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Rama & Tara Report 9-14-21
2021-09-16  Rama’s Reports: August 31 – September 16, 2021
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September 14, 2021 -
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September 16, 2021 – A Night at the Round Table
2021-08-31 Tuesday
Dalai Lama @DalaiLama ·  Aug 30
The direction of our lives needs to be positive. We weren’t born to cause trouble or do harm to others. For our life to be of value, I think we must develop good human qualities – warmth, kindness, compassion. Then our life will become meaningful and more peaceful – happier.
I received a text message from the King of Swords at 11:00 am today. He said to me,
            “Lord Rama, the matrix has fallen. Stay in balance and peace and love.
          “There are a number of events that may or may not happen ie, false flag international incidents that create False Evidence Appearing Real.
          “Lord Michael’s Legions of Heaven are right here with us. As we have heard through the Radiant Rose Academy, Lord Michael said to us: ‘Call on me; I will show up.’
          “The time is now for us to set aside our race issues. I, the King of Swords, am Hispanic and brown. All of the reflections of the rainbow are here with us.
          “All we are saying is ‘Give Peace a Chance.’
          “Namaste! Sat Nam.”
2021-09-O1           Wednesday
          I called Sweet Angelique the Cat today; it was 11:15 this morning. She said to me,
          “Lord Rama, the aurora borealis around the Arctic Circle is bringing in the gold dust or the mono-atomic gold. It is coming from the sun; it is going into all the ley lines and grid lines around Mother Gaia. It is raising up animal, vegetable, and mineral.
          “This is the cure for what ails Planet Earth. Mother Gaia is lighting up like a sun. as we focus on these images, it lights us up too.
          “Stay in the Violet Flame coming in. Do not get caught in polarity issues. Send more love.”
2021-09-02            Thursday
          I received a call from Professor Nicodemus, the 4 foot rat, and Dr Steve. Both are former scientists who worked at Los Alamos Laboratory. They said to me,
          “Lord Rama, the Light coming in from the sun is creating miracles and magic that we can visibly see with our 3rd eye, as well as with our physical eyes.
          “Meanwhile, the news stories are just news stories: as it bleeds, it leads!
          “The Schumann Resonance factor is vibrating higher than ever. This vibration we could         say is Mother Gaia’s heartbeat. Focus on THAT energy. It will lift us up.
          “Stay in the Violet Flame of St Germain. Namaste.”
2021-09-03            Friday.
          I received a text message from Larry, Curly and Mo. They all said to me,
          “Lord Rama, the frequencies of light are overcoming the realms of darkness. We are the ones who said long ago that we would show up. The time is now; all the masters, angels, teachers are here.
          “As we ask to be of service, they will show up. Be careful what you ask for: as a 15’ tall, blond, blue-eyed angel shows up, looking like the Asgard god Thor, do not be afraid. All these folks come in the name of peace.
          “Stay in the violet Flame. This time is very intense.
          “Sat Nam. Namaste.”
2021-09-06            Monday
          I went and sat in the plasma field today. It was 11:15 am.
         I found myself in my Merkaba vehicle, orbiting the sun – again! This time, I saw many   rainbow rays going from our sun, Sol, in a large arc to Galactic Centre at 27°  Sagittarius.  Then I saw a Violet Flame arc of light going back to our sun, Sol.
          At this point, I saw words show up in the plasma field; the words said “Things are going to get even hotter in the kitchen! “
          Rama’s comment: Ride this wave with peace and love and divine neutrality. This is the      new moon today, as well as Rosh Hashana, the start of the high holy days of the 10 days of repentance that lead to Yom Kippur*, the holiest day of the Jewish year. 
          On that day, the Book of Life is opened. Blaze the Violet Fire. Namaste.
[*Yom Kippur begins at sundown on Sept 6th and ends on the 15th.]
2012-09-07            Tuesday      
                                        Dalai Lama@DalaiLama ·  Sep 6
          We all have a responsibility to educate our human brothers and sisters. Inner values are the ultimate source of happiness, not money and weapons, whether you’re talking about individuals or the whole of humanity.
