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I AM The Love: Sananda


Sananda addressing the November 16, 2010 teleconference:


"Beloved Family, it is I Sananda, and I greet you with all the Love, and I shine back to you that which is seen in your own beautiful hearts.  We are One together, Family, and it is to reach out to all, and to extend this Family Love to everyone on Planet Earth, below, on and above, and to the Universe beyond. It is to create together expression, of visions of Peace on Earth.  It is to be one heart, one voice, one mind, and to keep that, that connection, that Joy, and that Love always, always within the forefront of our energy fields, all of them.  It is to express from that place always.


"It is to remember, and to take into ourselves the Truths in the most simple of forms as they have been brought many times by many great teachers to Planet Earth.  And it is to remember that perspective for expression.  And as we do this, Beloved Ones, we lift the entire Planet up, because it isn't just the neighbor you might be speaking with, or the person across the world that you're sending your letters to, your emails, it's the World.  When you look out upon the room that you're in, it's full, because we're with you, and indeed the World is with you.  That is a part of becoming One.  And it is most important to keep that understanding.


"You're there too.  And what you put forth and what you say comes back to you.  How do you want to speak to yourself?  When you speak to your brother, or your sister, your child, your parent, your leaders, your neighbor, or the stranger walking by your door, you speak to yourselves, Beloveds, just as you speak to all of us.


"What say you to yourselves as a member of the One we all are?  And so we say unto you: Let us speak now. Let us speak to each other, and to the Planet, and to ourselves, words of Power, words of Love, words of Truth, words of Healing, words of Peace.  And so you may speak aloud or follow.  This is an exercise to do. We're already in a high, high, vibration.  Stay with it.  Take a couple of deep breaths, or whatever you choose to do there.  Just get yourself centered and remember who your audience is, Beloved Ones.  It is the One we all are, and let us speak:

I speak with words of Love,

And I speak to the entire World,

And to the Universe beyond,

And I speak unto my own Divine Self in so doing,

For I recognize the Oneness in all of life,

And I feel the Love and the Joy,

Even as I feel the upliftment which all others join in with me.

And I empower my words of Love so that they reach out to the farthest corners of the Universe.

And I say unto the One we are, I AM the Love of the Universe.

It is all within me.

I AM Grace, I AM Courage, I AM Compassion, I AM Forgiveness, I AM Gratitude.

I AM Leader of Love, by Love, with Love, to Love.

I AM Divine, and I AM connected with all that is Divine, which is the One we all are.

And I say unto this One, we are Grand, we are Love.

And that is who I have always been, and how I shall be evermore,

And that is the Divinity in expression of the One we all are.

I feel the Love flowing through me, and I keep circulating it out.

And I say thank you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Universe, for being One with me,

And for being the Love in expression we are, and thus together as One,

We create the Peace which is now understood to be the Love of One.

And so it is!  I AM!”

"Thank you, Beloved Family.  You are so beautiful, and we are lifted up even more.  And we ask that you return to this as often as you choose, to give it to the World, to the Universe beyond and to your beautiful, radiant, loving Selves.  This indeed is the way to heal.  It heals all.  The miracles that I've told you about in the Course* are alive and being transmitted by you in this loving space.  Shine, shine on, Beloved Ones, and let this gift that we have created together be in constant motion, of being radiated out to the Planet and beyond, and to all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia.  Let us stand together and join, as we are joined in this moment, and keep that connection in our hearts, our minds, and in our hugs.


"Now bring yourselves forward if you will, and come to me, and to my Mother, and my Beloved, and receive the Roses.  For tonight the Roses are called One.  They are called Love.  They are called Family.  So come and take as many as you would like.  Put them into your hearts.  Keep them forever.  And let them be a constant soft, but strong reminders always, gentle, gentle voices with the strongest of energies, that of Love, always in your hearts, always reminding that we came together on this occasion, and we created Love, more Love and Peace for the World, and the Universe beyond.  Thank you, Beloved Family and Namaste!"



"As always I stand with you, and I just say, "Well done!"  Sometimes even we don't see how gloriously you can top what you've done before, but you did it.  We reached a whole new height, a whole new level of Togetherness, of Oneness, of Love, of Peace, and we are excited!


"Feel the Love.  Take it from this gathering and keep it, keep it alive.  Keep it vibrating within your beings. And if you brought your dancing shoes, we have a little bit of a new musical creation* for you.  And if you want to get up and dance, that is alright, that is wondrous, and if you want to just stay where you are, enjoy it anyway.  Love is alive and vibrating.  And so it is!  Namaste!"


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, November 16, 2010. www.AshtarontheRoad.com  © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. 

* John Legend singing Wake Up Everybody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqdaGHEcGf0
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