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 JFK: The Eternal Torch Has been Passed

Ashtar Teleconference - August 23, 2011


"My fellow citizens of the World, it is my great Joy and honor to come to you in this moment, this momentous moment.  For it is now that the times truly are changing!  I am the one you know as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr. - JFK - and I, and the woman whose voice you just heard,* and many others, lit a torch in what you call the decade of the 1960's upon Planet Earth.  That torch never went out. It is symbolized by the place known as my grave, and the torch has now passed to all of you, whether you were indeed in your body during that time, or whether you have come to this Planet since then. Momentous changes are now taking place, changes that we dreamt of, changes that we had the opportunities to glimpse, to initiate - talk of Love, talk of Freedom.  Those were the days, yes!  And I am here to share with you some truths.


"I am aware that most of you know that it was a substitute for me, what you call a clone, who was taken down that day in the place called Dallas, Texas.  It was, you see, to give the country and the World an opportunity to decide whether the Lights would go out, or whether they would continue to shine - perhaps flickering at times, barely able to be seen in places that were dark and unhappy -but nevertheless they continued.  And it is a most remarkable achievement that all of humanity shares, that this Light, this great Light of Freedom, based in Love, based in Caring, based in Oneness, has continued.  And now it shines as bright, even brighter, than those candles that were lit in the darkness, as the World came together on the news that I had passed.


"The Truth is, I have been very blessed to be in higher dimensional places.  I am standing right now upon the bridge of the New Jerusalem, which is the ship of Ashtar.  And I stand with St. Germain and Sananda, and of course Ashtar, and all those who come to confer, to observe, and to lend energies to the great changes which are taking place now.  And yes, Truth was spoken. I have been in conference with the one you know as Obama, for he, too, comes from another place. He is special ambassador to be a leading voice in bringing the Planet together in higher dimensional lifestyle and law - the Law of One, the Laws based on Love, and the Laws based upon moving, accelerating into a higher space to live in, and to be.


"The dreams never died.  They were kept alive by many, including my own family, my beloved son, my beloved daughter, and yes my beloved wife, who took our children out of Washington, D.C., and even out of the country, so that they could have more Freedom to to grow up to be who they came here to be.  I myself had choices, many choices presented to me.  I was born into a family of wealth and power and position, yes, and I could have had presented to me - I did have the ooportunity presented to me - the opportunity to be yet another President, another leader with hidden agendas and wearing the hat of the dark, the illuminati.  But I and my brothers chose to speak for the people. And all of us were attacked as humans, but the Light never went out, ever, because that is something that could never be extinguished - that Spirit, that Love - what you call common bonds of Decency, of Compassion, of Caring, and Helping.   And if the Truth be known, we simply added to the Lights that were already lit, and we raised the flames higher.  And we inspired the ones you called the hippies, the flower children.  Well, we are all children of the Planet, children of the Great Mother and the Great Father. And we are all here together now!


"And so we invite you to come to the bridge of the New Jerusalem.  We know that you have done this before.  Come, come, and join us, and let us share the Love that we have for each other.  And please, as you come on board, accept a candle.  It is a token.  Accept a candle and let us empower these candles to be lit.  And we can dim the lights on this great ship so that we can look out from the great windows, and see Planet Earth below.


"And as we come together, as we join our Hearts, our candles will burn brighter and brighter.  And thus, those who are standing upon the Planet even now, can look up, and see this bright Light that we make.   And let us share this Light with everyone.  If you have beings that you would like to call upon telepathically, bring them in front of you.  Show them the Light.  Raise it so that they can see it, and know that as bright as these candles are, it is you, it is you my fellow citizens of the World, who are the Lightworkers, and the bearers of the greatest Light of all, which is yourselves, and your Hearts!!!..


"And so even as you raise these candles high in the darkness, know, there is no candle on this great ship that is as bright as you, each and every one of you.  But we can raise them anyway, and we can all shine forth this great Love We Are. Feel the warmth!  Feel it coming throughout your whole being, and know that we are the new party of Planet Earth, and that is the party of One, it is the party of Peace on Earth, it is the party of Love.  And even, even though there might be some crumblings going on, some shakings, some falling over and falling apart upon the Planet, know that together we beam these Lights so bright, and we carry these candles of Love always ahead of us, showing the way to all who would join us on the path.


"And more and more are coming, and more and more are allowing themselves to be their own candles, and to light the way.  And this is our path, fellow citizens - fellow citizens of Planet Earth, and the Galaxy, and the Universe beyond!  And so together we stand in mission united.  And all of those who have been 'inspirers' are here - those who have crossed and left their physical bodies behind. Here is Dr. Martin Luther King; here are my brothers Robert and Edward; here are the leaders, and here are the people who have spoken for Truth, and Freedom, and Honor and Love upon the Planet!


"We all stand together with you. You, Beloved Ones, are the guests of Honor here.  You, Beloved Ones, are the great Lights shining for the Planet.  And it is to thank you, and to say to you that you have come, you have answered the call.  The call has gone out and you have brought yourselves to what we would call the finest hour in all the time of Planet Earth.  And you have asked what you could do.  And you have answered with your dedication, your purpose, and your mission!!!


"We Honor you and we are with you in this great Ascension preparation and accomplishment of mission.  Thank you Beloved Ones for coming to the New Jerusalem, for being with us in this great hour. We have much to do, but we tell you this - success is ours!  And thus it is that we may say farewell in this moment, but remember, and return whenever you are inspired to do so.  Love is who we are, and as we shine our Lights together, we move ahead together into the great unity of Christ Consciousness!  And so it is!  Thank you and good evening!"


Sekhmet: Well Done!


"We are so honored that you have come.  We know that there has been much said of what is on the path.  Remember, Beloved Ones, we are together in all of this.  We have only Love in our fields of energy, and we have only Love to give.


"Well done, Beloved Ones! Well done!  Namaste!" **


* Joan Baez - "The Times They Are A' Changing"

**Sekhmet's message was followed by "Let the River Run...Come the New Jerusalem," sung by Carly Simon 



Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, August 23, 2011, www.AshtarontheRoad.com

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