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Isis Message-Pita 8-28-20


~ Isis thru Pita ~ 


Friday, August 28, 2020


After the Angel sings:

Isis: How do you feel?

Fran: We feel wonderful.


Isis: Wonderful, a beautiful word to express what you will feel about what is coming. First of all, you have to prepare yourselves because we are coming to reveal ourselves. Maybe it will be strange when seeing bright lights in the sky in the day or at night.


You will not understand quickly [right away] what’s happened and when you see that light coming closer and closer to you, your first reaction is maybe panic, but you will feel in your entire body and your heart a very powerful peace. Peace will be the language that we use.


I will talk first about Trump.* You know that your President is doing all that he can with the help he has with a special group, groups from the Stars, Star Beings.  You know that Ashtar is on this. You will understand and maybe will receive codes on the ships, or maybe on your cell phones, seven messages, or more than seven, to announce to you all that has arrived [happened] to those people who continue to do evil things against children, against people, against this vaccine. You know that this vaccine is very dangerous for your DNA.


Now, you have to stay in your heart in everything you feel, in everything you hear about the situation on the news. 


Maybe you don’t know everything about Trump, but you know now that the Democrats want to put him aside because he is going to reveal all the truth to all the world.  Even as the Democrats know about the things that Trump will do, and all the help he has, they haven’t stopped, because they want to rule the world, to rule everyone, but to impose this rule about the children.


Maybe you've heard about pedophiles. Maybe you don’t really believe it, but you know inside of you that it is correct [true]. They are having a discussion about how to reveal the truth because they know that all the true [Human] people can’t accept it because it would be too hard for them to accept that those things really happen to children.


So we expect that [possibly as early as] this weekend the truth will begin to be revealed. It is important for all of you to hold this message in your heart and under-[inner]stand how you can share all this news, all the subjects that will appear in those revelations.


And now you will be close to the Light Beings. They are coming closer and closer to you, and you will see now that the energy, the vibration is going to be working on you now. Those vibrations, those energies will give you all the codes, all the access you need to your DNA to let your Higher Selves develop another level of consciousness.


It will begin inside of you in your tiny cells, and tonight or maybe afterward, you will feel those vibrations growing and growing all over your body. Maybe you will sense or feel some discomfort in your body because the vibration is working to transform and heal yourself and your entire body.


So maybe tomorrow you will be a new person, maybe tonight when you are sleeping you will rest very well, but at times you may see some light in your brain, like sparkling light which will connect your two hemispheres. It will connect them as if they are one. When you feel that, you will reconnect all your capacities, your powers, and you will understand that something is going to transform your entire life.


You will feel a very great joy in your heart. You will feel lighter and lighter in your feelings. And it will be a great change for you. You will say, what has happened?  And you will understand that something new is coming to renew and make your body reborn.


But your brains have to be cleaned first because your old thoughts, your matter, maybe your human intellect will try to hide from yourself and tell you that you are not changing and transforming. But you know in yourself that there’s something happening.  It’s a great rejoicing and you will feel much better and better, finally. It’s great news that I tell you now.


And everyone in the Earth, every Being, not only Human, but Beings in the Earth will understand now that something great is coming. Like they say, no one can stop the storm, the storm of Consciousness, the storm of Light, of Liberty, of Freedom. 


Nobody can stop that now, because the First Creator, if I can name it/him/[her] as that, has decided to begin the revelation, all the revelations, because all [most of] the governments are normally ready to reveal. But there are some governments that are still scared.


They are scared because of those evil Beings.  But we don’t see them as evil Beings, because normally for them it is their way to be, to live.  And they have no consideration for the Human Being. They consider the Human Being to be like, excuse the word, shit. Like food, but like shit really, like animals but less than animals. They consider the Human Being nothing.


And for you the Human Being it is really dangerous, because they have no consciousness that you can have a high consciousness of freedom, of a Light Being. But they know who we are, and they prepare to fight against us, not against Human Beings, but if they had to use you against us, that’s what they would try to do.


But with this group organization [the Alliance] that can lead, with Human Beings, with Beings of Light, with Beings of the Inner Earth, groups of different Beings, they are working to get all the children to freedom.


