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 Preparation Priorities for the Next Now Moments
Ashtar on the Road Teleconference - April 10, 2012

"Well good evening, Everyone! Oh, things are happening, things are moving. You can feel it, yes? In your energy fields? A quickening, as it were. A moving ahead ­– finally! We know, after all of this time, that you, Beloved Ones, have held the Light for these changes which are coming forth - indeed they have been, as masters Tara and Rama have just told you. This has been ongoing, we have reported on this ourselves in what you call the past.

"There is a lot of film and video that is all ready for the showing, it is already prepared. It will make it seem as though everything is happening within 72 hours, or whatever, but the reality of it is that it has had to be done in stages. However, what do you call that on your reality shows? – the big reveal - is about to come and it is going to come rushing in, with most likely a mixed reaction.

"There will be those who will be non-believers, so great is their denial. And then on the other extreme will be you, Beloved Ones, and our Family, and all of the Lightworkers who will be saying their hallelujahs and perhaps – 'well, it’s about time!' – which is perfect for 3D, absolutely! Then will come the great realization to everyone that there is finally Freedom, and along with the Freedom is a new way of doing things on Planet Earth.

"Now, most of you, if not all of you, have been to our Peace website, it is called – wethepeopleforpeace.org – and it has the components of the NESARA law and a lot of other good information. If you are needing a refresher on this, we suggest you go and get it in mind. You see, you are all on the verge of becoming information specialists, newscasters or broadcasters, if you will. It does not mean that you have to go out and publish or print, or get in front of the cameras and say, ‘Hi, I am a member of the Ashtar Command Family and I’ve known about these changes for a long time,' and so on and so. But, you will all be approached by ones that you have perhaps tried to communicate about this with in the past, but who have absolutely closed off every bit of their energy fields to what you had to say, because it sounded so preposterous.

"Then there are those who are just suddenly waking up and they will just come up to you and say, 'I don’t know what it is about you but I have a feeling that you have some information that I need.' Information specialists, that is who the Lightworkers are. And it matters not how you tell it, in other words, you don’t have to memorize a script. Be yourselves, speak from your Hearts. But we are telling you that if you want to do a little brushing up on the real Truth of what is coming, you can check out the information there and in other places. If it resonates with you, if you get excited in high vibrational Joy, then you know it’s Truth, because it comes from the highest energy in the Universe which is called Love!!!

"Now, we have done a lot of talking about Love in the time that we have been speaking through this Voice, and we are doing a lot of preparations with you, as individuals yes, but mostly as a Family group. Beyond this wondrous gathering, you are making it possible, by the way, for us to do this because you are holding the Light, the energies of the Ashtar Family. You are lighting up for all – the Ashtar Family, the Lightworkers, and the World and Universe beyond - a most important mission that you are showing up for, and we thank you so much for this!

"We are talking about preparations for what you might call the immediate, now moment to come. And we are going to tell you something fabulous - this is all about preparing for Ascension! You’ve heard that expression 'All roads lead to Rome'? Well, that was a rather pompous kind of attitude, was it not, by the conquerors, you know. But the truth of it is, all of your paths are joined on the big Golden Path to Ascension. And so everything that you do as individuals, if it is done in the spirit of, in the recognition of, and literally on the wavelengths of Love, that’s the big preparation and it works in the immediate now, it works in the next to come future now, and it works on the Ascension Path.

"So, Beloved Ones, we are talking about what you like to call multi-tasking. However you express individually, just do it with Love. That is your preparation to yourselves, first and foremost. If you find that you are expressing to your own beloved, sacred, Divine Beings on any wavelength except Love - STOP! Take a little time out, lift yourselves up so that you are once more, shall we say, moving along the great Golden Path with no impediments or obstacles, no stumbling blocks to trip over - you see what we’re saying?

"It matters not how many times you stop along the way for a time out, and there are many, many ways, as she said,* become the nano and become the magic. We’ve got a good one for you, actually two, get hold of our beloved brother Eli*, if you feel as though you’ve gotten something come into you that is not of the Love and Light, if it feels a little dark, a little heavy, if it’s some baggage that seems to just want to stick, call upon us, call upon Eli, review Mother Sekhmet’s lessons, however you want to do it, and you can do more than one. This is the critical time, Beloved Ones. This is absolutely what you like to call the zero hour!

"Have you ever wondered why they call it the zero hour? Well, most people think it means there’s no time left. We’re telling you it’s time for zero point, its time for new creations, it’s time for the great consciousness of the One We All Are. Notice how the word 'One' starts with, well you call it an ‘oh’, and it may be a little fatter than a zero but you can make it as big and comprehensive as you want. We Are One, we are here to create. We have received your permission, Beloved Ones, to be here with you, to be here doing the Worldwide kinds of clearings and mitigations that we are engaged in – more about that to come.

"We are here with you now and we are telling you that we are acting together now as One. Include everyone – yes, even the naughties! Send them as much Love as you can possibly bring in to send them, don’t hold it back! The worst, or shall we say, the most effective stumbling block on their path is vibrations which are of the fear variety. So it is to dispel, dissolve, transmute all fear into higher vibrations. You’re not here alone, we’re right here with you, so reach out and hug and touch, or ask for hugs. You are partners with us and because you have stepped up, and because you have held the Light, and because you have given us the permission and called us forth, you are equal in co-creativity, capabilities and empowerments!!!

