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"I AM at Peace and all the chaos around me does not disturb my Peace of Mind, for All is Well In My World."  
(received from Spirit by Darci in Washington State)  

Tiny house village in Oregon is changing lives
Colorado's marijuana profits are going to schools
Boy-zshan Bi-den (Buffalo Return)
New Technology may Revolutionize the Egg Industry
Gifts of Tiny Houses Arrive for Standing Rock
Nakazdli FirstNation builds tinyHouses forHomeless
Got a Pest Problem? Call the Quack Squad - YouTube
An Urban Swim, and the Change One Person Can Make
Sticky situation:Honeybee Swarm blocks F-22Fighter

Nature has a say and humans respond respectfully.

Pair of engineers design off-grid tiny house
Developed A Battery That Could Last A Lifetime
13 Yr-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free EnergyDevice
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Proposal Gains Momentum
Urban farming:Floating food forests to vacant lots
Rising Crop of Women Changing Food System
Dirt First-reclaim soil from pesticides/fertilizer
Hotel Chain to Grow Own Produce -1,000 Locations
The Sharing Economy-Nat'l League of Cities
First taste of in-store vertical micro-farms
Regenerative Agriculture Solution
single mom thanks Pres.Carter for Habitat home
Life in Syntropy-organic regenerative practices
Hawaiian Plant - Electricity from Seawater&Ammonia
High-Vibe Changes Galore!
Minnesota town-parking tickets to food donations
How the Million Man March changed one man’s life
Billions in Change-inventions by 5D entrepreneur
80th KnowledgeSeekers Workshop-Dr Keshe 9-24-15
Geoengineering scientist calls for Chemtrail Ban
Prestigious HeartSurgeon-Truth about Heart Disease
Justice Department about to free 6,000 prisoners
Inventor Mike Strizki-hydrogen powered fuel cells
Student School Address: 9/11 - Love Is The Answer

On Friday, September 11, 2015, senior Evan Bartlett gave a talk,   "Isn’t it interesting that today I'm speaking on 9/11, one of the most fear and dark-producing events on earth that put us in this space of discomfort and fear. And as Mr. Lovett spoke about how we could all just go into the darkness in response, or we could go into love and I’m here to bring that forth."    (To view a short video of this talk:    https://youtu.be/BmXU9QC7WAk )

Inside Facebook's plan to build a better school
Chinese company ‘builds’ 3D-printed villa
Pope for new economic order,criticizes capitalism
Germany Turns Military Bases Into Nature Reserves
N Z Now Recognizes ALL Animals As Sentient Beings
Jimmy Carter: 'Losing My Religion For Equality'
US Now Importing Organic Corn-Consumer Demand
what KLM does with left behind items on flights
Radioactive Man in FukushimaFeedsAnimalsLeftBehind
successful bakery hires addicts,felons.immigrants
There are now 2x as many solar jobs as coal jobs
Maddow:I didn't understand til Paris sings"Imagine
What no one wants to say about Ferguson!
How Wolves Change Rivers
Teaching aquaponics-above fish tanks-in schools
Food Forward Pilot: Urban Farming
Germany's Solar revolution threatens fossil fuel
Women on a Roll-WhenWomen succeed,America succeeds
Rockefellers divesting $50bill'n from fossil fuels
Scientists discover nuclear waste-eating bacteria
Do Trees Communicate?
The Fantastical World of Hormones
Scientists Find Hints for Immortality of the Soul
What the new bank of BRICS is all about
VaticanBankClean-up,accountClosures wipeout profit
MINDS, NOT MINES:real revolution in conscousness
Bamboo Structure So Amazing-Tree of Life !
NY State Ruling Supports Local Anti-Fracking Laws
Solar Roadways Indiegogo Video
AirDrop: Turning Air Into Water
Bioprinting 3D Liver-Like Device to Detoxify Blood
Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves?
Tiny houses a way off the streets for WI homeless
Laughing bringsBrainwaves to mock-meditative state
Many Countries and Localities Ban GMO Crops
Over 400 Companies that Aren’t Using GMOs
President to Pardon 1000s Nonviolent DrugOffenders
Cleanup Array Removes 7,250,000TonsOf OceanPlastic
Monsanto Loses GMO Labeling Battle in Vermont
Dome home in 6 weeks for $9,000-Thailand
Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness
Brooklyn Grange - A Rooftop Farm
Wave Of Action Into The Light
Leading Edge of Peace:Our EvolutionaryPath Forward
Spirit Into Matter — The Geometry of Life
Fukushima + the Solution by MT Keshe
Pope Francis Condemns Racism-3rd Vatican Council
BioPen to rewrite orthopaedic implants surgery
Pope Francis: "Thou shalt not frack!"
Someone Just Got $237,000 in Debt Forgiven! Occupy
New Earth Project-Conscious Communities
Living Like It's 2050: A Transition Farm
Grounded-freedom from pain method rediscovered
Peace Alliance: Occupy Love Trailer
Mexico Bans GMO Corn, Effective Immediately
LA May Become Largest GMO-Free Area in US
The Car that Flies Itself!
Archaeodiplomacy:US gives ancient cup back to Iran
Man invents machine to turn plastic into oil
New surgery in Israel - exciting
ITCCS"campaign to de-secularize the Vatican" 9-22
Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles-IMF told to leave!
Cyprus President:Guaranteed Minimum Income for all

