one of a kind," she says. She has been here since the beginning and is here now to help us on our Ascension paths by bringing forth her high-frequency wisdom in a refreshingly updated format.

These unique Exercises as she calls them, take us to a very special room on her ship where she leads us in co-creating uplifting and joyful meditations for ourselves and for the World beyond.

This is the one and only CD published of Sekhmet's Exercises. 

A complimentary Sekhmet postcard magnet is included.