"There is nothing that we as partners, in this greatest of all missions ever, ever, ever on Planet Earth, cannot achieve, cannot manifest, cannot bring forth. And so we ask that you just keep yourselves clear and high in your vibrations - that is preparation priority number one! Well, let’s just say that is all that anyone really needs to do.

"Now, if you are following the internet news, there has been a lot of advice generated about 3D kinds of preparation, and since this is still 3D Earth, officially, never mind what it might be unofficially on your paths, and in your energy fields, it’s fine, great, go for it, but do it with gusto, do it with Joy! 'Oooohhhhhhh! My favorite brand of toilet paper is on sale, I’m going to get some extra.' Joy. Find Joy in what you do.

"You know, there was a time when people were advised, and this has happened over and over again as Earth has traveled on its historical/herstorical path - you decide that you need to be prepared for some kind of emergency and so you go and buy a lot of cans of cabbage, and you don’t really like cabbage. But after all you’ve got to have something to be prepared! Eeww, how does that feel? If you’re loving cabbage, go for it, but most people would probably not find a lot of Joy in that.

"So, it is always wise to have extra, in the spirit of Aloha - you might have twenty neighbors drop in - what a joyful experience that is! And if you happen to have a few extra cans of beans, or a few extra radishes, or whatever, this is all fabulous. Any inconvenience that you might experience will not be planned, and will be very brief. The Truth of it is that you can probably get by as long as you have good clear water. And we are not anticipating a lot of inconveniences.

"If you find that your internet is suddenly unavailable, or your television set, or your telephone, what a grand opportunity to catch up on much needed rest, hugging every tree in your yard, reading that book of high vibration that you’ve been wanting to get to, or whatever. What a great time to have your neighbors out for a barbeque, you know? It is Joy, Beloved Ones, it is Joy, you are on the Path of Joy! There is no reason whatsoever to have any fear - none! If you get a message that is fear-based, as Ashtar Commanders, Ashtar Family, Lightworkers in Love with the World and loving the World and expressing only Love from your beings, if something comes your way that you do not resonate with, then it’s not your Truth.

"There are many, many levels in the different dimensions - reach out - you can go with the highest levels of 4D and up, how’s that? If you want something that is more concrete in the way of an interdimensional road map, how’s that? That might be something to create sometime, what fun that could be. Yes, if anybody wants to create an interdimensional road map, send it on in to Fabulous Fran. Wow - now there’s a thought!

"You see what we are saying here, Beloved Ones? What we are communicating to you is that preparation is a big 'L' word, called Love. Whatever resonates with you, whatever comes to you, as long as it carries the vibration of that'L' word, then go for it if you have passion for it. If you don’t, you might find someone to pass it along to, as long as it has the 'L' word. Now, the people who are doing the reporting of the news are doing it - the true reporters, the ones who are telling the Truth - are also doing it from Love. Now, this might call for another level of Love perspective for you. It’s called being the compassionate observer.

"There was a being here on this island of Maui, not long ago, and he is a person who is quite well known for revealing the innermost secretes of the naughties, and his lecture was such that it was too much. Maui is a place of Love, it is a place of Lemuria, it is based in Love and Lemuria. It’s kind of like, you can take it as a double ‘L’ – Maui. Anyway, he overwhelmed some people with so much that was of the dark, telling of the dark, that some people were not able to stay in the compassionate observer mode because there was just too much fear in that message he was putting forth, so they left. You can do the same thing.

"If you start to read an e-mail or communication, or whatever, and it’s broadcasting fear, you have two choices - you can stay or you can go.Do what works for you, Beloved Ones, do not allow something to be a stumbling block on your Path, because the name of your Path is Love, the name of your Path is Joy – yes! So we’re just saying that what is working for one may not work for another because of perspective, interpretation based on perspective.

"You all are Love, you all have the Love, but there is only so much of a dose of looking upon fear - in other words, each one of you has the ability to be the compassionate observer but one might be a compassionate observer for seconds and another one might have the ability to be the compassionate observer for minutes. If you feel your vibrations drop, leave. Leave that alone. Maybe you will come back some day, maybe you will not. It doesn’t really matter.

"What you are here to do is spread the Love vibes, that’s the real preparation for the next moment as all of this unfolds in glorious living color upon which you call the mainstream media channels - lots of changes going on there so that these stories can be brought to you. They will be given from the most compassionate perspective of the ones who filmed the stories and the ones who are actually the participants reporting in front of the camera. Even that might be too much.

"What if your neighbor says, 'Oh, I can’t stand this. There’s just so much that is just overwhelming me and I’m just so afraid.' What do you do? You say, ‘Beloved neighbor come in, let’s have some tea. I’ll tell you the outcome and then you don’t have to watch every detail. If it throws you into fear that’s not the path where it is most advisable and advantageous for you to be. Let’s come on in and talk Love, shall we?’ Do you see what we are saying?

