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St Germain: 

Ashtar on the Road Teleconference 10-4-11

"Good evening.  It is I, St Germain, and I am honored and overjoyed to be here in this company of Family once more!  And yes you have heard the news, as it were, and you know how much is going on everywhere on this wonderful Planet Earth. And you know that I am here, indeed, with a particularly joyful mission and it is to inspire the members of the kingdom of humanity to move, to make great strides, as it were, upon their paths to Ascension.

"And yes, it is to inspire those who want to keep humanity on a lower path and in the boxes that they have contrived through their lies and deceits and their wars and all of the weapons that they have used.  It is to inspire them to come forward into the light to stop fighting in the shadows.  It is to inspire them to open their hearts to love and to stop hating.  Believe it, Beloved Ones, when I tell you that for most of them, the ones they hate the most are themselves, and the parents who have brought them into the world to serve the dark.

"And so it is that there is a new wind blowing, and it is the wind of change, and it is empowered by these wondrous energies which are coming to the Planet.  And it is enhanced and moved forward by the work of the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters and your angels and guides, and yes, even the members of the other kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and by Mother Gaia herself.  This is indeed joyful!

"But we understand that at the moment when you look out upon the scene you see chaos, you see starvation, wars, people losing their homes everyday in record numbers, people without any kind of employment so as to earn the dollars they need to just maintain themselves and their families. That is a slice that is somewhat frozen on the timeline because it is your now moment. We see before, we see after, we see now, and we tell you that we have an opportunity to move the timelines forward in what you might call an upward manner.

"That is why we are so excited here, that is why Ashtar spoke with such great passion to you, and why I, St Germain, feel the fire, the flame of Freedom! Freedom from all that you might be perceiving in this moment that you want to see changed, it is done in your next moments.  And as Ashtar told you, the NESARA Announcement** is the key.

"As you may already know, I myself, that is, the sprit I AM, helped to inspire the words, the concepts, the freedoms that NESARA gives to all, and it is not just for the United States of America, but it is for the United States of America and President Obama to lead the way.  And even though President Obama has, like others, seemed to be following along the programs and agendas of the ones who wear the dark hats, be not mistaken, he is a Master of Light. He stands for Freedom and his expressions are of Love, but he has, of necessity, allowed these ones to come forward to show themselves so that everyone could understand their true agendas and the programs.  That is why the Indigos have responded by moving onto Wall Street, because they know the heart of darkness is there.  It exists in other places, too, that we are clearing.

"It is to bring to the attention of the world, not just what these ones have done -that is already out there - but to bring to the attention of the world the fact that now is the time for the people to rise up, to call forth the changes.  Now, most of them do not know about NESARA, they do not know about it in their consciousness, and that is why we are asking you, Beloved Ones, to help them by emailing,*** by joining this Facebook gathering,**** and yes, by marching with them or standing with them and showing them and telling them that the solution exists.  It has been withheld from the people all these years - ITS TIME IS NOW!!!

"And so, Beloved Ones, what could be more appropriate for this gathering than that we go and stand together with these ones in the street of the Wall - they are there.  And it is for us to go and be with them and shower them with our loving support, or encouragement, and yes, our thanks.  And to invite others to come and to thank them for coming and being on the way, to open the doors wide on Wall Street, and everywhere, in this country and beyond.  Yes, the neighbors in Canada are already joining, and it is for the world to join in.  And it is to send the message loud and clear to Obama, 'Yes we are ready, yes, we welcome the changes that must be made, and by the way, we know about the answers, the solutions!'

"So here we are, Beloved Ones, in this grand gathering of Family. The violet flame is with us and surrounds us, and the golden white light of the Christ is here, and yes, the blue ray of Truth, and we are all here together.  And it is for us to join our hands and our hearts. Welcome your beloved guides and angels, welcome the Masters and your starseed families and the magical kingdoms, not seen by everyone, but nevertheless a part of Planet Earth. The Divas and the spirits of the land, the Fairies and the Elementals, and yes, welcome the kingdoms of the Plants and the Animals and the Crystals, because they, too, are waiting for this grand event, this Announcement, this implementation, this moving forward.  It will be like a rocket ship for everyone on the Ascension path!

"So let us gather around in our circle of Love, and let us hold out our hands, put your children, your grandchildren in the middle of the circle because this is the beginning for them and they know, and they know that Love empowers the changes, these wondrous ones.  And let us travel up into higher dimensionality, the Christ Consciousness, 5th dimension. And let us bring all of us together, holding hands, joined in loving hearts.

