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Since Susan Leland passed in October 2017,
we have discontinued the live call-in meditations.
Please download for your own use, the Sekhmet meditation below.
ON DECEMBER 13, 2017 through Eli Galla
We had a very informative discussion with Lightworkers on the call
followed by an uplifting message from St.Germain
before our silent meditation!
Link to audio recording of the 1-1-2017 live call-sharing and Sananda's Blessing:
"I focused on a big NESARA, as I usually do...over all the images and prayers, blessings and decrees...liberty bells ringing, people dancing and singing, the peace flag seated in every state, golden coins filling up the globe in every country city and home.  It was toward the end of the focus that suddenly the black words of NESARA turned to GOLD!.."
  - Iris, Washington State
**Recording of the 11-27 Live Call with some personal visions during these meditations and a Special Blessing by Sananda
“I AM hereby declaring human sovereignty upon this Earth!
“I AM hereby calling forth Divine Government, and fully enacted NESARA Law, Now!
“I Am anchoring the higher energies needed for this now!
“All of us who are of the Light now work together as One.
“We claim and call forth the Higher Good of humankind and all life on Earth, fully demonstrated in new and higher forms now!
“We release the old forms. We create the New Earth, in all Her beauty and power, Now!”
        With thanks to Caroline Oceana Ryan  http://carolineoceanaryan.com/
"A special thank you to all who are remembering to join the NESARA meditation on Sundays at 1:00 PM PST, or in 'no time' when you can. I felt the energies strongly from all of you. It is making a big impact. Keep it flowing until the announcements. HAPPY NESARA!  Blessings, Stanley"
We need to realize that we already have the answers for all the chaotic 3D problems and enslavement programs, and even for the challenges, uncertainties, and fears which the upcoming USA elections are presenting!**  The NESARA Law is already in place, and it brings Divine Governance to all the World as it is announced, activated and implemented.  NOW is the time to come together to energize its Announcement!!!
We did a live Meditation Conference Call on Sunday, November 6th.  Stanley was hosting for sign-ons and Susan and Stanley recorded a brief presenation, followed by 17 minutes of background music for our collective silent Meditation to energize NESARA's Announcement!

Please listen and join with us in adding your energy to this, whenever and as often as you are inspired!  We will be doing this Meditation together, but SILENTLY, without calling in, at 1:00pm, Pacific Time, beginning next Sunday (11-13) and continuing until NESARA is announced! 
This is a clarion call for all who have learned Sananda's Hands of LoveLight Meditation - and everyone else in our Ashtar On The Road Family, as well as anyone beyond - who feels the calling, even if they have not learned this Meditation. They can use whatever spiritual tools and gifts they have AS ONE WITH US ALL!
If you have any questions, please email Stanley,
‘Twas the day of NESARA,
And all through the World
The Angels were dancing
The dreams now unfurled.
The Banks had flung open
The gold and their doors,
Giving money to everyone,
Whether rich or the poor.
And LOVE was flowing over all;
From the mists above,
Coming down with Rainbow Lights
To awaken all to Love.
So thus it was that on this day
Was born our “Golden Age;”
One Love, One Light, One Joy
Written on a brand new page.
  SO  BE  THAT !
by Iris Arla Moore,
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