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Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 9-11-12

"My Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth, I thank you so much for being here in this togetherness. For those of you who have not heard the story, I shall confirm once more. I live in my body. I have been welcomed upon the ships. I have attended many, many, meetings all these years that have gone by in the time of Plant Earth, and I can assure you, never has the Flame of Love, the Flame of Freedom been so bright, and so powerful as it is now.


"Now those of you in service as humanity members, members of humanity, may be thinking, or feeling, that it's just the opposite. But I can promise you, the groundwork I laid during my short time as the leader of this great country of the United States of America, and indeed as a representative of Freedom to the entire World - that groundwork lives! It never died. It was hidden over.


"There were those who saw me as the greatest impediment upon the Planet to their plans, to their ambitions. You know who some of them are. There was an unelected president named George Bush, Sr. He was the head of what you call the C.I.A. in Texas. He helped - his people were liaisons with certain of the, what you call, the mafia families. They supplied the shooters, and there was more than one. Lee Harvey Oswald was in a way, well he was mind-controlled, and he was the one that was blamed.


"And when he was shot in the jail it was so that he could not have his mind unraveled, and come forth with some Truth that would have been quite damaging to those who had planned all of this. Suffice it to say that the president who succeeded me, Lynden Johnson, profited quite handsomely from the opening of the drug trade in Southeast Asia.


"I saw it coming, and I had made plans to withdraw our troops, and to work through the United Nations, and other peaceful organizations, through a consortium of, shall we say, trustworthy bankers, and others, so that we would not have had this bloody war that was so clearly for profit - the profit of the few at the expense of the many. And this is the first time that the viewing audience of the World had an opportunity to see the war, to actually have it come into their living rooms, whenever they chose to turn on the news.


"Those you call the illuminati were extremely proud. You see, the seeming success of my assassination, and the escalation of that war, gave them to feel so powerful that they felt they were invincible, that no one could get in their way, but what they did not have, because it is impossible for them to have with their particular make-up, and indoctrinations, was Compassion, the high Love of Compassion.


"Human lives were no more valuable to them than the life of the tiniest ant, or mosquito - I honor them all, as do all of the Workers of the Light. These ones even would go so far as to sacrifice, not only children that they captured from various places, and women, and men, but sometimes even their own children, as a token of their loyalty.


"Now there is a lot coming out about the very church with which I was affiliated. Here is something you may not know. I was made aware, I did not participate, nor did my brothers, or sisters, or my Mother, or even my Father, who was powerful enough to escape participation, because he gave money.


"But the church with which I was affiliated is coming into the Light. These doings are coming into the Light now, and as difficult as it is to look upon them, because we are all the children of Mother/Father God - and it is the little ones, so precious, whose innocence was taken away from them in a most cruel manner, because these ones knew no better. Yes, they knew what they were doing, but they had been taught to do this. It had been literally indoctrinated into them, and because they lacked Compassion, how could they honor, or respect any life, whether it's the life of a young child, or an ant. This is all coming to Light. I had plans to create openings, revelations. I worked in particular with those of my heritage, the Irish. The Irish are calling, showing the World, calling upon the church to come clean, or leave Ireland! This is one of the things that I was able to accomplish, or shall we say, pave the way for. YES! I knew!


"After all where did the real me go when the clone was substituted for me? I was taken up onto a ship. You call it the New Jerusalem, and it was a grand homecoming, I can tell you, and I had a ringside seat, so to speak for the pomp and circumstance which was necessary to give to the people, so that they could share in the ceremonies of saying farewell to me. And I want to tell you how much Love I feel, even now, when I look back upon that, because I can see it from where I am.


"And I want to tell you how grateful I am to have this opportunity to be in such closeness with so many of my Starseed Brothers and Sisters, and to share in the planning for the Homecoming for all of you!!! This is a grand and glorious opportunity, and I have traveled many places on many ships since then, and I have availed myself of some technologies that you will be receiving for your own use. Think about it, those of you who were of my generation, or younger, the young ones, the 'flower children.' You have reached an age where you will be so joyful to receive all of these wondrous gifts, the technologies!!!


"I also knew, not only about the healing technologies, but about the healings for all of Planet Earth, such as the end of the fossil fuels, because I knew they were not necessary. I had opportunities, and have had opportunities since, to connect with various members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms - representatives you call them, the Divas, the Spirits. And I know how the Ashtar Command, and the other ships attached, or traveling with the command now - I should say hovering above Planet Earth - I know how effective they can be, and how quickly they can partner with you to clean up the entire Planet, to get rid of all of the toxic footprints that the corporations have put in place. I see it as done!


