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St.Germain:It's Happening

St. Germain addressing the December 1, 2009 teleconference:

"Greetings to all in this beloved company.  I am St. Germain and I am here to tell you my bank is open.  We are at the moment working with the various governments and their departments to be sure that the gold, the real gold, not the fake gold, is properly, fairly and evenly distributed and made available to back the new currencies which are printed. Some are already in circulation, some are in safe and secure storage places.  There is more than enough gold now on Planet Earth to carry forward with the distribution of abundance.  We know that you have been waiting a long time for this to happen, as you measure time. You must understand that compared to the history of the planet, it is but the blink of an eye or less.  Nevertheless, it is real and it is happening, and I echo what beloved Ashtar has said to you, it is you, you family, and the Lightworkers of Planet Earth who are all family under the sun we are, who have called this forth, who have said, 'Enough!  We choose freedom, we choose abundance, we choose to revive the ways of Lemuria, the ancient ways that are so appreciated now and so welcomed now,' loving, caring and sharing with each other across the planet and soon, very soon, Beloved Ones, beloved citizens, very soon with your neighbors throughout the galaxy and beyond.  It is all coming about.  You may have heard that there are technologies waiting, even machines waiting, cars and other means of travel which are self-sustaining and non-polluting.  This is true.  You may have heard that there are medical advances, miracles you can call them, compared to what you have now that you know about that is contained within the traditional system of the West.   And there are those who understand these technologies and who are ready to stand forth and make themselves known to you, to use them, to help you to create your own wellness, balance, perfect health, and yes, rejuvenation. 


"You may have heard that there are ways to clean up that which remains to be cleaned up in the air, the water, the soil of Mother Earth.  This is true.  We are here and we are already utilizing these technologies on your behalf because you have welcomed us to do so.  You have asked us to free you from the pollutions and the poisons that have been spread over, on and below your planet by those who sought only to gain in power and wealth from so doing.  The clean up has begun because you have welcomed it.  We could not do any of these things and even more that we are prepared to do without you, Beloved Ones, calling it forth.  You have literally been the creators of these changes, and as I look out upon this audience, my heart overflows with joy.  Feel the lavender light, welcome it - the Blue Violet Flame.  I share it with you in infinite quantities.  It is yours to use whenever you choose to do so.  I, St. Germain, am your Brother and I AM with you always in love and in honoring of you.  Even though I am quite busy these days with all of these meetings which, by the way, are going wonderfully well, and in some cases even accelerating the timelines for the sequential flow of events, I am with all of you.  I welcome your invitation to come in and be a part of your beings.  I am ecstatic when you call forth the Violet Flame to use for the highest of purposes and with respect and love and I AM One with You. 


"We are One in this grand adventure.  I, too, have had lifetimes here - you may have heard of some of them.  I, too, have been in preparation for this very moment just like you have, and I am here to assure you that the experiences that you have had, no matter how painful they may have been, have been a treasure, because it has brought you to this point.  Indeed your experiences are priceless because it has prepared you for this coming together and this moving ahead into the Golden Age or what you call Ascension completed.   There is nothing that can stop you now unless you choose to stop yourselves.  There is nothing that will stop the forward motion of Planet Earth into Ascension status.  You have heard that those who are not ready will have another way of existence or will be removed, but you, Beloved Ones, have spoken.  You may not even be consciously aware that the sorting hat was put upon your head and you chose Ascension, but you did. 


"So stand tall, hold hands, hug each other and say to your brothers and sisters on this journey, 'Well done, Beloveds, well done!'  You all deserve medals, only we call them lights.  You all have the colors of Ascension in your fields and you can opt out if you choose, but we encourage you to stay along for the ride.  The freedom train is where you belong and perhaps we should say the freedom ship.  Enjoy the ride.  Honor yourselves, take care of yourselves, help others with compassion, compassionate loving, and stand tall in your lights.  Greet yourselves every morning or whenever you arise from your slumbers.   Take time out to greet each other even during the busy times of your days, and come back and be with us fully as you prepare for your needed rest.  Come aboard if you wish.  You have earned it Commanders, you have earned it, beloved brothers and sisters of the light and we salute you as us.  We are indeed One and the greatest adventure this universe has ever seen.  Thank you for being here in this company.  Thank you for being who you are.  And thank you for being One with the All That We Are.  Namaste."


Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.  Blue Spiral Stargate over Norway December 9, 2009 from a photo by Jan Peller Jorgensen.

© Susan Leland 2009.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.