PRESIDENT Nicos Anastasiades on Friday announced the complete reform of social policy based on the principle of securing a Guaranteed Minimum Income for all citizens. It should be fully in place by June 2014, he said... 

Eric Holder Proposes Drug Sentencing Reforms
CA Democrats Endorse U.S.Dept of Peacebuilding!
Why Lightning Struck the Vatican 2-27-13
Off The Grid Container Living
Americans Do Not Want the US Involved in Syria
Gezi Park Demolition Cancelled, Protesters Win!!
New Interior Sec. makes pledge to Native Americans
Rapping About Darwin, for Knowledge and Glory 6-23
Former GMO Engineer Drops Biotech and Goes Organic
Divine Feminine in Action In Turkey 6-20
Air Bus now being developed in China
Glenn Beck Lost His Voice...INSPIRING!!
9th grade student “Cress + WiFi” experiment
San Onofre nuclear plant shut down for good
Monsanto Surrenders: Ends GMO Lobbying In Europe
Pope Francis’ Humility Strikes New Tone at Vatican
Pentagon Tightens US Drone Policy - May 2013
Citizen Hearing:Call for US to Disclose UFO Info
1st Time Japan Marks 'Restoration Of Sovereignty'
Why love heals? Love is the answer-Dean Shrock PhD
The Healing Power of the Human Heart-Tom Kenyon
Indian Village plants 111 Trees When Girl Is Born
Portugal's top court ruled out euro membership 4-8
NH ActRecognizes True 13thAmend USConstitution3-20
Chemtrails-you are more powerful than you know!
Russian "dacha plots" produce 50%+of Russia's food

In 2003 Russia passed a law to give Russian citizens 2.2-6.8 acres of land each and made the land tax-free. Today over 35 million Russians live on their "dacha plot" and produce over 50% of Russia's food requirements on only 10% of Russia's agricultural land, by far outperforming the big agra farms who own the other 90%. This concept of giving away land was inspired by the Ringing Cedars books and those in Russia who appealed to the President to make this happen. As a result of this one action, Russia is well on her way to becoming the wealthiest nation, and the cleanest ecologically, on earth. How this may become a reality in Russia, or any other country in the world, is explained in detail in the books on Anastasia. The books can be found here: http://www.ringingcedars.com/

Teen Develops Ocean Cleanup Array-Removes Plastic
Italian tradition of ‘suspended coffee’ takes hold
Red Nose Day Benefit-OneDirection-One WayOrAnother
Finally... Solo Farmer Fights Monsanto and Wins
Personal Spiritual Development-to learn to Love
Sir Patrick Stewart:end violence against women
ET-First Contact Radio with Tara Rama 07-03-2011

This is a wonderful sample of Tara & Rama's behind the scenes news and background.  The news discussed here is currently still relevant as the Golden Age sun  rises. 

2013 Global Zero-A world without nuclear weapons
A Higher Consciousness Conversation 1981
Afghan Youth for Peace
Slovenia's troubled government ousted
India's rice revolution - Feb 16, 2013
Strength from stillness’Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled
Galactic Hymn Of Earth's Emergence-World's Anthem
Mass Global Action To End Violence Against Women
Enhanced version - 2013 State of the Union
Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% Organic
Obama previews State of the Union address
State of the Union 2013: What to Expect 2-12-13
The Woman Who Stopped the War (Part 1) 2-04-13
The Woman Who Stopped the War (Part 2)
"How We Stopped SOPA" by Aaron Swartz
The Day The Dream Died:'88 British JFK Documentary

 Very concise description of unanswered questions, and evidence revealed long after the official report.  The best documentary I've seen on this tragedy.

