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Home Energy Harmonizer Patch

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The Home Energy Harmonizer is designed to provide protection from the negative information and energy waves coming from satellites, cell phone towers, radio towers and the electrical wiring coming through the walls of your home that affect you and your family’s well being. The Home Harmonizer is also for USE ON THE NEW SMART METERS!


 "I want to testify how deep and positive the impact of having
the Home Energy Harmonizer Patch in our home has been.
I purchased this several months ago, placed it on the side
of the fuse box for the electric usage in the house, and 
the effect was felt within hours !!
"When I awoke the next day, the energy in the house felt as if
someone had "combed thru the tangles". There was then, and
continues to be, a sense that calmness and softness have entered our abode. 
"The coolest part of this addition however, is the change in
my cat's behavior. She can be rather high-strung due to her
feral beginnings, but her temperament has calmed
considerably since the arrival of the HEHP. She is not
the nervous nellie she was for years before this change.
I HIGHLY recommend this product !!!"
                       Kathleen from Massachusetts - Nov 2019

The AC Electrical wiring in our homes, operates on approximately 60 Hertz frequency. This is the same frequency at which your brain thinks and operates a majority of its functions. Because the electrical wiring in your house has the same frequency at which your brain operates, your brain can actually hear it, and is receiving ‘garbage’ interference noise and information from the electrical wiring system in your own home.

Instructions: Place the Home Energy Harmonizer on the fuse breaker box for your home. The Home Harmonizer Patch is 1 and 1/2 inch square of about 1/16 inch thickness that self-sticks on your box.

The Home Energy Harmonizer will immediately start sending specially designed harmonious energy waves that will piggyback on the outgoing frequencies of the electrical system of your home, helping provide positive protection from incoming negative waves. The Home Energy Harmonizer does not ‘block’ or ‘stop’ electromagnetic or microwave energies directly, rather it harmonizes the negative energy waves found within these energy fields.

The Home Energy Harmonizer Never Stops Working !!

"I attached the Home Energy Harmonizer Patch to my fuse box yesterday. Today, I asked myself if it had made a difference. It has! I feel calmer, more focused and my mood is lifted. Thank you for offering such high vibrational tools! My ego tried to step in by saying: well, this is really thin, how can it have any effects? So I raised my vibration and got this: Isn't the technology in credit card chips or computer and cell phone chips not minuscule? Yet does it not undeniably work?! It does and now I realize how powerful these tools are..." J.B., France

"EM PATCHES - I love those patches you are selling. When I hold the one for the fuse box I could feel such calm. Anyway, I am putting together a group order with friends soon for more. I’ve tried others...but yours I felt just holding them." S.M., WA, 5-23-12.

"I placed the Home Energy Harmonizer Patch and Instantly felt the whole house was cleared, fresh and clean..if that makes sense?! We know everything is energy, and yet we have such a "hard time" believing something works on an energetic level, when we can't see it. Let me tell you, there is no doubt this works! It actually feels miraculous!" K.B., NY

"I put the Home Energy Harmonizer Patch on last Wednesday and there was a distinct deeper calm inside the house, the air felt clean and soothing. The dogs prefer to be inside now instead of outside for more than 15 minutes. Everyone is sleeping more soundly and restful.  I have one 15 year old male cat and he's very sensitive to the energy, and he's much calmer now. Before the patches almost every night for the past couple of years he walked up and down the hallway with a guttural scream/meow until I let him in my bedroom. He stopped doing it after the Home Harmonizer was added. I can see subtle changes in the animals, the two males don't spar with one another like they did before and they have been sleeping in the same chair." S.D., CA


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These tools are devices for amplifying and directing conscious intent, not to cure or treat medical conditions of any kind. Please consult a medical professional for any serious symptoms you may experience.

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