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Create From Your Hearts

Ashtar addressing the February 23, 2010 teleconference:


"Well, Good Evening everyone!  It is so delightful once more to be here in this grand reunion of family.  Brothers and sisters we all are.  And we are indeed of the stars, and it is this reunion not just with each other, but within each of ourselves, that we celebrate in this joyful family gathering. That’s right.  How close within your own being, bring all of that which you are into your consciousness, and know, know that this glorious state of oneness, of harmony, of communion within yourself is to be enjoyed for each and every one of you as we make the Ascension, as we come and partner with you, and as we co-create with you, with you as the leaders in this.   Without you leading the way, Beloveds, this could not happen.  We will not say that it is all up to you but we will say that it is you who called.  It is you who called forth on that day you call the Harmonic Convergence which seems like eons ago, but was but a nanosecond, if you consider all of the time as you measure it, that you have waited to accomplish this never-before-accomplished event on Planet Earth.  And as Planet Earth rises into higher dimensionality of living and being and understanding, so too goes your solar system and indeed many planets and star civilizations throughout the universe. 


"So it is no wonder that we are triple parked, it is no wonder that we are feeling such joy – we already are in celebration mode – we shall be dancing again and enjoying this specialness of this time together.  Anticipation is great because we see what lies ahead and we assure you that all is well and divine everywhere in your kingdom.  And so we shall give a bit of a report because we know you are all wondering ‘How did it go the last time we came together when we joined in that wondrous uplifting group creation?’  Where we sent     peace throughout the world  and most particularly directed it to those who wear the military uniforms of the countries all over the world, and to those who might not be wearing an official uniform, might more or less be termed rebels within the countries which there is war within taking place.  Beloved Sananda has lead that exercise but we were all here for it, we joined with you.   And you are so beautiful, Beloved Ones, and your hearts opened with such purity of intent and such beauty in what you expressed, that we are happy to report that it raised the consciousness of the planet and created a huge opening for Peace. 


"All the portals that energize Peace are open, the energies that you called forth to support and sustain the transitions that Planet Earth is making with all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia.  There are reports all over your internet if you want to take advantage of them, but we are telling you right now, that Call for Peace was felt and raised the consciousness because it opened hearts.  It opened hearts, and hearts conveyed the message to minds and even in some cases to the actual actions of the bodies.


"Now what about the fact, of yes we know, ha! we know that even with this report of what you accomplished, we know that there are those among you, and rightfully so, who are discerning and who have questions, and the questions sound something like this:  'Well that’s great Ashtar, we joined and did this fabulous exercise, we came together and we felt it and we knew we were making a difference, and then Obama sent more soldiers to Afghanistan.  Now how do you explain that one?'   Now we already told you, it’s not all that it seems.  There are portals to protect in that part of the world.  The portals that bring through loving energies, empowerment, news and information.   We Galactics are very much a presence there.  You know they have starry, starry nights and they get to see a lot out over those deserts.  We’re there and we’re being seen.   Now of course there is a hush on that kind of news, but countries around the world are starting to issue the news that we’re for real, we exist, and we are not shooting off guns, and dropping bombs and doing everything that we can to make war upon the humans.  And they are starting to get the word that we come in Peace, Peace which is supported by the Lightworkers, by you Beloved family. 