How Music Saved Venezuela's Children
The Operating Room of the Future -Dr. Kobi Vortman
President Obama’s 2nd inaugural address(Transcript
Exclusive interview with President Obama-Jan 2013
Water has Memory - Scientific Proof
Broccoli Kills Cells That Make Cancers Immortal
TOWARDS THE GOLDEN AGE - A pictorial summary-4min
Sweden Runs Out Of Garbage
Iran Sells Clean Fusion-BasedElectricity in S Asia
MIT: Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Magnets
Julian Assange:Wikileaks to release 'million more.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said his work "will not be cowed," as he promised the whistle-blowing site would release a million more documents. In a speech from a balcony at the Ecuadorean embassy in London, he said the files to be published in 2013 would affect "every country in this world".... 20 Dec 2012

Aviation Breakthrough-to Anywhere on Earth in 4hrs
1 billion OMS said around the world 12-21/22-12
Ex-military ruler's daughter new leader of S.Korea
World Global Settlements History-DrTodd 9-06-12
Factory Farming's Days May Be Numbered 11-29-12
Urine-powered generator unveiled at international
Together in the Heart-Global Coherence Initiative
THRIVE Update: Plan For 2013 - Free Energy
On Thanksgiving, Jews And Muslims Volunteer Togeth
JohnMcCain Suggests BillClinton Negotiate ME Peace
‘Poorest president’ donates 90% of his salary
We are all messengers! Don Jose Ruiz-5th Agreement
Time Banking on Good Morning America
Keshe: Peace Negotiations and Standing up - Oct 10

"Following our last call from the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium for peace negotiations between the Iranian government and the government of Israel, we renew our call to both nations before the final move and total war between them.

'The balance of the game has totally shifted in the last days in favour of Iran and Iran will win the war if any move is made against them by any nation, be it Israel or the US government.

"Our cousins and brothers in all three nations, please accept our call for peace as we do not see a way out apart from total change of the map of the state of Israel if any military move is made by either country..."

World Bank chief Kim signals changes to come 10-04
Russell Means–Lakota Declares Sovereignty-Oct 1
JPMorgan Sued Over Mortgage Securities Pool Oct 1
Julian Assange Addresses UN General Assembly 9-29
Libyans hand over hundreds of weapons to army 9-29
9/11 Truth&Reconciliation-Restorative Justice 9-28
Reality Check on Jesus and His Wife- Sep 18, 2012
Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes
CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 yrs after 9/11
AP Exclusive:Unheard ML King audio found in attic
Global Citizen Aug 2, 2012
Wake Up! You Are The Battlefield!
Waste Issue Halts US Nuclear Reactor Licenses 8-10
'We're with you, sisters':support amazes Nuns 8-09
Chicago’s Quiet Home-Liberation - Aug 9
Fed Will End Itself-We'll Need A New System 8-01

Ron Paul says, ....the Fed will end itself when it destroys the economy and we'll have to have a new system...according to the Constitution, Congress has the responsibility over monetary policy....

Tokyo crowd rallies to end nuclear power-Jul 17
A new approach to water desalination 7-02-12
Schoolgirls Beat Taliban - July 30, 2012
Federal Reserve Audit Overwhelmingly Passes House
Occupy the Dam: Brazil’s Indigenous Uprising 7-23
Fresh-The way foods should be treated and grown!
The Three Most Honest Minutes of TV....
Barefoot College: Bunker Roy

It is about a man from India (he speaks in English on the video) who reached out to help those so much in need, and he taught them how to do it from information inside themselves. No degrees or former teachers in his school. Incredible!!!

Thrive Movement-Why did we choose to include ET's?
Largest Public Protest Right Now In Mexico-6-24
44 tribes in a government $1B settlement 6-22
Moody’s Downgrade 15 Banks After the Bell 6-21
Monsanto has to Pay 7.5 Billion to Farmers 6-20
How about this! Police Change Sides! -May 23, 2012
From Occupy Frankfurt. May 19, 2012.
The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters- clearing the way for them.



Restorative Justice in Education Mainstream
THRIVE The Movie-A Must See!!

More than 4 million people have now seen the movie, which is now free to watch online in 17 languages (with more coming soon)

THRIVE Solutions Hub

To support solutions around the world, we now have an organizing toolkit and support materials available in our online Solutions Hub. If you’re interested in connecting with others in your area who are committed to implementing lasting solutions for your community, you can now search for them on our website.

The Homeless Vet Who Wouldn't Shoot Apr 2012
Active Love - The Tools
The Untapped Power of Smiling
Do Plants Think? Scientific American

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