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Fran's Bookshelf 3 - Bloodlines and Secrets

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As a fundraiser for my move, I am offering selections from my beloved used book collection of many years. You may find the occasional highlighter underline in them. All are in very good condition.

The price is the same for all and includes shipping by priority mail in the U.S.  Some are rare books and a bargain now, while others are recent. The link for each goes to a picture of the book and description for your info and comparison. Please consider that any higher price difference includes shipping, and consider it a donation. A lower price for a rare book is a gift for you.

International mailing will require additional payment, as mailing costs out of country have gone up dramatically. (Please email me for a price on mailing to your country.) 

As the current selections sell, I will add other books. Check back frequently for updates. I have ten times this many lovingly used books.

If you are looking for something specific not yet listed, please email me at  ashtarwebmaster@msn.com  Love and Joy on your journey of discovery, Fran

Please select your choice or choices from the drop-down menu.

1. SOLD Return of the Revolutionaries-Walter Semkiw MD 2003 Hampton Roads Publishing

2. An Autobiography of George Washington-Edith Ellis, Scribe 2005 Hay House

3. Unearthing Ancient America-Frank Joseph 2009 Ancient America Magazine

4. The Fifth Gospel-Fida Hassnain & Dahan Levi 2006 Blue Dolphin Press

5. Jesus and the Lost Goddess-Secret Teachings of the Original Christians-Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy 2001 Three Rivers Press

6. The Occult Conspiracy-Michael Howard 1989 MJF Books

7. The Conspirator's Hierachy: Committee of 300-Dr John Coleman-4th Edition 2006

8. Bloodlines of the Illuminati- vol 1,2,3 -Fritz Springmeier 2019-Vol 1-Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis

9. Bloodlines-Vol 2-Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, VanDuyn, Merovingian
10. Bloodlines-Vol 3-Disney, Reynolds, McDonald, Krupps
11. History of the National Security State-Gore Vidal 2014 The Real News Network