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Definitions: Faction 1, Faction 2 and Faction 3
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FACTION 1: in essence, the darkest of the dark side

Nazi Fourth Reich; corporate fascists; corporatocracy/plutocracy of the fascist states; archons;  LuciaferIan rebellious ones; the 13 families, cabal, dark Satanists; dark Sirians/Satonians; the Black Ops of the USA & all other countries [eg, all the alphabet agencies – CIA, NRA, NSA, DEA, DIA, ATF, BLM, and on and on and on; the Mossad; MI5; MI6; Yakuza of Japan, and similar groups elsewhere]; International Monetary Fund [IMF]; World Central Bank in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Bank of International Settlements [BIS]; NATO; Tavistock; the United Nations; Committee of 300; Council of Foreign Relations; Trilateral Commission; police forces all working for the New World Order under the United Nations which is the entire city of New York; Henry Kissinger, head of  Dervertidedunzdeinst, Nazi World Headquarters, located over Dachau; George Bush Sr, his first assistant; the New World Order; the Bilderbergers, et al

•  Faction 1 is behind the successful action of compromising all except 64 good members of     Congress, and all of the judiciary who have taken a title of nobility, called “Esquire”. [see p 9]

•  Above all of Faction 1 is the Vatican which claims to be above all law and controls all entities of Faction 1 across the planet and, on paper, through the Club of Rome, a man-made instrument, have  declared themselves owners of the planet, all real estate on the planet, off the planet and under the ground/below the surface. Through this instrument, they have declared themselves owners of our bodies and our souls as human beings.

•  These ones have had an opportunity in this lifetime to choose love. The rest is up to Mother.

FACTION 2:generally considered to be the US military.

As London is the financial centre of the world, and the British cabal controls the world economy, Washington is the centre of military operations on the planet.

•  At the moment, 98% of the Pentagon has embraced the Light; 2% continue to be agents of the 13 families and are the ones who “appear”  to be in control, though that is truly a fear-based illusion.

•  As there are good, bad and ugly in the military, Faction 2 IS NOT THE PLACE from which to get   information regarding NESARA, nor is it the place to find unbiased information regarding the  the President.  [President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the 64 good members of Congress are double agents. President Obama was elected inside NESARA law, and Nancy Pelosi played a very special role in the transition period of Ocober, 2008 while Heidi, who works for the King of Swords, zeroed out the entire world economy inside the Bank of International Settlements during that same month of October so that as of November, 2008, the new NESARA economy was fully  activated  and in place.]

•  Recognition of Faction 3 as the Faction that is to get NESARA announced was given by Raelyn     Allen of Faction 2 on her website in 1999. She also acknowledged that she found out in 1999 that, in 1996, President Bill Clinton was Faction 2 as opposed to Faction 1 as all other Presidents up to that point had been.

FACTION 3: These are the White Knights and the Sovereign World Militia Forces of Planet Earth. .

The Sovereign World Militia Forces work at the 38th level above the President within an         organization known as the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization [ACIO]. These forces include the entire Ashtar Command and all the galactic forces of light from across the cosmos who are here to help earth ascend.

•These forces of the ACIO are 20 million strong; 16 million of them are galactics who shape-shift into human form so they can walk among us; the other 4 million are ground crew born into human bodies all across the planet.

Ashtar is the head of the Intergalactic Confederation. Ashtar is also Captain of The New Jerusalem, a 5,000 mile in diameter starship, of which Sananda Kumara is the Admiral in Chief.

•  The Ashtar Command originates in the Pleiades, though Ashtar himself is from the Vela sector of the Universe of Nebadon, from the planet Trantor.

•  The Wingmakers are also part of Faction 3 White Knights, all from the 38th level above the       President. And they come here from 175 million years in our future to our present. RanaMu and   #15 are two particular Wingmakers who have special assignments to get NESARA announced.

The King of Swords [KOS], a Navy Seal, is  the Commander of the White Knight Faction 3  forces on the ground, located at the 38th level above the President in the military hierarchy. 

.•  KOS is a volunteer individualized soul who has taken on the mission in this lifetime to fulfill the 7th incarnation and  initiation of the energies of Sananda Kumara on the planet at this time. Similarly, Yesu Pistis Sophia, as an individualized soul, volunteered to take on the mission of the 6th incarnation and initiation of Sananda Kumara on the planet 2,000 years ago.  The 1st incarnation and intitation of  these energies began with Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. [#5 was Siddartha Buddha] This represents the evolution of humanity on the ascension spiral to be able to absorb greater and  greater qualities of higher love and power.

