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Sananda: Declaring Peace
If war was the answer then we'd be at peace
And the battles in the distance
would've all fine'ly ceased
We still have a choice to live and be free
So let's all raise our voice
and become a planet of peace
I'm declaring peace, I'm declaring peace,
Deep within myself
I'm declaring peace, I'm declaring peace*
Ashtar addressing the February 9, 2010 teleconference:

“..We will tell you right now that the one who shall be leading this exercise is the one who has charge of the spiritual homecoming of Planet Earth and, of course, that is its Ascension.  When this mission of official entry into the Golden Age is completed, he is the one who will be uniting the world in Peace, in Love and in Joy.  That is his mission. He won’t be doing it alone.  All of us will be participating in that with great understanding, finally, with the humans upon the planet, that they can let go of the dogmas and come together as one - one grand family united in Spirit, united in Love and united in Peace. 


“There are some churches which already have this understanding.   If you feel inclined to unite with like-minded ones, and you really don’t see any or feel any among your family or neighbors, you might seek out a spiritual organization, a class, a group that meets regularly, whether they call it a church or not, makes no difference really.  These groups, these class members are grand helpers already in the mission - that of uniting the world in Spirit.  And why do we say this now?  Well, because we know that you’re going to have a rather busy time, but some of you are here to do your humanitarian missions in this endeavor.  


“The Living Lemuria Center, if you didn’t get it from reading the mission statement, read it again.  What it is really saying is the center is an Ascension center; that’s why it’s a prototype. That’s why the latest technologies will be used.  It is also going to be a center for spiritual gatherings.  So if you feel the need for refreshment, a refill of your spiritual cup, just seek others. There are those in this family; you can email them and connect, communicate and commune.  There are groups, classes, joy-workers upon the planet.  Now is a great time to share your visions and to reinforce the high-vibe consciousness that makes this all possible to bring about.


“So I say Beloved Family, thank you for being here.  It is indeed a wonderful world because you’re here, because you have seen the light and are now radiating that light from your own beautiful beings.  And so it is, Beloved Family, and so it is.  Salut.”




“Greetings, Beloved Family.  It is I, Sananda, and I come to you with the highest, most powerful energy in the world, that of Love.  I stand with this entire, entire family, those in the human bodies, you are family, and I stand with the kingdoms of Planet Earth and with those who come for this ceremony from the higher dimensions and worlds.  We have a grand mission.  And this marks the next phase, indeed, of my mission and that of those who have chosen to be in spiritual mission as Planet Earth enters into the Golden Age and prepares and moves along the path to complete Ascension.


"Now if you are concerned that the pages of the calendar are turning, that there is not much time left, be advised, when I gave The Course [in Miracles] to the world, I deliberately put at the front of it a complete description of miracles, and they are instantaneous.  So breathe into existence your passions, your projects, your missions, and so it shall be.  Miracles - you’re the miracles.  You, Beloved Ones, are the creators of the miracles - that’s why we are all here.


“We want you to know how loved you are and how appreciated you are for all the sacrifices that you have made in all of your lifetimes in order to get here and to be one with this grand family, one with the Lightworkers of the planet.  I, and those with me, could not be here were it not for you.  If you have any doubts about your empowerment to do this ceremony tonight, please take a moment and feel the Love that surrounds you. Open your hearts to receive it.  Gather your courage that is there, for as beloved Mother Sekhmet says, the word ‘courage’ comes from the world ‘heart’ in another language. 


“So stand tall with me as I, Sananda, invite you to come forward, hold hands, greet your special guides and all who serve with this group tonight.  You may recognize Archangel Michael.  He has brought the sword Excalibur with him.  You may recognize St. Germain, the master of Liberty and Freedom and Abundance for all, and he brings it all for Planet Earth.   You may recognize the Marys - my Beloved Mother, my Beloved Wife, and Kuan Yin - beautiful compassionate Kuan Yin - such a serene and yet such a powerful, powerful messenger of Compassion and Love.  My Father, Sanat Kumara, and the entire Kumara Family stands at your service.  Ashtar - my Beloved Brother, Buddha, Maitreya, Ascended Ones, Ascended Masters and Teachers, Ghandi, the Spirits of those who have gone before and shown the way, they’re here.