"Now these new recruits who just went off to Afghanistan were more peacefully inclined than some who have been there on an extended tour of duty, and have gotten somewhat into the violence program, you know, the opposite of peace.  And they are taking some new thoughts, heart-based thoughts, a new consciousness of Peace, so that is one thing.  You can picture, if you wish, that as these new ones arrive, they are bringing a new energy, a new attitude, and they really don’t even have to rebel or commit mutiny or desert or anything of the kind.   There they are, in the ranks, disseminating and broadcasting the energies of Peace.  Now that is kind of fun to visualize, is it not?  Now we are not going to say there is no violence taking place there.  There is.  But there is a remnant, there are remnants taking place.  And there is civil war within that country and you must recognize that.  And there are many factions there.  And then we have the poppies - great place for poppies - fabulous for those who have beaten the war drums and called the soldiers there.  Great opportunities for them to profit by controlling the poppies.   And did we mention the potential for oil pipelines, and let’s not forget that there are many, many valuable elements in the earth.   We are even talking ORMEs.  And let’s talk about the Stargates.   You know the Dark Hats program has always been that they will end up in control of the Stargates and when their partners, the Annunaki pulled out, that disrupted their plans a bit, did it not?  They couldn’t even get control of the Stargate in Iraq even after they toppled Saddam Hussein from power, and took over the country.   Because there are beings of light with energies of Love so powerful that no one with a less than loving heart could possibly have control there.  


"And so it is that we will say there is a method and a motive for the Peace that is taking place there even now. Transformation, transmutation is happening.  So instead of being discouraged, get into your hearts, Beloved Ones, and check it out for yourselves.  If you don’t consciously go out of body so as to survey the scene, then ask to do so in your dream time and go for yourself.   And if you see a bit of war, wave the banners of Peace.  You can use the Violet Ray if you wish, and help to calm the situation.  Now there is something else we want to mention.  Hearts are opening to the women.  Why is that?  It is because Afghanistan is a country which has been so dominated by the masculine energies, that the women have been enslaved.  Female children do not have the opportunities, the liberties and the freedoms that are present in other parts of the world.  Wives are subject and subjected to many cruelties and injustices.  And what is happening is that the energies of Peace are flowing throughout that land and indeed throughout that whole area - Middle East - and indeed throughout other countries, because as you will recall, Sananda took you everywhere, and we were there, and we went with you on that journey everywhere on Planet Earth, over Planet Earth.   And so it is that the energies of Peace are starting to flow.  And where there has been injustice and imbalance, it is now starting to come into a lovely balance.


"Twin flames are excited because they see openings now that were not there before, because when you Beloved Ones are engaged in the hostility of war, and it could be that you are at war within yourself, and Beloved Sananda shall join us to assist and facilitate and lead an exercise for the purpose of helping all on the planet to heal within their own hearts.  But for now, just know that it is coming with great joy and anticipation again, more Peace for Planet Earth, more Peace is the program.  It is divinely ordained, decreed and nothing will stand in its way, because we see it already done, and the more that you live in that Peace and the more that you know it, so it is, because you make it so.  So when this gathering time is over, keep it going.  Keep it going within yourselves and then share it,  even as we shall be sharing it tonight.  Remember you are bright, remember the world would not be as bright a place if each and every one of you were not shining your lights.  We are family, Beloved Ones, we are family.  Feel the energies of Love, allow it to come into you.  Feel the energies of Joy, allow it to uplift you.   And feel the energies of Peace for the entire planet.  Yes, the other kingdoms rejoice, rejoice at what you have done thus far and at what they know you are achieving in this moment, and at what you will gift the world with, in the next moment.  Be joyful, Beloved Ones, all of the kingdoms are in celebration. 


"There are more and more stories coming out upon the internet of humans helping each other, of humans caring for the children who have no homes or families or food, of humans engaging in what is called humanitarian efforts.  It is time for you to receive all of the benefits of these loving beings and the energies that they are putting out while at the same time you join in with them.  You join in, in what you can call holy and sacred communion of the One We All Are.  Allow your own divinity, your own spark of Love to shine forth even more and to embrace the entire planet with it, while at the same time being in Joy and receiving the results of all that you do.  This, Beloveds, is our mission, this is our purpose.  The Ashtar Command is here to join with you, to love you most of all first and foremost to love you, and to support you, and to energize everything that you are here to do.  After all, you are One with Us and we are One with You.  You have volunteered to stand in mission and purpose, and you have volunteered to shine forth your lights in this moment, and to be leaders in this entire Ascension process.  You have volunteered to seek the answers and to share them, whether it be answers regarding the history/herstory of Planet Earth, whether it be answers on how to help each other to heal whatever hurts there are, whatever past lives baggage you have brought into this particular life, whatever illnesses and imbalances and diseasements you have created as a whole as humanity upon this earth, so that you could simply rise above, literally bring your beings up into a consciousness where these things cannot exist.  