So now maybe you question in your mind, or haven’t listened to news of the Queen, of this person or that person, you will know [learn] big news about the singers, actors who sell their soul to those people, and they call them demons or maybe Satan.


And you all know that Satan is not really a Human Being. It’s a group, a consciousness, an evil consciousness who begins 7,000 years or more ago to try to control the world, especially Human Beings, because when they understood that Human Beings can be their slaves, their plan was to do all their achievements to make all the things to serve themselves.


So you know now that everything is about serving those Beings. And now they have a calendar, a time limit, and this time limit is really, really close. So they will try to accelerate their plan to achieve their goal.


And I know you are wise and intelligent and have confidence in yourselves, and this confidence is going to grow around the world and it is still important that you be confident in yourself, because we are all connected, and this confidence you feel will be shared to everyone.


It is important when those events, those news, those revelations are coming that you are still connected in yourself, because those adversaries are doing their best to shut you down.


But you have the strength in you. It is a long time. You deserve your life. You deserve this beautiful life that is coming to you, because you give so much strength, so much effort, so much love, you share so much of yourself, and still stand up to fight and to reveal the truth.


And you know that a very big wave is going to clean all the Earth, not Mother Earth, but all the things people have believed all their lives.  And now it is time for everybody to reconnect with themselves, to their Divine Light inside, their Inner Light, their Inner Being.


I share with you all this Love, because all is about Unconditional Love. It is not emotions, it is what you are.  You are Unconditional Love, and people will understand this in their Inner Light so Peace can begin to grow in the Earth. 


All of your mind will change. All your abilities, all your actions, your words, your way to talk will change, because a great Love will grow. And the seed [of Love] that you gather in yourself is going to be a beautiful flower, maybe a beautiful tree. I don’t know, only you know what is going to grow in yourself.


Fran: So this weekend [possibly] more revelations will come from the Administration, but the problem is not everyone hears it, because only certain people listen to him. So you want us to make sure people know, or just to be Light, to keep our energy high so that it balances the reaction?


Isis: Yes, because you will feel in your body some Love. All the people will receive all the news in their phone. They’ll receive a message telling them what to do and to connect with the TV because all TV in the world will be one channel. All on the TV will translate into your local language all over the world.


Beverly: This will happen this weekend?


Isis: We hope it will be this weekend because we can’t wait. We can’t wait.


Fran: Who is going to make these announcements?


Isis: The White House. I’m not sure that President Trump will give an announcement to all the world on all channels. Or maybe he will talk first, and it will be a very great storm created in every house, because not everyone believes that Trump is a good person.


You know that Trump was chosen because of his character, of his strength, and the way that he is running his life. And it was important to have a person like him.  We thought that maybe a woman would be a good choice, but finally the Council decided to put in a man.  And then we had to choose which country can influence the world, a President that can attract the attention of all the world. And finally we made the right choice.


Fran: Yes, we agree. There is concern about this talk about execution of traitors in this country, and a lot of people feel that that is not the way to go in the end, because these people do not have a conscience, as you said.


Isis: You know in yourself that the executions will happen, but we decided not to show the world the executions, but a list of all those persons, and many are Human Beings because they accepted to sell their soul to them. So it is important in the law of being Human to have an execution. It is not what we wanted, but we understand that we cannot change that. Do you understand that?


Fran: Yes, we do. The thing that concerns everybody is that people that will be so shocked and so angry that it will cause huge fights and unrest. That is the concern, and so I understand that we are asked to feel peaceful, stay high and try to calm people, but there is a limit, isn’t there?


Isis: Yes, I understand. So it’s why I asked you to send the most powerful Love you can have in yourself to touch and connect with everybody. Maybe some people with a lovely face and lovely words will be executed, and people don’t understand why this person who is so charming and beautiful. But you know now that behind the face and their way of talking they are like a devil.


Fran: We understand that. Most people have no idea.


Isis: Of course. We can’t explain to all the world because we don’t have time now. This happened today because you really understand that the consciousness is transforming and changing and a very big change is coming. And we want all of Humanity to shift to the next level of consciousness.