“We greet also, the wondrous ones from the kingdoms.  And you may have wondered, oh yes, it is necessary to complete the voices, that all of the kingdoms participate in this, but it is also so that they will send the messages out through each of their kingdoms, the animals, the plants, the crystals.  It is truly time, as you measure it, for the lion to lie down with the lamb, and you will be receiving more and more news of this kind of Peace on Planet Earth in the days to come.  It is time for the honoring of all the plants and the animals who so willingly give themselves to nourish and nurture each other, and of course, the human kingdom.   And it is time to understand how you, Beloved Ones, can empower the crystals, which in turn empower you. They amplify.  Choose your words and be passionate when you address them and you will amplify your passions that much more. 


“This is a time that is so sweet, so powerful and empowering.  Just imagine how Peace on Earth will look; how it will feel; how your brothers and your sisters, your parents and your children will rejoice.  This is a time to bring Peace to the planet with no recriminations, no judgments, no thoughts of fear or hatred -  it must be done through Love.  And that is why, Beloved Ones, you loving, loving Family members have been invited to do this exercise, because you know that you’re Love, and you know what Love is and how to express it. 


“And so, at this moment, I ask you to just simply breathe yourselves into a state of readiness.  We’re going to go all over the world together.  Welcome aboard the New Jerusalem!  Oh, yes, there’s room for all; come aboard.  Come into the crystal room and see - there are signs everywhere of your long awaited presence, of your welcome. Captain Ashtar is at the controls of the New Jerusalem.  You can look if you wish, but be not curious.  He will take you on the smoothest ride you have ever enjoyed on any airborne vehicle.  No need to fasten your seat belts, so smooth it will be.  You are free, Beloved Ones, you are free.


“Join with the grand company here and let your lights shine forth in response to the hugs and the welcomes that you receive.  I, Sananda, have a hug for each one of you.  And yes, the roses are here, and my mother shall be honored to give them to you upon completion of this ceremony.  So relax, feel, feel the high vibrations as we come together now, as we bring our focus together and see the screen open up.  Now, from the heights in the sky, from among the stars, look at that screen, that window in front of you and see Planet Earth.  Now we shall come closer so that everything magnifies even more, and we are going to literally encircle the planet, many times over, so that you can see it all.  


“Each one of you can see perfectly; there is no obstruction to your view.  See what there is to see. You might see your own house that you live in or your yard or a part of your community.  You might see children playing; you might see children sleeping.  Let your view go over the entire planet.  Now, we are the bringers of Peace and all who see us coming need a message from you, and that message is, ‘Peace is now anchored upon Planet Earth.’  Oh yes, the stargates are open and they are beaming the messages even as we send them.  They are like relays lighting up the world even more.  We are beaming, and it is being radiated and relayed.   


“Now let us stop over Iraq, and let us see soldiers there in the uniforms of many countries. And let us greet them with Love and let us beam them the energies of Peace and let us give them the message, ‘You are called home,’ whether it be in the country of Iraq, or the United States or Australia or Japan, or wherever it is on the globe you call home, let the message go forth from your beings, from your hearts, from your hands warmed with Love, 'Call the soldiers home.' 


“And let us go to Afghanistan and let us look there.  And now it is time for those soldiers to be called home, for the ones who live in that country who have some idea that in fighting they are doing something holy, send them home.  They can lay down their weapons because they won’t fire anyway, not now in this moment of conscious and deliberate peacemaking.  Send them home with Love.  Send them home if they are from across the seas. Call them to their homes, to their homelands and to their hearts.  Beam the Love at them even more, to the whole world - let it radiate.


“Let us go to Africa where so many countries are experiencing war of some kind or other.  Let the governments stop making war upon their people.  Let them put away their weapons.  Let their weapons be totally disabled. The Stargates are assisting.  Let the soldiers go home and feed the people.  Let them bring Hope and Love and Joy. Once they understand, once the armies of the world understand that now is Peace, how can there possibly be any war anywhere in the planet?


“Now let us go to the continent of Europe and take a close look. Any time one person raises a weapon against another you have war, and there is still much of that going on throughout Europe.  So call upon all soldiers, whether they’re wearing uniforms or not, on that continent to receive the Love into their hearts, to unite with their own Compassion and stop any expression of war, lay down their weapons and be in Peace.