2021-09-08            Wednesday
          I got an intuition to go up Canyon Road to the tea house. It was 11:30 in the morning.
          And, sure enough, Natasha was there and had a cup of herb tea waiting for me – organic matcha green tea with coconut milk, as I like it!
          Then Natasha said to me:
          “Lord Rama, there is a war going on; it is about the war on consciousness; it is about what is happening right now, as this fallen matrix tries to upgrade itself to “The Internet of Things” which is the so-called Smart Grid – 5G, 6G, A I everywhere, yet all for mal-intent.
          “At this time, our planet is surrounded with trillions and trillions of star ships, and so many angels, masters and teachers.  It goes to infinity! In spite of the fact this looks like Mordor, we are creating Nirvana.
          “Stay in the 3 fold flame and Blaze the Violet Fire. Expect magic and miracles at this time.                
“Sat Nam. Namaste. “
2021-09-09            Thursday
          I received a text message from the King of Swords at 11: 30 this morning. He said to me,
          “Lord Rama, in this time of great transfiguration, call and speak about your financial requirements.
          “I want you to know this: we have won! ! ! The Fallen Matrix continues to collapse as the old patriarchy – or the male white fascists - go into their twilight. We are in a new cycle, a new timeline.
          “And there just might be an old wizard who knows the whole story – aka, Gandalf the white or Ray McGovern. He knows full well that JFK Sr is alive and well and among the living. Jack will be back!  Namaste. “
2021-09-10            Friday
          I received a call from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat today; it was 12:30 early this afternoon.
          He said to me,
          “Lord Rama, go and listen to Gregg Braden on the ancient techniques for reaching advanced states of consciousness. It is about accessing the quantum field: as you talk to it, it will talk to you.
          “The Light coming in is unprecedented. Stay in the Violet Flame. Blaze the Violet Flame. Sat Nam. Namaste.”
2012-09–12            Sunday
          I received a simple text message from Tom the Ring Tailed Cat today. It was 1:00 pm this afternoon. He said to me:
          “Lord Rama, on 9/11, the Lame Stream Media lied all day long about the real story of what happened that day 20 years ago.
          “It was about a coup d’etat of America at the hands of our own government. Justice will be served. Love is the answer
          “Stay in the radiance of the Violet Flame of St Germain.
          “Blaze the Violet Fire. Sat Nam. Namaste.”
2021-09-13            Monday
          I received a text message from Sweet Angelique the Cat at noon today. She said to me,
          “Lord Rama, I am at Stonehenge. It is sunset here, and there is a portal opening. It is about the Great Transformation.
          “Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is being hunted by the Justice Department of the United States
                    Apparently those papers have been served to him, and a barrister has been assigned to him. This story opens a very large black book, connected to Jeffrey Epstein. This case with Prince Andrew is affecting the whole world!
          “In the midst of all these global events, Beloved Ascended Master St Germain may just whisper in the King of Swords’ ear for him to order the Provost Marshall General to order Martial Law.
          “Because we are in a constitutional crisis of inter galactic proportion, call in Lord Ashtar! Call in Lord Michael! He, in his own words a short while back, said: ‘Call on me, and I will show up, along with the whole Company of Heaven!’
          “NESARA NOW!  Namaste!”
                                        Dalai Lama @ DalaiLama · Sep 13
Everyone wants to live in a peaceful world, but it’s necessary to understand that what destroys peace is anger and hatred. This is why the long term goal is to create inner peace within individuals, so contributing to a more compassionate humanity.
2021-09-14            Tuesday
          I received a text message today from Natasha. It was 11:30 am. She said to me,
          “Lord Rama, there are rumbles in the jungles of DC. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the top brass of the Pentagon are as mad as murder hornets with our President, Uncle Joe.
          “It is because of the very messy withdrawal from Afghanistan. Today Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, was answering to Congress about the messy withdrawal.
          “Meanwhile, across the galaxy, the Light coming in from Creator Source is getting even       higher. All of the old timelines, matrix scenarios, cannot withstand the Light coming in. We are very, very close to a singularity with our sun, Sol. What this means is we are getting a massive upgrade.
