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Book "Spirited Clearings: Negative Program Removal by Eli Galla

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Spirited Clearings - Negative Program Removal

by Dr.Margaret (Meg) Hoopes and Eli Galla

This program will change your life, so engage it with an open heart and desire to heal and release issues/beliefs/baggage that you no longer wish to keep in your being. When you get started on this simple process, you will be amazed how much "stuff" you are still carrying around. You will find that clearing the past is easier than you would have thought it could be.

Remember, we don't have to struggle anymore.

What you will learn and clear for yourself:     

 * What are dendrites and neuronets and how to clear the negative memories, thoughts and experiences attached to them for good.

 * How to get accurate answers from your Higher Self through muscle response testing.

 * Create a personal spiritual team to assist in a Fear Release Exercise.

"Meg  Is  an  Incredible  Teacher  and  Lightworker whose  teachings  and  clearings  have  made  a  remarkable  difference  in  so  many  people's  lives, including  mine.  There  are  all  sorts  of  helpful  tools  to  clear and  heal  yourself  and  remove  blockages  that  are  holding  you  back."     Krystal

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