Children of Peace:Ashtar

Ashtar addressing the August 24, 2010 teleconference:

“Well good evening! We are so pleased to be here! This is a monumental evening, and we want to start by thanking all of you who have come and all of you who will be reading the message who are also invited to join in. We have an opportunity here, an opportunity for Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude – all in one beautiful gathering of our Beloved Ashtar Family.

“Now, as we put out the message that was written to all of you inviting you to come and be a part of this special mission, we recognize that there were some things that were perhaps a bit unique, things that we have not done before, such as giving you the link to that beautiful youtubie.*  There are many, many, many such videos but we chose that one and we directed the Voice to that particular one, she didn’t look at others for that particular song. And for all of those who saw it, we thank you, and for all of those who have yet to see it, we thank you.

“Get in the spirit that is presented there, and yes we know, you may have some tears, you may have some remnants even of the anger at this senseless war, but remember, how can you not love everyone in those pictures, the soldiers and the children, and how can you not be grateful to them for bringing this message right into your heart!  And the message, of course is Peace, evermore, everlasting and NOW.

“And so it is to come together in this sacred gathering that we celebrate the leaving of the combat soldiers from Iraq. And while this youtubie that we asked you to watch is in no way intended to make a political statement from the Ashtar Command, nevertheless it does clearly show a pattern which is now becoming Joy. Yes we can! Yes we are! And there is more to come, so rejoice that this day has come.  There was little fanfare, but it was a grand day indeed. A promise kept and a beginning among so many beginnings which are taking place right now, and there is so much more. So enjoy these last days, Beloveds, we know it isn’t easy; some of you are still in what you call a downward tailspin. Pick yourselves up, change your direction, commit to your own divinity, to your rising up, up up!

“Come and join us on the bridge, be one with this beautiful Beloved Family of starseeds in human bodies and star-beings who come so close to you. The veil is very thin, most particularly with this Beloved Family. We are here with you, we are there with you, we are everywhere. We support you, and yes at times, we can hold both of your hands and even carry you through to the end of your darkest of times, because that’s where we are, Beloved Ones.

“Obama himself gave the signal when he called the troops home – he’s been giving a lot of signals, but this one is huge. And so now you know for sure that all of these years that you’ve held the light and all of these times that you’ve said, ‘When is this ever going to happen! When are we finally going to be free and have our abundance and our Joy and our passion and all of these things?’ Well, now you know because you can feel it happening! Be joyful, Beloved Ones, be joyful.

“Joy is a big part of our mission, you know. And if you have any difficulties feeling Joy, just call on Mother Sekhmet and she’ll be right there with that froggie song and you can dance your way into Joy. We are very serious in what we come to do. We ask that you join us in Joy, and yes ,if you can find some laughter along the way, by all means get it out! Parade it in front of the neighborhood, do whatever you can do. Co-create laughter, co-create joyful moments with yourself, with your guides, with your family, friends or strangers down the street.

“The world is undergoing such huge change, and yes, Mother Gaia is right here thanking everyone here present and all of the lightworkers beyond, and all of the happy, joyful people, and all of the children of the world for joining together in commitment to healing. All of the kingdoms, and yes you heard - the dwellers of the seas have their own magical ways and they are very busy right now! They are utilizing crystals worldwide and the energies of the crystals in ways you have yet to hear of, but yet you will because it’s all happening in this NOW moment, and the next, and the next. Timelines have come together beautifully! And you can say ‘at last’ if you want to; we know there have been some glitches along the way. But these glitches have only served to strengthen our purpose and mission and every single one of you have been experiencing some glitches here and there, whether they’re your own or someone close to you, or both.

“Observing, experiencing and doing things a bit differently. Saying, ‘Ah!, I have a challenge; I’m not going to sit here and ring my hands and feel helpless, I am not a victim. I am a responsible Divine Being in a human body and I have a huge support group with me. That’s all I need, I am empowered. I have the ability to totally co-create a whole new scenario, a whole new timeline which has solution, resolution and Joy–love!’ As long as you do everything with Love.

“You know the Voice did not announce it for tonight, she thought maybe it was a bit premature, so we’re going to mention something in passing. We are preparing a series for you - Saint Germain will be giving the series, and it’s all about the business of higher dimensionality. How to be in the higher dimensions and conduct your business. Now we’re not just talking about financial, but we’ll be covering that in great detail, so stay tuned everybody, because we’re going to have this announcement official. You know when a new business opens, before they have all of the cutting of the ribbons and all the officials come and give a speech and welcome the business into the community, they have what is called a soft opening. Well I just gave you the soft opening!  More to come; you’ll get the grand announcement when the first of the presentations is ready - it’s an opportunity!

“And we’re going to say something else that the Voice doesn’t even know about and neither does fabulous Fran or the lovely Elise.  If you have any questions for Saint Germain that you would like to have him include in his curriculum – ooh isn’t that a great word - send them on in. You can send them to Ashtar on the Road [ ]if you wish, because it will be the Voice who will be bringing through the lessons, and Saint Germain would be delighted to answer your questions about the business of living in the higher dimensions.

“Now here’s a little sneak preview. We said business; we did not say busy-ness. So you can forget about reams of endless paperwork, seemingly meaningless exercises on paper, and shall we say, frustrating experiences in trying to weave your way through all the rules and regulations and inconsistencies with any kind of bureaucracy that comes to mind. So enough of that, don’t stay on that very long.

