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Lightening Up Earth
"Light a candle, if you have one available, and if not, simply envision it in your mind’s eye.  And so it is...  We are going to ask you to participate in a very sacred bit of ceremony here; and we are going to ask you to state with us, that which we have already stated with a lot of words, we shall be stating with a few words...And so with smiles upon faces, and smiles in hearts, please to repeat:

“I acknowledge who I AM. 
I AM Light. 
I AM Love. 
And I AM a part of

the rebirthing of planet Earth,
the planting of the seeds,
the harvest that is to come
of all that the Love Light,
which I focus upon beloved Earth,
and I acknowledge that I came here
in mission and purpose for this
that I AM upon my Light Path,
and that I welcome the Equinox,
and the Season that the Equinox brings,
and now I shall participate with open heart,
and loving mind,
in the Lightening up
of this beloved Planet,
all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms,
below, on and above,
and I send my Light

freely and joyfully for this purpose,
and I recognize that even as I do so,
my purpose is manifest and fulfilled. 
And so it is."

"And so it is beloveds.  Thank you for your participation in this ceremony of  welcoming all of the Love Light that is here and on the way.  And so at this moment, we choose to open, if there is a question or two, before I relinquish, shall we say, or move aside, in order that we may have a blessing from one who waits.  And so if there is one of you who has a question -

Caller:  "I have a Thank You, Ashtar, for that ceremony!"

Ashtar:  "Oh most welcome, but it is you who are thanked.  It is you who called it forth, who expressed willingness to participate.  And we accept your thanks with gratitude, and we thank you."

Excerpt from Ashtar Teleconference 3-21-2006


© Susan Leland 2006.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.