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St Germain: Exercise for Healing 9/11 *

September 6, 2011 Ashtar Teleconference

"Greetings! It is I, St. Germain, come on this most auspicious occasion, for it is I, indeed, who inspired not one, but two countries within a close proximity of time as you measure it, to stand in the Light and yes, the Love of Freedom.To bring forth ideals and publish them and yes, fight for them, so that these ideals could be grounded and anchored, even though these two countries of the United States of America and France did not, and have not, always adhered to these ideals.

"And in the name of various institutions, there have been a great deal of lies told and manipulations of the people of these countries and indeed of the entire World, because these countries have affected, and there are others who have impacted upon, the entire World.  But it has been the leaders, the ones in power, the churches, the governments and yes, the holders of the wealth, the bankers, and the - what has been referred to as the 'nobility' - in some of the countries.  And they have been wanting to hang on to their wealth and they have committed genocides, and individual assassinations.  And you know them, and you know particularly of the ones in the wars, and in the United States of America there have been several, and you know who they are, indeed you heard one speak of them the last time this group was together.**

"And so it is that we are coming together now to say it is time, and the great unraveling of all of the lies that have been told is gaining momentum here in this Gathering, as we do this Exercise together.It will have, as you measure time, great impact upon the continuing exponentially increasing unravelings of all of the lies which have been told, and this is how to achieve the Freedoms which I, St Germain, with the entire Company of what you call the Lighted Higher Dimensionalities, inspired in those few who stood forth and started the new era based upon the principles which is the image, most particularly, of the United States of America.

"But this is for the entire Planet Earth, below, on and above. And this is for the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe beyond, that we stand here together in solemn sacred Ceremony of Healing, because the Truth of it is that 9/11 sent out shockwaves of fear. Even if the consciousness came together and raised in loving Oneness, the outgrowth, the opportunities that 9/11 presented to those who wanted to further enslave the Planet were numerous.  And yes, they were capitalized upon in many, many dark ways.  And so it is to heal the hurt and the pain, it is to use the Violet Ray to transmute those lower vibrations into the high vibrations of Love, which of course, is a method of Healing.And so we shall begin:

"Let us breathe in the Love we are.  Let us breathe in the Joy we are.Let us breathe in Truth, because Truth in it’s purest form is Love!  It is high-vibrational, high-dimensional, unconditional Love.  It is appreciation and Gratitude, yes to those who participated in whatever way to putting forth any kind of a lie, so that it could be transmuted into high vibrational Truth.  It is not selfish, in that it is not designed to give any one being, or any one group of beings or political party or group of wealthy people or whatever, an advantage over anyone else.Truth is simply to shine its bright Light.  So let the Love bring the Truth into your hearts, your wisdom eyes, indeed the totality of all of your energy fields, so beautiful, so radiant, so forgiving, and so grateful that we have this opportunity to stand together joined in Oneness, and with the great Truth shining!!!  And let us give all new meaning to the event called 9/11.

"Let us take the Violet Ray, each and every one of us, and overlay the lies of 9/11 with the Violet Ray, and let it penetrate through to the very, very center of those lies.  And see it radiate out, beautiful sparkles of Light.  See it take all that is dark and turn it to beautiful, sparkling, Violet Light and everywhere, everywhere we send it, every lie, every distortion, is transmuted by that Violet Light, and is now shining Truth!  

"And let us send that shining Truth out to everyone on Planet Earth, and let us have those who have left their bodies on that day, come and join.Let us put them in the center of our circle, and let their Lights join with ours, and let their Joy be expressed to all of us, as they see the lies being transmuted into Truth!!!  And let them join with us and send their Light, now accompanying this Truth.  Let it join with us and We Are Now All One, and let us send this loving Truth with Gratitude and Forgiveness, to all upon the Planet, to the families and the friends of these beautiful ones in the center of our circle to whom we send our thanks for the sacrifices they made,  so that some day, one day, we would stand here together and transmute all of the lies into Truth, shining.  And know that some who were thought to have left their bodies are joining with us now, coming from the ships.The ships, yes, that we took them onto.  And yes there are some reunions going on now as Truth comes to those who were missing their loved ones.

"And as they are realizing the Truth, those who left their bodies, and those who did not, have been living on, and let them feel this coming together.And let everyone see 9/11 as being on a stage that was created for so many reasons, and the greatest reason of all is the opportunity that it gives the World to heal for all times,that the World may move on its path. And see the Violet Light sparkling and encompassing, and the messages of Truth and of Love going out now.Look down upon the Planet if you wish, and feel that Lovelight, that beautiful, beautiful sparkling Light of transmutation and high vibration Love encompassing the entire Planet with Healing, and feel the Peace that this brings to the hearts of all, and feel the consciousness acknowledging and rising up into Oneness.The consciousness of the Planet, those who are awake, those who are asleep, and those who are just now waking, is coming together as One, One Great Truth, One Great Love, shining,and that, Beloved Ones, is who we are!!!

"And that is our mission and that is our Love, and that is our Healing that we have offered from our hearts, from our beings to the entire Planet, so that as the day of 9/11 comes, the Truth and the transmutational Lavender Ray, the Violet Light, shines upon all in this moment and all to come, so that as the lies are revisited or republished , the Truth that we have put out on the Violet Ray, transmutes the lies in the hearts and the knowing of the people, so that all may know that was the story that was told, and the Truth now shines forth, transmuting all the lies and the intended fears into a great Oneness of Love and Joy.The Truth indeed frees Planet Earth even more to continue on its Ascension path which is lit only with Love!!!

"And so we thank you, Beloved Ones for being here, for being One with us and for knowing that all is well, all is divine, and the Truth shines forth as never before in the history/herstory of Planet Earth.  And so it is.Namaste."

(Note from Ashtar: "Greetings, Beloveds! You can send this Exercise out and participate in it, whether or not the date of 9/11 has passed on your calendars. Just state your intent to join in the Oneness of it, and so it shall be! Blessings and thanks to all! Salut!")



"We are still in the glow with you!This is I, Sekhmet - you know I have a lot to do with Healing.  And, Beloved Ones, this Exercise has freed millions upon the planet to stay in high vibration and not to drop into the old dark agenda of fear, even though they are going to try with their various remembrances as they want it told.Stand tall, Beloved Ones, keep your courage always, and know that we have done it. Together, One We Are!Namaste!"


** JFK http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/jfk_eternal_torch_passed.html

***  Joan Baez - Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 


Transcription by Deborah Urquhart

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