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Brainwave Protector Patch (pkg of 5)

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“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earths environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” Robert O Becker, M.D., Expert on Electromagnetic Bio Stress.


"After receiving the patches I have fixed them on their place.

"After that I can tell You that I feel stronger and less tired.

"The energy in my house is really better. Also around and in myself because I have fixed one on my card to protect myself against the radiation arriving at us on the road.

"I am really happy with the patches and your service that I could order them without payment problems and had them at home within a week.

"With love Simone"   Netherlands 7-25-2021

"Recently I was receiving a treatment and having some muscle testing done.  The practitioner was telling me how he had been working with a man and was doing some muscle testing and was getting all kinds of weird and inconsistent results.  Normally the patients remove all items from pockets, jewelry, watches, etc and in this case he said he finally asked the man if he had something on him yet.  The man had his cell phone in his pocket.  As soon as the cell phone was removed, the practitioner was able to get correct muscle testings.  He said he has always found that a cell phone will have a negative effect on the body.  So I told him about the Brainwave Protector Patch and said I have one on my cell phone and could I get my phone and hold it and see if it had any negative effects.  Sure enough, the patch alleviated all negativity that he would normally find and my body was not being affected by it in any way.  Needless to say, I have put the Brainwave Protector Patch on all my family members' cell phones, computers, my TV, refrigerator, etc."                     Cindy N., TX
By watching television, using your cellular phone, playing video games, on your computer or laptop and other electronics, your brain waves are modified by these frequencies changing your normal brain wave functions and patterns. The Brain Wave Protector Patch modifies these harmful frequencies allowing them to work with your body in a harmonious way.
Recent research in Finland shows that Skin Cells and DNA are altered by exposure to cellular phone use. – Associated Press, February 12, 2008.
  • Damage nerves in the scalp.
  • Cause red blood cells to leak hemoglobin.
  • Cause memory loss and mental confusion.
  • Cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue.
  • Create Join pain, muscle spasms, and tremors.
  • Create burning sensations and rash on the skin.
  • Alter the brain electrical activity while sleeping.
  • Induce ringing in the ears and impair sense of smell.
  • Precipitate cataracts, retinal damage and eye cancer.
  • Open the blood brain barrier to viruses and toxins.
  • Reduce the number and efficiency of white blood cells.
  • Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells.
  • Cause digestive problems and raise cholesterol levels.
How To Use
Place one Brain Wave Protector Patch anywhere on the following devices for complete protection! ThePatch is 5/8" in diameter, very thin (about 1/16") and self-sticking to a surface.
Cellular phones, cordless home phones, microwaves, televisions especially HD sets, refrigerator, hair dryer, computers and monitors, laptop, video game systems, blue tooth and all wireless devices.
"The first day I put the Brain Wave Protector Patch on our cell phones, TV, refrigerator, computers and monitors. Having my office in my bedroom, I haven't been able to get away from the underlying buzzing of the computers & cell phones. Now it feels like a gentle soothing breeze inside the room, calming." S.D., CA
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These tools are devices for amplifying and directing conscious intent, not to cure or treat medical conditions of any kind. Please consult a medical professional for any serious symptoms you may experience.

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