"Now the reason we are giving all of these examples is because we know that there are some fear stories that will come out, because they are telling what these ones have done. Do you suppose that everyone on Planet Earth stayed tuned to their radios or their television sets to watch the trials at Nuremburg and hear all the grisly details that were done by the ones who were on trial? No! There were reporters there who summarized. You are reporters of Truth, Beloved Ones, you don’t have to go into every ghastly detail.

"Most of your friends, family, and neighbors, who are not awake yet to what’s going on, won’t be able to handle it from any perspective except fear. So your great mission is to do the Truth telling from the Love perspective. So go ahead and invite us in, if you are going to tell Love stories, invite us in to be with you. You don’t have to say it aloud in front of your neighbors, you can call us in telepathically, and then you can speak to your neighbors with so much Love, we’ll keep the lights of Love lit while you do the talking, how about that?

"So you are going to feel the Love that we’re bringing to you and then they’re going to feel it. And they’re going to feel the Love that you put into your voice and into the telling and the answering of the questions that they will have. And that is the perspective, Beloved Ones, for the compassionate observer and news broadcaster of what is observed. The main thing is Love. Reassurance comes from Love, not fear. Comfort comes from Love. In fact, if you wish to, you can start creating your own news broadcasting moments. No, you don’t need to do details, they will change. It’s going to be changing all the time - stay tuned. But you can start putting your intention into your own energy fields that whatever information you receive to pay forward, you will be doing so from the highest dimensional vibrations of Love, with Compassion, yes, Forgiveness, and Gratitude!

"This is your opportunity to open the doors at least a bit wider for those who are what you call, ‘clueless.’ - we just say, ‘not awake' - and start sharing with them the Joy that belongs to the World - it is the birthright of the World. It has been hidden or kept in the dark. Start sharing what this Golden Age looks and feels like! Perhaps even invite them to join with you in a circle of Love, and give thanks together for this wonderful new world, this ancient Lemuria, coming into emergence. It has been hidden, known to a few, now it is coming out to be known to all. Whether people rejoice or not is not your responsibility at all, it is only the responsibility of your mission to show the way, to light the way for them, and that, Beloved Ones, is preparation.

"Now, we want to take one more moment before Sekhmet joins us with a most empowering Exercise to bring this forward, even more. But what we want to assure you of is that what we have been telling you all along, and we shall state again, is that we are mitigating. Mother Gaia has received your words, your vibrations, your messages, and yes your broadcastings of Love. She’s tuned in to your channels - no pun intended there but sometimes I like to do that! She knows that you have opened your Hearts to her, she knows that you are A-OK with her ascending just like you, she knows that you are all in this together and she is so thankful and grateful to all of you who have been sharing your loving energies with her and all of her kingdoms!

"She is responding and is allowing us to assist her in her responses. It’s not done yet, no. There is still a lot of clean-up to do, but because you have given us permission to join with you, Beloved Ones, Mother Gaia has done so as well. We are working on it, we are more and more visible. Look for our bird ships, they are a little different shape, they have what looks like wings and wide-open mouths. They are literally devouring whatever toxicities are in your atmosphere. We have other ships which have the ability to draw up toxicities from inside of the earth - yes, even the toxins from the fracking - and neutralize it.

“And, Beloved Ones, there is a lot of debris floating in your oceans, your rivers, your streams and your lakes, but the toxicities of this debris, we are working on cleansing that as well. You must realize that a lot of these things have been coming from within, from under your planet, the underground bases, under sea, under land. We are in charge, we have taken control of these bases and neutralized the spewing forth of more toxicities. There are still some floating out there, of course.

"We have disengaged the empowerment of the naughties, the dark hats, the illuminaties, to continue their destructive programs. If you wish to assist in this go high. Get up into the higher dimensions, inhale, literally; bring it into your beings, the cleanliness, the purity and the joy of the Aina, the land, the Kai, the sea, and the Lani, the sky, and then exhale it into your surroundings wherever you are and let it cover all of Planet Earth. That’s Love in expression, Beloved Ones, just one of the many ways that you can express our togetherness, our Oneness, in mission and purpose!

"The priority or, if you want to say the goal, the end result - we already see it, it’s done - is the successful Ascension of all who choose to ascend. But there is much to do along the way to bring that reality, that mission accomplished, into its most full manifestation. Is there any question about your Ascensions? No. But we know that you all know someone, or maybe more than one someone, that you might have a question about.

"Stop questioning - you cannot be afraid for them, you can only love them and perhaps communicate a bit telepathically. You will have many, many opportunities to help and assist, you already have been doing so. You already have become more open and obvious, so rejoice! Get happy, dance and sing, nothing but good times ahead, because that, Beloved Ones, is what you have co-created with us and we thank you and we honor you for being one with us in this grand Family of Mission Accomplished. And so it is, Salut!"

Ashtar's message was followed by What The World Needs Now Is Love
* Sekhmet
** Eli Galla, author of Spirited Clearings
*** Sekhmet's transcript will be published in a future email.
Transcription by Brian Coe
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