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Sekhmet: All Are Winners!
Sekhmet addressing the April 20, 2010 teleconference:

"Well I guess I'm all ready, I have been waiting in the wings you know.  It is I, Sekhmet, come to enlighten and enliven this gathering and we shall have a special request.  I want to thank Jean and John for seconding my request as it were, and we are going to get to the dance, but we want to add some observations here.

"That was most powerful, Beloved Ones, and you know that this is a time for everyone to get feeling their power, their empowerment, their joy and it's a time to share.  There are so many ways to share.  This gathering has been yet another high-vibrational experience for sharing the healing of the planet.  You know I have a little bit to do with healing here and there.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my past, as you call it, I was in charge of healing in ancient Egypt, that is I worked with the doctors, the physicians as they were called, and the priests, and there were a few who were high priests and physicians.  Nevertheless, I worked with all of you who came through the rigorous training program.    And some of you are here in this audience and this is most delightful.

"And for those of you who weren't, just imagine coming to the Lion Temple where I, Sekhmet, do classes, workshops you call them.  Well, we didn't call them workshops exactly, we called them initiations and preparation for initiation ceremonies and rites, and they were tough, they were rigorous.  Well, I am engaged right now in working with various ones who have been recalled, as it were, to live now in bodies upon the planet.  And a major, major part of what we do is honoring the planet, that is Mother Earth, Mother Gaia.  That is a lovely name 'Gaia,' is that not lovely, it just rolls right over my tongue, and it is delightful.  And we work with all of the kingdoms.  Yes you know about sacred animals in Egypt history/herstory, but there are sacred animals everywhere, in fact, if you want to get down to it, all animals are sacred.  All life is sacred, plants, minerals.  There is a great fusion occurring, a great bonding, a coming together of all of these kingdoms, and this is absolutely necessary for the continuing evolvement of the planet.

"The exercise* that you just did has already been felt and is being responded to by all of the kingdoms as you programmed it, so to speak, with a little help, but that is OK.  We are here to partner with you and we want this made very clear.  Now you may have heard some stories about me being a fierce warrior.  I would like to mention that I do have my kittenish ways, however I do have my army of Paschat warriors and they are in your service, Beloved Ones, and in the service of all who are helping to bring about this grand passage of Planet Earth.  It is like going through a portal you know, this transition into the Golden Age.  Very much like going through a portal.  First you are on one side and then in an instant you are on the other side, and all of these announcements have taken place.  And here we are with all of our great technology and healing modalities, and here you are ready to greet us and partner with us and do your mission's next phase. 

"But for now, we are here partnering and giving information about how to help facilitate and come together to create various forms of healing.  And we started with Mother Earth, Mother Gaia and Father Sky as is appropriate, most appropriate.  How can you, in your human bodies, hope to transform it into the crystalline state which is, of course, your preparation for your Ascension, unless your atmosphere around you, the ground you walk upon, the waters you bathe in and take into your bodies, and all that you eat and drink, with blessings of course for all who brought them to you, and so on.   How can you heal your bodies if all that is around you and all that you surround yourselves with and bring into your shelters and into your bodies, they are not pure and cleansed.  So we made a great impression tonight.  We had impact, in a joyful and compassionate kind of way.  

"So now we are going to ask you to continue sending your Love as we did in Family, but also to put  that love beam right on to yourselves, to bring in whatever gifts you are using and amp them up to a little higher and higher and higher.  You don't have to do it all at once, sometimes people go a little overboard and ask for everything, you know the whole enchilada all at once.  Beloved Ones, you are not going to be in your human body with its density and in your crystalline body in the next moment.  Not yet anyway. That's going a bit too fast right now.  So take stock.  Do some testing.  Find out what kind of healing vibrations your body, all of your bodies, would most welcome.  And then get on it.  You have those capabilities, you have all kinds of resources available to you.  If you choose to go to somebody with letters after their name, fabulous decision.  If you choose to go to somebody who might be termed a little bit more out there, fabulous decision.  If you choose to turn to yourself, maybe your guidance team, fabulous decision.

"Use your discernment like Ashtar was talking about, and get yourselves ready.  Ready, oh yes.  You have great missions.  You are in sequential flow.  The missions that we have been accomplishing in our Family gatherings, are all having an effect upon the entire planet and the universe beyond.  Don't doubt it.  Each one of you is empowered probably beyond your present belief system, but nevertheless you are empowered, to make things happen.  Utilize that empowerment and then as you've heard before, when we come together, you are empowered exponentially.  So get together in your groups.  Get together in your dream times, in your meditations, in your prayers.  Join with others of like mind and high vibrations, and if there is someone who seems to be a bit down in the dumpies as Ashtar says, help them, help them.  There is a wondrous story that might have been told before but we are going to tell it again, 'cause we got the floor.

"You have an institution, a program in your society which is called the Special Olympics.  Several years ago as you reckon time, there was a group of special Olympian athletes who gathered together to start a race, a running race, and there they were on the track and the starting gun went off.  They had all been training.  They had all been so excited about this day, and they all each one of them knew they were going to win this race, right?  So off they went - beloved, beloved courageous humans.  Such spirit.  And, by the way, those that need special help, are very spiritually connected.  They just might move a bit slowly.

"But these racers started off and in the middle of the race one of them stumbled and fell.  Now you won't see this very often in the reality of 3D Olympics you know.  But these were the Special Olympics and these were special athletes.  They realized that one had fallen on that race track.  Every single one of them went backward and went to the one who had fallen and extended their hands.  When that one had gotten up, shaken off the dust with hugs and joy, they joined hands and walked together to that finish line.  Ah, even I, Sekhmet, am having a moment.  Beloved Ones, that's who we are.  We are all winners, we are all champions, we are all here to help each other.  That is the greatest healing message.  You exemplify it, you live it.  And so it is.

"I, Sekhmet, and all here present salute each and every one of you as we join together our hearts in Love.  And so let's just take a moment to hug each other and give each other the Joy of coming to the finish line together.  Even though we might be approaching the finish line of this program, it is just the beginning for our Family and for our Love, for the Joy that we share on Planet Earth and beyond.  Kudos to all and congratulations!  Give yourselves a round of applause.  I, Sekhmet, shall say 'Namaste' for this portion of the program but I am going to hang around.  So get your dancing shoes on or your clapping hands, whatever, because here is my personal favorite.   It is really an honoring of all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, even though it focuses upon one particular member.  So thanks to those of you, keep those cards and letters coming in as they say, or the Emails because this was the vote for the ending dance of this gathering.  My personal favorite.  I got my dancing partner here - he's a little taller than you might think a froggie should be.  So I, Sekhmet, say to all of you grand wondrous members of Family, Namaste, let's get the tunes rolling."   

© Susan Leland 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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