"And now let us look down upon that place called Wall Street.  We are directly above it and there is no cloud anywhere to obscure our view, and let us look at the bright faces there, and yes, some are weary but see the Lights, see the Indigo colors. And for those who are perhaps of the older generation see the violet in their auras, the Peace, the Love, and see all of the colors, the colors of action, the colors of creativity, the colors of healing, the colors of the Christ Consciousness.

"And now, let us reach to them and let us tell them, ‘We bring you great tidings, we bring you answers, solutions, and Peace on Earth.  Let the violet light, the ray of transmutation, of transformation, enter into all hearts in this wondrous gathering and let it open the hearts to know - yes, yes you are doing it, change is happening!  Yes, we stand here now with you, we lift you up to meet us in higher vibration, in loving Oneness.  We stand with you in service, we add our voices to yours and We Are One Together, welcoming the changes that our connections are inspiring and creating even now.’

"Let that violet light flow everywhere, and now call forth the blue ray of Truth to accompany it so that these ones will have the guidance already that yes, NESARA really is the answer!!! And it is to stand tall and fast on Wall Street and on all the other Wall Streets across the country and beyond, and to raise voices together and know that it is working, that it is the call to Freedom and the call to Abundance for all, and yes, Justice, Compassionate Justice, and that this is getting it done!!!

"More and more will be called to come and join with these wondrous ones, and it is to be with them in our hearts, in our minds, and yes, in our highest vibrations so that together, they feel the lifting up, the empowering, that we bring to them, Beloved Ones, Family, together.  And that they know that success is ordained because it is the Divine Birthright of all that this be done.  It is time to change the timelines, and indeed they are changing.  And it is time to bring forth the high vibrations from which this NESARA was created!!!

"And yes there is a being who stands in representation in the higher dimensionalities and we call her Lady NESARA.  Now see her step forward into the middle of our circle, our circle that includes all of these wondrous ones in the streets who have joined with us and we with them.  And let us just beam our Love beams at Lady NESARA and thank her for being with us.  And here is Lady Liberty at her side and let us thank her, too, because NESARA needs the Freedom to be announced.  We, Beloved Ones, are inspiring that Freedom by calling it forth into the reality that most people on the planet still see as being located in the third dimension - but it is rising!

"And there will be so much more information, and so many more will wake up and they, themselves will get upon the path to Ascension because there will be Freedom worldwide to say it’s time to wake up.  That which you know in some part of your being but have not connected with yet, now is the time for the connection.  It all comes with the Freedom, the Abundance and the Love that NESARA brings to the world.

"So let us be joyful together, let us dance with these ones, let us sing with them, and let us be totally in Joy, because we see the vision and we know that the world is coming into the high vibrations and the healing that Christ Consciousness creates, because now We Are Indeed One - One consciousness, One heart, One Love.  Just feel the Love, just float in the Love - hugs all around!  Hug these ones in the streets who have joined with us, hug each other, Beloved Ones, hug us - we hug you - and hug yourselves!!!

"Thank your wondrous beings, your hearts of Love, your knowing and your inspirations for being One With All and for being a shower of the way, a beamer of the Light of Love.  Remember always that you came to this place, that you participated and that you were a part of this gathering and of our joining with the ones who are standing out in the cold, raising their voices to make the changes, and calling forth a better, brighter world!!!

"And now we have the roses of Kumara.  Standing with me is my brother Sananda and his Beloved Marys - his Mother Mary and his Beloved Mary Magdeline.  Come forward now and accept the roses of Kumara.  They are most special, for they tell of your presence here in this gathering of Freedom, of Light and of Love.  Let the roses come into your hearts and remain there always, so that you, Beloved Ones, will always shine forth the bright Lights of us together, One, in mission accomplished!  And so it is. Namaste!"


"Well, that was huge!  It is I, Sekhmet.  I always like to get a word in. So I'm going to remind you to look for the emails, go to the websites,***** sign the petition,** get those flyers out,****** get those emails out!***  Action-action-action!!!  We're with you - in all of it.  And we're going to get it done, and we're going to have such Joy to the World!  Ah, yes, well - I'm going to go dance with Froggy because I see what has been accomplished here already, and we'll have a lot more Joy to the World coming - stay tuned! Namaste!"

*      The transcript of Ashtar's message will be published

**     The National Economic Security and Reformation Act - sign the White House

        petition to get it announced!  See links below.

***   http://www.wethepeopleforpeace.org/default.html 



****  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashtar-On-The-Road/181825795227386?sk=wall

***** www.WethePeopleforPeace.org


****** http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/f/Nesara_flyer_10-5-11.pdf


Transcription by Brian Coe

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