“At any rate we just wanted to get that little announcement in and we are delighted to be having this coming at this time. Why?  Well don’t you suppose that it might be a very fun thing to do to have some information on this, coming out before, during and after you receive your abundance?  We told you Saint Germain’s bank is open but there’s going to be a whole new way of doing business and dealing with your finances, and so we’re going to offer this to you to assist you in seeing it all from the perspective of what you might want to call the high road, we call it the higher dimensionalities – the realms of light, however you want to call it, that’s up to you.

“What we’re talking about here is up, up and out of the tar pits, you know, if you feel that business or something like, maybe the IRS, is still wanting to grab at your feet and keep you down. Now this ought to be some pretty good news - oh we know it is. The only other thing we’ll mention in this regard is that there is a definite date, well we’re not going to give it here, we don’t do dates you know, but we are still seeing the transformation, the transmutation and just plain upliftment into joyful business as part of the general Joy – which is coming, which is actually here, reach out and touch it, feel it, take it into your heart, it’s here, it just has yet to be officially announced but that’s what we’re getting at.

“Let’s get real official and get these announcements done shall we?  No dates as always, but you see, the planet has just passed through a most monumental time.  So many energies, so many fabulous days and nights of high energy with purpose, bringing you closer and closer, of course, to your Ascension status, but in the meantime bringing you closer and closer to the Age of Aquarius realized, being able to live the Golden Age on Planet Earth. And so there is much in the wind for change.

“You hear about these meetings going on?  They’re constant, ongoing.  Meetings between the galactic representatives, the ascended masters, the angels, all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, all of the higher dimensional beings meeting with those among the leadership of the starseeds in the bodies of the humans.  Big things afoot!

“Now, we know that sometimes we suggest that you not watch the news, but you might want to watch the reruns of Keith [Olbermann]. Catch that farewell salutation that he gave. There’s a lot more to that than the words. Go ahead, dial it up on your computers or watch it in reruns or whatever. Look right into his eyes and get a lot more downloaded than what he says in those few words. You don’t have to watch the whole show if it doesn’t resonate with you, but that would be worth a ‘looksee’, as you like to call it.

“Alrighty, adventures galore, yes?  So much happening that it is difficult sometimes to keep on top of it, so we’re going to tell you where to go to get the latest of what you really need to know, we’re getting down to the real essentials here.  So we’re going to tell you where to go to get the real nitty-gritty. Of course some of you are already there because you anticipate, or you already know, what I, Ashtar, am about to say but we’re going to say it anyway and that is you go into your own hearts, Beloved Ones, and for some of you your brains and your wisdom eyes also because that’s where the real news is; that’s where you check in, that’s where you get your updates, that’s where you find out what’s happening in your world, in your realm, in your Divine Self. That’s where you say your intent, that’s where you co-create this world we’re talking about.  Without you, Beloved Ones, it’s just not going to happen, not as soon anyway.  So get with that momentum within your own Divine Beings, and then if you have a group or a friend or a relative who will join with you in some kind of a co-creation by all means do it.

“If you don’t have your sacred space, your altar, set up somewhere yet, it might be a good idea. Be sure that you program your crystals to assist and facilitate your communications and then beam out your Love telepathically – always grand to do, and otherwise in any way that works for you.  We are a grand company, this Family of ours, and we have much to do on our missions.  You think you’re busy now?  Just wait.  But your frustrations with the way the world is now are coming to an end.  So take a moment and just feel the Love you are and open your hearts a bit more, and let’s beam each other the Lovelight we are, sharing and caring with Compassion, Grace and Thanks - yes, infinite Thanks and Gratitude.

“And now, Beloved Ones, we want to talk a little bit more about what has transpired in these recent days. It has been very few days since the announcements of the troops coming home from the war.  Yes there are still troops there in Iraq, but they are there to help restore what the warmongers destroyed.  They are there to provide comfort, help.  They are the engineers who can rebuild the cities, the towns, the bridges, the buildings.  They are the teachers who can help with the schooling, they are the holy people who can help to lift the spirits.  They are the medical people who can help to heal the bodies, and if you’re not aware of it already there are the children.

“Children of war?  No. Children of Peace. Children who can lead and will do so. Children who will bring families together and unite them in that wondrous bond of Love once more, regardless of whose side they were fighting on. This extends to the children of the families of those who are coming home from the war. Bless these children. Beloved Ones, we shall be co-creating Peace, an Exercise of Peace, with these wondrous children. They know the difference between war and Peace, they are crystal children; some of them are rainbows. They know how to go within and express from their hearts and they have this huge worldwide network.  Do you think the toddler baby who is sitting on the floor smiling at the world is smiling just at you? That crystal child is broadcasting to his or her brothers and sisters worldwide and saying ‘hang on, we love you, help is coming, help is there. Love, we are together. Love, we are one.’

“And we bring ourselves together in this grand network we have because we know who we are and we know why we are here. So next time you see that little one smiling at the world, smile back and send a message from your own heart: ‘I am one with you, I honor you for your loving service. I recognize your divinity as I know you recognize mine.

“And so I, Ashtar, thank you, Beloved Ones, for coming to this wonderful celebration!  A celebration of an end to war.  And as we join in our Exercise we ask you to picture these children and to honor them for holding the Light, and for understanding the wisdom of Peace and the Joy of being here in this world of change and transition and Ascension.  And so I, Ashtar, have at my side a Beloved One who will speak more and who will lead us in this Exercise of Peace.  So I say to you Beloved Ones, stay tuned, there’s lots more to come of the Joy and the Love of our Divinity, as One We Are.  And so it is. Salut!"

* The YouTube video with "Teach Your Children Well" sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was played after Ashtar spoke.  It is the second song on this page:

Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, August 24, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.