“Now move to the great continent of Asia, by way of India and what you call the Middle East, because there is war going on there, in the villages, in the towns.  There are even wars of financial kinds.  It is time for it all to end.  No one needs to steal from anyone. No one needs to be violent with anyone.  In those areas, as in others around the world, quite often there is violence against the children and against the women who are perceived to be the weaker ones.  Let the strength and the courage of the feminine energies of Peace and Love shine forth, radiantly beaming on those places upon Planet Earth. 


“And now move to Australia and the islands in the ocean of the Pacific.  Let their soldiers come home.  Call them home, command  their homecoming, ‘It’s now - Peace is now.’   They can leave their weapons behind in whatever countries they have been at war.  And let them cease all efforts to make war amongst their own people or any kind of violence against any of the tribes or among the tribes, let it happen.


“And move to North America and let Peace begin to be felt by every living being on that continent, and call the soldiers home. There are so many of them in different parts of the world; bring them home to enjoy Freedom and to understand what Freedom truly is and that it cannot, must not, ever be separated from Love and Peace.


“Now let us move to Central and South America where understandings are great already, nevertheless, there are wars going on there too - drug wars among other things. Let them understand that they no longer need to be enslaved, or caught in any crossfire, let alone be targets, and bring them home to their villages, their cities, to their families and loved ones.  Let laughter, let laughter be what they hear. 


“And to all of the other islands of the world, let us travel over those and let us look down and let us greet in Peace, Love and Joy all who live there and let them know that it’s time for their soldiers to come, too, for Peace is being anchored on Planet Earth.


“And now let us go to the continent of Antarctica and let all who are there resonate with Peace.   What ice remains there is like crystals and it will amplify, amplify, amplify, and send it out to the world.   And yes, there is a pathway there, a gateway to the Inner Earth. And so it is with the North Pole, as well.  Now send that message loud and clear to Inner Earth, all of the wondrous ones who are so joyful because they know now that their time is right to stand at the gates to come and join with their families upon the surface of Planet Earth.  And now look out at the heavens and see the stars beaming and radiating; beaming this truth, this Lovelight, this Peace that passeth all understanding, but now you do.  It’s anchored in your hearts, Beloved Ones, and together we have anchored it throughout the entire world.


“Now listen to the other kingdoms.  Listen to the animals.  Listen as they sigh a great sigh of relief and joy.  They, too, know that Peace is now anchored in their kingdom, and Love and Joy for all, Love and Joy for all that desire the companionship of the humans, the doors are open, and you will see the proof of this in the days and weeks to come.  Beloved Ones, the plant kingdoms rejoice for they know that they will no longer serve to feed soldiers of war and be withheld from families, villages, towns which are suffering under the firing of the guns, weapons of destruction.  And the minerals, yes the crystals, stand forth beaming and amplifying with such great Joy all that we have accomplished here.


“So raise your vibrations even higher, Beloved Ones, and be in Joy that this anchoring of the Peace, this calling home of the soldiers from everywhere on Planet Earth has taken place.  It is the beginning of a grand New Age of Peace on Earth, and in the days that follow, all will come forth as Truth.  Archangel Michael raises Excalibur now and spreads that Blue Wave of Truth, the Truth of Peace on Earth and let that Blue encircle the entire planet and enfold it in the great Joy of Peace.


“And now St.Germain, with the Violet Ray, assists in transmutation of whatever war-like thoughts, words and expressions and actual deeds there are, that the Violet Ray may come and transmute it all to loving Peace, and the Truth shines forth for all.  Planet Earth is officially a planet of Love and Peace Forever!  And so it begins, here with us in this grand company.


“And we thank you, Beloved Ones, for participating with your beautiful energies of Love and for bringing the Peace that passeth all understanding that is the birthright of Planet Earth and is what Planet Earth returns to now.  In this joyful time, my Mother stands beside me now and she invites you to come forward and receive your roses, the roses of Love, the roses of Kumara.   Take as many as you wish.  Take them into your hearts and enjoy the beautiful colors, the beautiful softness, and all that they mean.  They are your medals of honor, Beloved Ones.  They are your badges of courage and we stand with you, One United in thanks and gratitude for completion of declaring Peace and of bringing Peace to Planet Earth.  Stay with us on the New Jerusalem for as long as you like, and let the Peace that you have created for the planet be forever anchored in your own beautiful beings.  And so it is.  Namaste.”


** I'm Declaring Peace by William Florian requested by Ashtar & Sananda
© Susan Leland 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.