"We are talking about a complete total exponentially higher lifestyle change, Beloved Ones, and it’s time, it’s the moment, congratulations to all, you’ve got there, you are here, we are here.  What a fabulous state for all of us to be in, this togetherness, this oneness, on this journey.  And so when you think of war, transmute immediately to Peace.  Spread it, send it out.  Read, listen to music, meditate, focus, tell peace stories and be, as Sekhmet would say, warriors, true warriors for Peace.  It has nothing to do with making war on anyone else, it has nothing to do with saying ‘Oh you are totally wrong and I AM totally right.’ That in itself is an act of war, is it not?


"It has to do with getting into yourselves Beloved Ones, getting into your hearts, connecting all that you are, all of your bodies, all of your being, all of your aspects into one great big bubble of joyful light – it has to do with feeling the completeness, the joy of this, it has to do with connecting with your Twin Flames, who if you don’t connect before will be right there when you cross up into the higher dimensions as a permanent resident, with passports to anywhere you choose, indeed.  And you will be known throughout the universe by your colors.  Your gray hearts will shine forth.  Your colors of love, the colors of communion with the All that we are.  Your colors of high frequencies, high vibrations of joy, love and caring and sharing.  And then, Beloved Ones, the universe is yours, you can go anywhere you choose.  You can come back to help those who do not make the same transition, or shall we say do not make the same transition in the 2012.  You know, you do have calendars so you know what we are discussing here.  But nevertheless they will come, and you can come back to help them, and you can spread the word, and if your friends and families have said ' hmmm you’re looney tunes' to you when you have tried to explain to them about this magnificent energy of Love and all of the healings and the technologies and yes, the trillions of ships, and the entry into the Golden Age, and they still want to say you are looney tunes, well there may be one who may say it to your face because they have the others in observance, but they are not thinking it.  


"Be alert, there are many who may have said that to you in the past but are now awake and anxious to know more.  Now we often advise when we are honored and blessed to come into a one-on-one discussion with any of our family members, we often advise telepathic communication.  If you are not receiving telepathic messaging yet, it’s just because you haven’t opened to it yet.  So you can put the welcome mat out if you wish, say ‘I AM here for only messages of truth from the Office of the Christ or the highest vibrations’, however you want to say it, of only Love because Love is my truth and I know it.  And get ready.  You have an entire team of Guides just waiting to transmit loving messages, and to assist in your discernments, and you have family in the Ashtar family and the entire family of Lightworkers to commune with.   And then you have your human family and friends and neighbors and strangers who find their way to your door.  They are not really strangers you know, they are coming, you can just consider them to be a voice from the past if you wish.   Great reunions are happening all the time.  


"And if you have beloved beings in your earth families and your circles of relationships, just get yourself into somewhat of a relaxed brain state and start talking.  Simple messages …..   

'Hi this is me, I am calling to you … I am calling to your subconscious and to your heart to open to receive the Love I am sending you,'  simple messages like that.  And then you can say, ‘Are you listening? Are you getting it?  Are you feeling the Love vibrations? Great, let’s have a hug tomorrow when we meet at the office' or wherever.   Foster your communications of loving nature.  And you know what?  The more that you send out, the more the universe is going to radiate back to you, because that’s just how it is.  We won’t go into quantum physics cause you know the voice really doesn’t have too much of a mind or an inclination to go there, but she sure understands Love, because she feels it when she connects and communes with you, with our family.   And so she knows that that is the highest, most powerful energy in the universe and that’s what its all about.  And there are many who have come to teach this, all about Love, all about Joy, all about Peace on Earth, and guess what?   Many, whether they are using the Sword Excalibur and sending the Blue Wave of Truth, whether they are getting telepathic messaging, whether they are communicating and communing with their guides or however they are getting it, they are starting to understand the difference between the basic truths of the universe and the dogmas, and the programs that, after all, have only been created so that you can experience enslavement to them, so that you would know the difference between living in the lifestyle of Love that is from your beautiful hearts, and living in the lives of the third dimensional box.  We know that you know all of this.  We’re just wanting to say it because if there has ever been a time to live, the time is now.   Without any doubt, this is the time - the moment, the hour has come.  