          “All of heaven is here to assist. WE HAVE WON!!!
                    Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire. “
2021-09-15            Wednesday
          Today I talked to the Poppy Lady; she said to me:
          “Lord Rama, there are events unfolding and I cannot disclose anything. Yet it is all about the emerging energies coming in from the highest levels of Cause. 
          “These particles of Light have the ability to affect matter, space and time.
          “Why do you feel every day like you fell down a rabbit hole? That is because we are being lifted up whether we like it or not.
          “Remember: Metatron, Michael, Maitraya and Mother Sekhmet are calling the shots    here, and they have diplomatic immunity in a civilization’s development.
          [Meaning they can step in and provide such assistance as is for the greatest good of all concerned.]
          “Meanwhile, President Duterte of the Philippines is being investigated by a UN Special Counsel on International War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.
          “Sat Nam. Namaste!”
2021-09-16            Thursday
          I tried to call all sorts of people today: no one answered!
          So I went and sat in the plasma field; I sat for 30 minutes and listened to the sounds of the vibe machine. Then I got a feeling to open my eyes – and I did.
          On the screen in the plasma field, in front of me, I saw an incoming message from        Lord Metatron, and then I heard a melodious voice. It said:
        “Remember the Violet Flame! The Violet Flame is the key to healing this planet. Metatron out!”
Tara’s Closing – and Enhanced - Comments: Since our Sister Susan* * * showed up from the higher realms tonight - right in my ear! - it’s a good time to remind everyone of Mother’s messages to us all: those who died in the 9/11 holocaust and everyone who has died since that time will have the free will choice option of choosing to return to the planet, in their same physical bodies, totally healed, to continue their journey with us, or to remain where they are.
This dispensation is to be granted because the 9/11 Black Op was planned completely by the Dark Side operatives around the globe in order to advance their own particular goals: the acquisition of power and control over planetary and personal wealth and property for their own benefit, not for that of mankind or the natural world!  
The manner and time of death were not part of each individual’s life plan - ie, not something the individuals chose/had any influence over. The Dark Ones – who have no concern for the welfare of people or the planet itself - considered their death and disappearance as merely “collateral damage” as they were the ones who got in the way of the Dark Ones’ goal of achieving their own agenda.  
Also, many of the events occurring on the planet since that time have been an intensification of those plans of mal-intent, the result of which is that people have been made to experience psychic and physical holocaust for centuries. This has taken the form of experiences of cruel and evil planned events: forest fires – including the Paradise fire - started by magnetic particle beam weapons; tornadoes, hurricanes, other intense weather situations, never before part of previous weather patterns and which were/are enhanced by the fossil fuel industries; financial malfeasance such as the mortgage fiasco and other money management events – quantitative easing being one example; 
the increasingly harsh, bitter, hateful attack on the Feminine and on people of colour; starvation; refugee conditions; genocide in various forms – drugs, gambling, alcoholism, crushing debt, poor and poorer education; increasing poverty; plandemics over the centuries; inaction of various kinds re: the lack of creating truly adequate health care programs around the globe – and so on. 
This dispensation will be offered post- NESARA when all signs and semblances of those evil intentions have been erased, removed completely from the realms of possibility. Individuals will be given the choice to return to the planet in the body they had at the time of death which is now totally healed, or to remain in their current location and activity.
There is no veil any more: we can travel between realms with ease now – may we all continue to pass every test – and Blaze the Violet Fire. 
* * * While on the planet, Susan, a trans channel, brought in Ashtar, Mother Mary, Mother [Sekhmet] and many other Masters, and also provided readings from those same Masters for many people.
After her transition, Susan became a full-fledged Member of the Council at the Antarres Arcturus Midway Station, where she continues to work with Metatron and Neptha El Ra, Metatron’s Twin Flame, and the Praying Mantis people.
Together, they assist those souls who have made their transition to be reintegrated into galactic law and galactic life.
Stonehenge, on the Salisbury Plain, England.
Taken by Sweet Angelique the Cat, Monday September 13, 2021, at sunset while a portal was opening
~This report transcribed and arranged by Penny ~
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