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St Germain: Take Command!
Ashtar on the Road Teleconference
March 12, 2013

"I am St Germain, and I am honored to be here with you all!  And it is that I have a most special message to you. For I can see that it will be of great assistance and facilitation to you to hear the simple message that I am here to give.  And yes, as Beloved Ashtar has said, I bring you the violet ray, and it is yours to use. I invite you to use it in accompaniment of what I have to give to you in this moment.  Now, let me take you back a way:

"It is not to immerse yourselves in the energies, but it is to be what is called the Compassionate Observer of a time when I was very much in the body of Count St Germain upon Planet Earth in Europe, most particularly, in the country of France. There was a great division - the very division that those who wish to control you in the countries of the United States and Canada, and Western Europe, would like to have today, only it was more pronounced.

"The division was of the classes, as they were called. The poor were very poor, often starving.  And they received horrendous punishments if they tried to have even a loaf of bread.  There was recently a movie which pointed that out, and the movie was well named – Les Miserables.  That was true conditions in the country of France, and indeed, many of the countries in Europe and in other parts of the world.

"There was a small elite group - they were the nobility, and they claimed 'Divine Right' to rule the people.  The Truth of it was that it was not Mother/Father God who gave them that right.  It was they themselves, and they called it 'Divine.'  They were supported by the church in order to have everything that they could possibly have in the way of lands and wealth.  Yes, there was a small group of what you call the middle class and there were some thinkers and well-educated among them.

"Then came the day when the people could stand no more.  They did what you call the storming of the Bastille, which was a mob riot.  They freed the prisoners there, whether they had been imprisoned justly or not, and they set up what you call a mob rule.  And they rounded up - starting with the royal family - they rounded up all of the nobility they could find, and a lot of times there were mistaken identities and they even ended up sending one of their most inspired leaders to the guillotine.

"They were thirsty for blood and vengeance and revenge.  There was no Love, Compassion, Forgiveness or Gratitude there.  There was only the demands of the mob. 'Demand' is a word whose beginning means 'out of,' or 'away from.'  Think about that. They did not do what they did because they were divinely inspired. They did what they did because they were very 3D humans. They were demanding because they did not have that connection!

"They didn’t realize that everyone was Divine so they sorted themselves out and put themselves on the top of the heap to punish those who had been there previously.  Along came Napoleon, and these senseless killings ceased in favor of war and another kind of a power and control drama which took place, and so on and so on.  I was there, I tried to council the king and queen to be more merciful, to be more compassionate, to be more caring about their people.  Marie’s response to me was 'Let them eat cake,'  meaning, 'If they don’t have any bread let them eat cake!' Where would they get cake?  You know.  No Compassion there, just demands.  First, the demands of those on the top as the nobility, and then the demands of those who displaced the nobility and ran things.

"We are in a New Age.  We’re in a Golden Age!  It’s here and available to all who command it!!!  Command starts with the word meaning 'with.'  It means all of us together, Beloved Ones!  It means coming together with Mother/Father God, it means coming together with that part of you which you have been so programmed over these eons of time to forget is even you, and that is your Divine Being.  That is who you really are!  We are One in Divine Sovereign Freedom!!!

"And so it is for you to command, and it is rightful and righteous that you do so, because you are acknowledging your own Divinities when you do so!  Remember that you can call forth, or command the violet ray to assist you if you choose to do so. This is for all.  It is time, as you measure it!

"And for those of you who say, 'Well, we thought we were going to have NESARA and all of this abundance and all of these things that you have been talking about a long time now,' let us say this: it has taken the transmutations, the transformations, the incoming energies, and enough of the voices of all of us as One to command that these things come into manifest reality upon Planet Earth.  But we will say, command in this now moment, and so it shall be, because it’s all there!

"When you command, you are calling forth that which you are Divinely Entitled to receive.  So remember to command!!!  Yes, look in the mirror and see yourselves as royalty if that assists you, because that’s how we see you, Beloved Ones.  You are Divine Sovereign Beings and it is for you to command what you choose to bring forth into your World - the Golden Age, with the Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude which exists there. In so doing you are actively participating in the Mission we all have together, which we agreed to long and far away, which of course, is the Ascension of Planet Earth into the Golden Age Lifestyle - and beyond!

"Remember to command!!!  If someone demands something of you, it is 3D energy.  Love it, call in the violet ray and command that it transmute to a higher level of being or be gone forever from your fields.  And so it is - NESARA and all that it brings, which is way beyond money - it has to do with validating, or verifying, these things of which I speak.  It has to do with restoring everyone’s Sovereign Freedom.  It has to do with rolling out the red carpet onto the Golden Age Path for those who are not yet awake enough to be aware of it!

"So command that all of these things come forth for Planet Earth! Raise your voices with Sovereign and Divine Commands and know that, as together in our Oneness, we are transmuting all that has gone before which is of low vibration into the very Highest Realms of Light and Love and Peace on Earth!!! I thank you so much, Beloved Family, for allowing me to bring this message to you!

"I only invite you further to take it into your Hearts, along with the violet ray and the energy that it brings to you.  We honor you and we thank you for all of the lives you’ve lived, for all of the hardships and the heartaches that you have endured, and most of all, for being here in this wondrous moment on the timeline of Planet Earth!!!  And so it is - Namaste!"

St Germain was followed by Sekhmet's favorite song, Let Us Remember to Dance, by Lei'ohu Ryder.  She then led a powerful Crystal Exercise, which you can hear and participate in here: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/sekhmet-I-Command-3-12.html

Transcribed by Brian Coe.
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