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Free Will is Paramount
 Minerva on the Call for
in the Gulf of Mexico
May 26, 2010
"I am Minerva.  I have been chosen to speak for the group, a very large group that is so concerned about what is happening with this oil gushing forth, this life blood of the Earth, Mother Gaia.  It is distressing to us that humans can ignore this and allow it to continue unabated.  It is clear, as you see now, that these corporations have every intention of allowing it to continue because they know it poisons the Earth, it poisons the sea, and it destabilizes the plates of the planet.  It is their intention to cause great destruction because they cannot release their control and they are so angry and resentful that they have lost this control. 
"We want to intervene, but we must hear from you, enough of you.  There must be a great outcry!  We want to support the call that beloved Mother Sekhmet has put forth for a mass voicing of your views to the authorities who can call for our appearance.  We are so anxious to come forth and assist you, as we know you wish.  But these authorities are terrified of the mass public's reaction.  They are more afraid of that than the oil.  Meanwhile we are weeping for the Earth and for the sea creatures.  I want to convey to you that we want you to mobilize all lightworkers, all beings who care for the Earth to bring us forth.  Call us forth now so that together we may stop this hemorrhaging of the Earth and clean this up before it destroys your planet, your waters, your air, your people who are innocent truly.  In their ignorance, they are innocent, but their eyes are opening in horror.  We cannot say it strongly enough.  Please call us forth.  We will mitigate as much as we can with the wind and the waves until you can bring forth this great outcry that will bring us into your visibility in your skies, into communion and into co-creation to assist the Earth.  We know that together we can do this.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for hearing these words.  I am Mighty Minerva and we love you.  Know that we love you so much!  And so it is, Beloveds, so it is.  Namaste."
Fran: "Minerva, from the Office of the Christ, can you expand on who you are?"
"Yes, Beloved.  I am known as Minerva from the Greek times and I go back much farther to the ancient times of Pangaea.  I am Athena." 
Fran: "Are you associated with the sea?"
"With the sea as with all of Mother Gaia.  This planet is so, so precious to me, to all of us who lived at that time and still live protecting the planet, acting as guardians of the humans who are a part of us, who we had a hand in evolving to your present embodiment.  This planet is for you, and we as your guardians wish it to continue and to resurrect itself into its pristine condition.  We are in agony as we watch this hemorrhaging and can do little to stop it, because you, Beloveds, have reached your majority where your free will is paramount.  Your self awareness and independence must come forth in its fullness and you must choose this assistance.  To save Gaia, you must choose, as the Spirit of Humanity, you must choose to stop this and call upon us to assist you.  It is quite simple, but it is a choice.  We will not remove your choice, and we are in agony as we wait because we can do nothing further.  And the dark side knows this - they want you to fail.  They don't want your release, your independence, your sovereignty as equal beings with us which you truly are.  So we wish to awaken you now from your lethargy, as we have said.  We know you will do this.  We know.  Thank you for listening once again.  Namaste."
Given through Fran Pearre, May 26, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
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