"And of course on the political and financial scenes I had NESARA ideas, or inspirations, before NESARA was ever written! I knew that the I.R.S. was simply the modern day equivalent of king's tax collectors, collecting for, again, the illuminati. I knew that the Federal Reserve Bank was, or shall we say, those in charge of the Federal Reserve System, were conspiring even then.


"I signed Executive Orders dealing with cleaning up the financial control - clearing it up, ending it - so that not only Americans, but the entire World could truly live the great American dream, instead of being caught in the illusions, the propaganda, the actual programming to 'Sleep, enjoy baseball and apple pie, while we take away everything you've got' - above all else what I and America, and other countries of the so-called 'free world' prized. Remember, there was what you call the 'cold war' going on, again instituted and publicized by those who wanted to control everything. They were running both sides, just as they had World War II, World War I, and so on, and so on. And so I had plans that, by restoring the economy that was on its way into a downward spiral, by restoring integrity, and honor into the political system, by, shall we say, discerning those among the military who were honestly wanting to serve the people - instead of the opposite.


"By diminishing the empowerment - oh yes, let's not forget the F.B.I. We must not leave them out of the general picture as far as the assassination was concerned, and the future ones, because you see, they were emboldened by mine. I had plans to, what you might call, clip their wings. I had plans to appoint people who would take the agencies, and divest them of the ones who had come into them in what has been called, was called 'operation paper clip,' wherein the Nazis, not just the scientists, but the Gestapo, and other branches - of high up, the leaders of those branches were brought into the United States of America to head up, organize, and infiltrate all of the alphabet agencies that you can think of. I knew all of this.


"What I did publicly was but the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, or the top of the pyramid if you want to think of it in that way. And I had so many plans for this wonderful country and for the World, for all the people of the World. I considered myself not only a citizen of Berlin, but a citizen of the World.


"But this is a Planet of free will as you know, and there were ones who were afraid of what I would do - I and my brothers, and others, the ones you call the White Knights. There were White Knights even back then, and there were journalists who had not been so intimidated that they would tell the Truth, even though some of them were gotten to later.


"And then there was this whole nuclear power thing that was so dangerous, and that needed to be stopped before it really got off the ground. And there were so many things, but in looking at the World - the free will of all - everyone on the Planet was honored, and that included the illuminati. And so it was deemed that the World wasn't quite ready for all that I wanted to do, and so you know the rest of the story, as they say. But I've never left you. My Heart has always been with you, and everyone - every sentient being on Planet Earth!!!


"I have watched you birth your babies. I have watched you bury those who have left their bodies, and I tell you my Beloved Fellow Citizens, never have you shone brighter, never has there been such Light upon the Planet!!! That Flame that burns still upon the site, where my clone was buried, still burns. It is eternal as are all of us. We shall on this occasion of our togetherness, we shall amplify that Flame even more, and we shall give it to the World as a sign that this great Love is more powerful than it has been since the beginnings on Planet Earth! And it shall be a sign that many will welcome into their own Hearts. And so it is that we shall heal that which you call the hurts of the past!!!


"And most particularly it is so appropriate that we gather together for this mission on this day of 9-11, because it's time for all of the hurt, all of the pain, and certainly all of the lies that you have been told, to be transmuted by this Flame of Love into Truth and Freedom for all, from all of those who have wrought such pain and destruction upon the Planet. And even as we do this it is for us to forgive, and hold them in honor. That is the Gratitude for showing us where we no longer are to be, because Love is prevailing at long last, and never shall its Flame be extinguished, forevermore on Planet Earth!!!


"My Fellow Citizens of the world, I thank you for your presence, and for the Love that we share. You are so beautiful, and I see you upon your Golden Paths, and I tell you that I, too, shall be where you come to welcome you, to welcome you Home. Wonderful, wonderful Workers of the Light, we shall call you the Freedom Corps, whose greatest gift to the World, is Love - Unconditional, Compassionate, and Forgiving Love!!!


"Join with me, and with Beloved Sekhmet as we extend this Love to all. And on this day of 9-11 remember that one event led to another, led to another, led to another, and many of the same families and organizations, who participated in my assassination are the very same ones who did 9-11, and the events after. And so they've been at it for a long time, and it is time indeed for us to invite them to join with us, if they wish, and if not, to say farewell to them. Let them go to another place, because Planet Earth is declaring its Independence with Love and Joy and Blessings for all! I thank you, and I salute you. And I say to you, Namaste!"


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, 9-11-12.
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