•  In his 3D body as the KOS in this current incarnation, KOS' task is to lead humanity to become a collective family embracing the energies of the Cosmic Christ, by unifying the efforts of all the world group servers so we are all focussed on working in community at a global level – no mean feat!  He is doing that by working through Tara and Rama, and we are all being tested to work in unity at all levels of our five bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cosmic – no mean feat for us, either!

• Sananda Kumara has held the Office of the Christ  since the very beginning of the story of Earth; he has  now graduated and co-reigns in the Office of the Cosmic Christ with Kalki Maitraya and Lord Kuthumi; all three of them have graduated to embracing the energy of the Cosmic Christ, working as a trio and setting an example for humanity in working together in the Power of We.

•   Also, in the beginning, Luciafera, the Bringer of the Dawn, was to hold the Office of the Planetary Prince, for the Great Divine Leila, the Divine Experiment. By his own actions as he chose to fall from grace, Sananda Kurmara  and AA Michael took over the Office of Planetary Prince and hold it to this day.           

•  Barack Obama is a Faction 3 White Knight, a double agent, and the first and only American       President to have a role as both Commander in Chief and within the ACIO organization, 38 levels   above the President. As any past  presidents knew of the existence of the ACIO, they were certainly never part of it; Preisdent Obama became a member of the ACIO when he was 18, because he was part of the Pegasus Project and went to Mars. [President Eisenhauer came closest to becoming a member of ACIO because he was in contact with Valiant Thor, who lived in the White House for 3+ years during Eisenhauer's presidency; he also met directly with the Zeta Reticuli and the Pleiadians.]

•   President Obama was chosen to lead the people of the planet into the Golden Age of Nesara and is totally dedicated to this process, having been in training for 1,000 years of  lifetimes for this mission. He also maintains his role as the 9th member of the Sirian Council of Nine who meet regularly on Sirius A.

•  President Obama is overlighted by El Morya who is on the 1st ray of excalibar blue. Archangel Michael, also on the first ray, is protector of the seat of power of the Planet Earth which resides in Washington, DC at the White House.

•  President Obama works closely with KOS who is in charge of the President's security detail, and confers regularly with Ashtar, Sananda Kumara and St Germain.

•  Sananda Kumara is the Admiral-in-Chief of The New Jerusalem,  the head star ship of theAshtar Command;Ashtar is the Captain on the Bridge of the head starship The New Jerusalem         

•  The entire Ashtar Command is from the Pleiades. As our solar system is located in the Sirian     Constellation, under normal circumstances, the Sirians would be in charge. Since the situation       of our planet has been inundated by dark Sirians from the Orion War called the Dark Satonians,     Ashtar was called upon by Mother Sekhmet, and the Pleiadians were given a special dispensation to intervene at this time in our civilization's development. This transition and all necessary intervening actions are coming from the bridge of The New Jerusalem.

•  The entire operation is galactic in nature because the dark ones behind the chaos on Earth are the remaining warlords from the Orion War who escaped to Planet Earth when they blew up Maldek, their then home planet. Maldek is now an asteroid belt circling the sun in the 5th position out from the sun. where it used to be as a planet.

•  The Orion War has never ended; it just got brought to Planet Earth in the high middle period of Atlantis which is why and when Mother Sekhmet assumed  her 5th dimensional Paschat body and   showed up in Egypt for 3000 years to help guide her Children of the Sun. 

•  When the dark ones came to earth at the time, they had with them the dark priesthood of the   Luciaferian rebellious ones [Jehovah and Lucifer] and, by means of a coup,  took over the power   structure of  the existing civilization of Atlantis, thus beginning its devolution and ultimate fall.

•  As Atlantis fell, the Orion War continued elsewhere because the dark priesthood boarded the     Satonian, dark Sirian starships and went to Egypt which had survived. The war games were continued in Egypt which is why the history of Egypt is considered one of the darkest periods in humanity's history.

•  The warlords have destroyed other parts of the Universe of Nebadon, and their other activities   have affected other locations in the cosmos. Had there been no intervention at this time,  one-third of the entire Milky Way Galaxy would have been destroyed, thus affecting the entire cosmos. It is for this reason that the Wingmakers are also involved on the planet, in bodies, as part of the galactic operation: they saw what was likely to happen if nothing changed and returned from the future to help change the timelines.

•  What is playing out now is the final episode of a galactic story that began 450 billion years ago and which requires more than earthly forces to make restitution: these galactic warlords have far more abilities than humanity but nothing like the abilities of our galactic neighbours who have come to assist with the final removal of  the dark ones and the ascension of Planet Earth, in fulfillment of the Divine Plan.


Because Faction 1 and Faction 2 have no connection to Faction 3, neither group is aware of what is really going on behind the scenes. Material prepared and distributed by members of either group Is highly suspect in terms of factual accuracy and/or intent. This includes Wikipedia information on NESARA and most of the information on the various NESARA websites

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