And you know that those [Reptilian] Beings want to kill 90% of Humanity. We can’t accept that they kill all the people and keep the rest of the Humans as slaves, to begin again what they did thousands of years ago.


In May I told people that the revelations would begin and now we are in August and the revelation just begins now.  We [allowed] time, but not so long as three months, it is not possible [to wait longer].


And you will see our spaceships above your house or in the clouds. Maybe you’ve noticed the clouds take very strange forms, and inside those clouds are small space ships, depending on the light or wind, may be blue or gold. All those little ships are now around you because when the revelations begin, their goal is to protect you. All these little ships are all over the world to protect the people of Humanity.  So don’t be scared.


Your mission will always be [to be] who you are. Don’t forget where you came from to this Earth. You decided to come to the Earth to promote the Light consciousness. You are very high Masters of Light.


But in the consciousness of a Human Being you don’t realize who you are and that is correct. Because if you kept all your consciousness now, it would arrive [go back] to your centuries of years ago [when] you were killed for your faith, your belief. And now we don’t want you to be killed.


Isis: The vaccine is going to transform who you are and you will lose your connection with the Light.


Fran: We know that, and we hear that the Trump Administration is making sure the vaccine will not be mandatory and will be purified, so it is not what they planned.


Isis: It is what we are trying to do, because we stopped the effect of the 5G and we stopped the effect of the HAARP, and it’s why many winds blow to affect the clouds. When it rains, the rains purify the chemicals they put in the air. The water holds those chemicals and put it on the Earth.


We have technology to purify the Earth, because you certainly know there are many minerals and we use those minerals to transform those chemicals to be more natural. The constitution of the earth, the ground, the sand, the land is able to transform all the chemicals because when the chemicals fall on the land they continue down because of the water, and the water goes to the inner lake [aquifer].  We stop the chemicals before they enter the water on the lake because if they reach the lake, all humans would be poisoned.


We know you have been waiting a long time. I am here now to tell you what has happened because I know you are connected to many people and maybe people on the mainland will call you personally to ask if you have news.


You can put our conversation in your newsletter and your site of Ashtar On The Road. It was very important to tell you all this news. I stimulated the channel to have this meeting with you. You don’t know how happy we are that he responded.


Fran: Is there going to be an election this year or is it going to be postponed?


Isis: Well, the election will be very different. I can’t really tell you what is going to happen, because [at the time when] Trump will finish his mandate, he doesn’t want to continue. So [then] there will be a council, a group of persons who will rule, not the world; every country will have a council to rule. All the borders will disappear.


Fran: Well, that sounds like one world order.


Isis: Not really, because there will not be [evil] ETs now. The different countries will connect with the same language and the same way of life and you can call the country as you do now.


Fran: So what I’m getting is that consciousness will rise so much that everyone will have integrity and a conscience, and there will be no need for a government really.


Isis: It will take time, you understand. Because like you said, there are many people who don’t agree with that because they are in the third dimension of perception. They want to keep money and they don’t want to lose what they have now.


Fran: So what happens to them?


Isis: They have no choice because many people want that change. Many people are waiting for that change for so long.


Fran: About the children rescued from underground, who is taking care of them? They are not used to living in sunlight,

Bev: and they are wounded.


Isis: There are some people who are taking care of them. They are prepared by their information [training] to keep those children. It will be difficult at first, because there are so many who are scared. Those children are very scared of the adults, scared of the uniform, scared of the way people are, so they cannot contact quickly with the entire world.  They will adjust, but they will take some time to reclaim their life.


Some of them don’t have names because they were stolen from their parents when they were a newborn baby. It would be easy for those [evil] beings to do what they want with those children because they have no identity.  We have technology to help them heal.


Fran: I ran out of memory here on my recorder. The rest was mainly thank you’s for this information and good-by’s. Isis was very pleased that her message was received and will be shared as appropriate. The Angel sang again at the end.


Please use your discernment in how and with whom you share this important message.


* See also: Is Trump A Lightworker ?  


Given in a private message by Pita, 8-28-20


Recorded, transcribed, and edited by Fran 

August 28, 2020

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