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Sanat Kumara addresssing the August 10, 2010 teleconference:
"I AM Sanat Kumara, 'Ancient of Days', some know me as.  I and my family of Kumaras and all of those who are here present are honored to be with you, Beloved Ones.  And we shall join together in holy and sacred vision.


"And so if you will just start your breathing to relax, and let us co-create together, visions of Lemuria now.    Of Lemuria come to you in your hearts.  Of Lemuria realized, to share with the world.  Breathe it in, breathe in the beauty. 

"Lemuria, ancient Lemuria, was truly the Garden of Eden, lush and beautiful.  And it comes back everywhere that there is anything growing of Mother Nature, Mother Gaia.  It’s all beautiful, it’s all lush, and it’s all full of Love and it is to honor the sacredness of the plant kingdom by showing Love, by greeting with open hearts, and inviting the wondrous flowers and the trees and all of the living plants to share their Love with you.  That you may expand it and send its sacredness, its Love, to the world and the universe beyond.   Look upon the ground, look upon the earth, and see the magnificence of the kingdoms there, the minerals, the gems, and yes, the crystals, which keep the records and with which you can send the Love out, vibrating even higher and higher, connecting with the crystalline grid of Planet Earth.  Feel the spinning of the crystals as they communicate with each other, and as they spread the power of Love even more.   And yes, the structures may even be built of crystals and other wondrous materials, coming from those places you call the stars, the suns, and the moons and the planets, coming for the purpose of recreating Lemuria without waste.  Recreating Lemuria in harmony with all of the planet.  Recreating whatever indoor spaces are appropriate given that the temperatures will be balmy and the sun will be shining always.  Not too hot, certainly not too cold. 

"There will be holodecks in places you can go if you want to experience some of those situations, but know, know that all is warm and comfortable and you, Beloved Ones, are totally in comfort and joy.  And there are animals everywhere, and this is truly where the lion lies down with the lamb.    Where all of the animals are in such comfort and such joy and you are communicating with them as you do with the plants and with the earth.    And there many, many spirits there - happy, loving, dancing, singing spirits.     Fairies no longer have to hide.  And you can dance with them whenever you choose.  And the wondrous ones who had to go also into the mist, the unicorns, Pegasus, yes the flying dragons, even now there are those humans who are in such close connection that they can see them and communicate with them, but you all will Beloved Ones, you all will.  It is your destiny.   Breath the air, ahhh … so sweet, so pure, so cleansed of all toxicities, and the same with the earth and the waters, sparkling and pure.  You can drink the water anywhere.  You can stand under a waterfall and drink and bathe in that water.  And so pure are you in your bodies that you are totally restored to health and joy!  

"And now let’s get to the very essence of the Loving Lemurian Lifestyle and what is it, of course, it is Love.  That is the foundation, the basis for it all.  Ho’oponopono is alive and practiced everywhere.  Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.  Those are the messages of Living Lemuria, Beloved Ones, Lemuria Now, Lemuria.  The Loving Lifestyle of Lemuria.  It is alive.  It is within each and every one of us.  It is our mission, our joy and our purpose to bring this lifestyle, to breath our Love into it, to bring it forth, that all may learn in every aspect of life there is a new way of being with each other, of loving, of living, of sharing and caring.  And it is happy and joyful, there is learning, there is wisdom, there is abundance and as you proceed into the Lifestyle even more, you will find that there are things which there are not. Money becomes unneeded.  Egos are asleep and finding joy and peace for the first time ever in the humans.  And there is no need for any kind of trampling on anyone in order to get ahead or to gain power.  Everyone is on the same wavelength.  Everyone is rejoicing and celebrating the One We All Are, while at the same time everyone is honored for their own individualities, their gifts, their missions, their paths. 

"This, Beloved Ones, is Lemuria Now, this is what we are together to bring forth, so breathe it in even more into your beings, and keep these visions and the Love and the sacredness of them, all within your hearts, never hidden, and always in the communications that you put forth from your own divine beings, from your sacredness.  Be One, Lemurians We Are, together.  Together in witness and co-creation of the grandest homecoming ever seen in the universe.  Thank you, Beloved Ones, for co-creating this vision with us.  As One we have created it, as individual family members, it is for you to share.  Remember always that We Are One.  Remember always the sacredness of our mission.  We are always with you and you are always with us in our hearts, so please do accept the roses of Kumara as a keepsake for you to always remind you of that which we have brought forth to Planet Earth, and of that which we shall continue to empower so that as the vibrations of the planet rise more and more, those upon the Ascension path will step literally into the Loving Lemurian Lifestyle.  And so it is.   I bid you all Namaste!"

The teleconference ended with What A Wonderful World sung by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I

Transcribed by Deborah Urquhart.

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