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Mary:Healing Addictions

Mother Mary addressing the May 18, 2010 teleconference:

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“Greetings, Beloved Family, it is I, Mother Mary, and I come to you with these images so vivid; and I come to you in Joy for I know that we have the moment before us to transform with our Love these images which you have been presented with. Why bring them up? To put them in the front, the forefront of your focus so that you can really feel the impact of these ones who have gone before you or where you may even have gone yourself at one time or other, and what’s the point? It’s about Forgiveness. It’s about forgiving all involved, all who have ever been involved, yourselves included, Beloved Ones. It’s about transmuting that which might be a difficult memory, whether it be in your consciousness, or whether it just be somewhere in your being.

“It’s about showing a new way, a golden white, lighted way of the Christ. It’s about being sovereign and being responsible, and it’s about reaching out and helping others to find themselves when they have been so lost, so down. No one can ascend if their vibrations are so low. So it is to help the entire planet to raise its vibrations that we come now to this exercise. Simple. Simple are the reasons, so clear, so much light crystals shining, even as you shine, Beloved Ones. And be assured we’re all here, even those who may not consciously be with us in this moment, we’re all here. Every man, woman and child upon the planet; every animal, every plant, every mineral, is standing by to receive the message of healing that we send and to transmit it far and wide.

“We are the power, Beloved Ones, and we shall use the power together. The masters, the angels, the commanders, and all of those in the command, all of your starseed brothers and sisters, your soul families, your angels; all who have been here before who have left their bodies are now gathered close by. Feel them, Beloved Ones, feel the warmth of their presence, and I, Mother Mary, am here with the Kumaras bringing the Love and joining in this group.

“So take your breath deep, and join hands, join hearts in this wondrous group of Light. As you do so, if you sense any darkness anywhere, just shine your light on it, that’s all you need to do, Beloved Ones, so powerful are you, so powerful are we. Now with Compassion, and with Forgiveness, and the ho’oponopono if you choose to use it, see literally a sea of faces of everyone you have ever known, everyone you have ever known about, and see yourself in there shining bright and allow your brightness to spread amongst all of these; all of these wondrous beings. It is simple and yet powerful.

“See everyone, perhaps your mother or your father, perhaps both; perhaps you, yourself, or someone in your family, or perhaps a neighbor, or someone that you thought you would partner with for the rest of your life; perhaps there has been abuse and cruelty of some kind towards you or someone you care about; perhaps you have been robbed, or worse, for someone else to feed their addictions.

“Whatever the circumstances are Beloved Ones, let them come into your focus and now offer words of Forgiveness and say unto all: I see your divinity, I see your inner children, I see your hearts that are saddened and burdened by these addictions that you have had or have now, in terms of past and present. At this moment let us join together, you and I, and let us become a part of the One we all are, and let the Lovelight shine into you and literally light up your fields. Help yourself to the Violet Ray of Transmutation, help yourself to the Blue Ray of Truth that tells you you are indeed the perfect child of Mother/Father, that you are Divine, that you have all right and ability to be connected with the totality of the Divine Being that you are, and let the Golden White Light of the Christ flood you with Love, unconditional, unending, and infinite. Bring it into yourself and let that be your focus and allow your addictions to transmute with the Violet Ray into energies of Love unconditional – the highest and most powerful energies in the universe. Take back your sovereignty, Beloved Ones. Put the crown, the golden crown, upon your heads and see yourselves, and then crown all of those in that sea around you and see how the Light comes, see the beautiful colors of blue, and violet and golden white transforming and transmuting the dark spots in all, the dark places, the dark spaces, and the dark energies.

 “Let the addictions be transmuted, now and evermore. Go back into the past, as you call it, transmute the now moment that you’re in, go forward into what you call the future and do the same, cleansing and clearing there, with Forgiveness, with Joy, and know that that which you might call salvation is yours to give to you. And yes, you can offer it to others but you must teach them that they have to accept it and create it within their own beings. So send it out on waves of Love, Beloved Ones: Freedom, Sovereignty, Divinity. Everyone is King or Queen in his or her Kingdom. And pause with special hugs of love for the children remembering that all, even the children, have come in contract to be a part of this grand clearing for planet Earth. And as these ones anchor themselves more and more in the physicality, the planet moves higher and higher. Up, upward into higher dimensionalities of realization so that the Ascension process is given a huge empowerment. And so we say to you, Beloved Ones, never have you shone brighter than when you are shining forth your Compassion and your Love and your healing to yourselves and to all of those you are addressing at this moment. This is so sweet and so beautiful to be here with you, expressing all of this Love and all of this Joy!

“And we call you back at anytime you choose to join with us in this exercise of Compassion, in this exercise of freeing and liberating all from whatever addictions are causing them sorrow and pain, from whatever is holding them back from realizing, from looking in the mirror and seeing their own divinity, their own Light of Love shining. And so I have my Beloved Son and others of our family with the roses of Kumara for you. Take them, as many as you wish. Enjoy their colors and their fragrance and their softness, they are as velvet; they are free from thorns because you, Beloved Ones, have made them so with your Light and with your Love. Take them into your hearts now as we join together, as we have co-created this gift for the entire planet and, indeed, for the Universe, and helped our Beloved Planet of Gaia to take another giant step on the Ascension path. And so it is - I thank you, Beloved Ones, from my heart to yours. And I say unto you with true meaning and Love, Namaste.”

Transcription by Brian Coe

Given through Susan Leland, May 18, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.