"And so we shall be joining together in a glorious creation together, a glorious welcoming of the loving energies of Peace, Love and Joy and anchoring it in all of our hearts even more, and then of course sharing, because that which you receive is for you to give.  That is another basic teaching.  Or you can call it a law of the universe, and what is a law of the universe anyway? It is a science of spirit or the expression of spirit through science.  Now that really reduces it to something very simple, does it not?  They are the same, Beloved Ones, you cannot separate them.  It’s like sacred geometry and music, well the music of the spheres, the music of the angelic realms, the music of the masters which were basically channeled in from the higher dimensions.  Christ consciousness is alive and well today because it lives in all of you and us.  And there is no ‘you and us’ in Christ Consciousness, there is only WE.   You can say I AM and you can say WE ARE, and its all truth and you all know it.


"So feel the truth of it, feel the empowerment of it.  All that you are desirous of creating for yourself, all that you are desirous of creating for the world as your gifts to the world, are not only possibilities, they are highest probabilities for each and every one of you.  Create from your hearts, Beloved Ones, create with the union, the communion of you, the All That You Are, your guides and the All That We Are, indeed.  And thus your creations will manifest into your reality and you will share them with all others who are looking for that same truth and that same reality.  Now as you progress, we know that you all are familiar, you have all had some exposure to things like advanced technologies.  They have to be from the energies of Love because that’s the high vibrations that they come from.  You are all familiar with the concept of the holodeck, but perhaps you used to watch a program that was much loved on your television sets, where a wondrous woman simply twitched her nose and there it was.  Well you can do that too.  Go ahead, practice.  There is absolutely nothing in the universe that you are not capable of accomplishing or creating, when you remember who you are, and when you join with who we are to get it done. 


"Now you are on the verge.  Stand tall and go ahead and put one foot forward if you wish because that’s how close it is, Beloved Ones, because all these things are available to you now, and it is time for you to call them forth.   If you have a technology, inspiration, if you have an inspiration to write or create, or to do some beautiful art or music or you feel that it is time to go somewhere and experience a high mountain top or the ocean or someplace on Mother Earth’s ground, start creating it, start manifesting it, because it’s yours, the world is yours, to re-create in the Golden Age.  And it's here.  So any time that you come across a message or you see a picture or anything that seems to be 3D, get out your magic wands, bring the Love into your hearts and send it out your hands, and put 5D truth on it, and re-create it in the image of Peace, Love, Joy or whatever high vibe energies it needs.  Let’s get this transmutation processed in full gear, shall we?  No time to waste.  It is time indeed, to take off with Love and Joy and bring all of that into focus within your own beings, and then share it. 


"So here we are at this transition place as you measure time, which there really isn’t, but no matter, if you want to look at the date today it is an auspicious day, because it is the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow on your calendars, so NOW is the moment to create.  And so we shall join together in creation of Peace on Earth and all  the Love and the Joy that comes with it.   And so I, Ashtar, express gratitude on behalf of the trillion of ships and all of those who come, your brothers and sisters from the stars, the distant galaxies and those close by and yes, even from your solar system.   And we say to you Beloved Ones, welcome to the true world and to the true universe beyond, because that is where we are, and that is where we join together.  And it is indeed a most wondrous world, and you are why it is so.  And so it is.  Salut."


Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this transcription.

© Susan Leland 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.