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ABC's Up In The Trees - A Feel Good Alphabet For All Ages

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ABCs Up in the Trees: A Feel-Good Alphabet for All Ages is an alphabet from Nature guiding us to our own True Nature: JOY. It’s all about JOY, Choosing JOY, Feeling JOY, Expecting and Receiving more JOY!

I believe our natural state is to feel good. How do we do that most of the time? From the moment we wake each morning, we begin to think, decide, and choose. Our Emotional Guidance System constantly monitors the feeling tone of what we give our attention to. Every feeling feels either good or bad, so if something feels good, go for it. If something feels bad, take your attention from it by changing your thought, turning away from it, not listening to it, etc. That way, you keep yourself in a feel-good place thus attracting more of what feels good to you. What we feel is what we create - and we literally create as we go – thinking, feeling, choosing!

Everything from single prints to notecards to entire messages spelled out in letters that trees have made and photographed by the author Nina Adkins-Heider.  Wonderful gift ideas starting at $8 and up. 

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Choose Happy Fun Joy - ABCs Up In The Trees - a feel good alphabel for all ages - by Nina Adkins-Heider - abc cards, posters, note card, calendar, book, and more

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