Tara & Rama 12 Feb 2013

Tara: So, Greetings everybody! Rama: Greetings!

Tara: I hope you weren't surprised that he [President Obama] hit it out of the ballpark again! Oh my heavenly days! He didn't leave one stone unturned tonight everybody, not one stone unturned. A few little details that have nothing to do with him - he covered it in a different way. You know that one hundred percent of all the drone strikes are on Hillary's watch, just to get that straight, and he started off by saying that we're calling our folks home from Afghanistan.

Rama: Thirty-four thousand troops!

Tara: Right now! And again then he said 4,000 troops every three months until the end of 2014, that's what he says now. You know he didn't say that he was 'gonna bring thirty-four thousand troops home until 2013 in the first place. And don't be surprised that all kinds of things can change. Don't forget that Dr. Keshe has the ability to stop all bullets, all bullets, knows how to absorb all explosive and gun powder material back into the etheric plane, from all guns, all explosives, including nuclear misqualified energy, meaning fission type, so this is a done deal.


Now the other thing is that, he can also precipitate from the etheric gaseous state, gold, instantly, unlimitedly. And so let's get used to this idea. 'Ya know, we're talking about going to a gold standard again. Tom Hartmann has been talking about [the fact that] we aren't on the gold standard, in which he's correct, and he says, “Therefore, unlike the European Union, where they're subject to something that's not theirs, we can print unlimited funds." That's true, but there is a young man named St. Germain that's in the middle of all this Folks, and Dr. Keshe is his right hand man right now.


And so we can create unlimited funds with gold backing, in unlimited source, for the highest good of all concerned, period. We're going to, we're moving out of "I believe," which means anything goes, 'ya know, whether it's science, got the number everybody, or not. We're moving out of that Piscean phrase to the Aquarian Enlightenment stage, where we say, “I know,” and what we know is the Truth, and the Truth is setting us free as we speak. And El Morya has been over-lighting Barack Obama from the beginning of his days as he came out of that womb of his Mother.


And his Mother and his Grandmother as Sufi's knew the whole thing, and he learned the "eight-fold path" backwards, forwards, upside down, and inside out, all through his childhood and upbringing. And there is a Master walking amongst us, at least one. And all the rest of us, 'ya know, we are the ones that will push him, and obviously he doesn't need much pushing, after tonight.


Tom Hartmann outlined something; it was very funny and cool tonight, on his first part of his afternoon three hour stint, and then on the first part of his other hour on Big Picture. He acted like he was the President, and he gave his own State of the Union Address. He addressed four categories: communications, the intellectual aspect of our being, the energy aspect of our being, and the transportation aspect of our being. Barack Obama didn't miss a beat. He covered it all. I couldn't say it better. That being said, there's also next week in Congress. There is going to be an introduction of the “We The People Amendment” into Congress.

Rama: That's right!


Tara: And this is being announced today on the Tom Hartmann Show by Kaitland Sopoci-Belknap, and she is the National Field Director for Move to Amend.org. And she states that: “All corporations' constitutional rights need to be fully rolled back, and ended!” which literally means it ends “fascism” in our county, permanently, end of story. And then she said, “Two hundred and sixty thousand people are active participants in this campaign, right now, active.” And she said, “Move to Amend within that concept; it is not enough to change Citizen's United. We are going back to the founding principles.”


And guess who told them to sign that document called the Declaration of Independence? Yes, the same young man, St. Germain. And he said, I'll be back, sign it. Be quiet and do it! It took them four months to get them to do it, but they did. And I hope we don't take another second, you know, meandering around trying to figure out who we are. We better know by now. OK, and then Rama last, what was that three days ago now, you talked to Helen Thomas, right?

Rama: That's right. Tara: Do you want to say something about what she said?

Rama: She talked about the fact that after NESARA the Palestinian land will ...

Tara: Be Palestinian land again.

Rama: That's correct.

Tara: And there will be no more Israel as a state, and because they stole it in the first place, and when we say "they," we're talking about the UN as a sinister force behind the scenes.

Rama: This will become a one state solution, because it always was called the State of Palestine.


Tara: And the thing that she was pointing out is that, and Tom the Ringtail Cat was with her by the way. She was pointing out that Gordon Duff, who wrote this article, was on the money, for a change, you know. This is Faction Two. There were some things that were kind of strange at the end, but the point he said is [in] the name of the article: “Obama to Israel: Relations with Iran will be Normalized!” This is the most important thing in the history of this whole story!


And he quotes, he says, “With an increasing acceptance of an alternative historical context, one where the quote, unquote, “war on terror” was well to have been a construct of manipulation by global forces dedicated to insure chaos and entropy, and the old concepts of post cold war alignment, and they no longer hold. And what Barack Obama does when he goes to Israel, he's 'gonna be wearing the pants. I mean he always has, but Netanyahu has nothing to say basically. He's 'gonna be told that, 'ya know, we will help you with your little shields, if you're worried, but Iran is going to get, all of their sanctions are 'gonna be lifted. Iran is going to be treated with respect and dignity, and this operation will be quelled, anything of a sinister mode will be quelled with the arrests.


And the arrests that Helen Thomas said, massive, massive arrests. No, nothing else, end of story; she wouldn't be nailed down to a time. She just said, “I am not at liberty to say when arrested. I can just say you can know how, and you will see when Barack Obama gets up there and speaks, how the bear sleeps in the woods and how this is going to go.” And then Netanyahu, his Likud Party and all participants in this horrific genocide, ecocide, war crimes, murder, crimes against humanity, money laundering, arms dealing, drug running, sex slavery, prostitution, and you know if that sounds familiar, she said that they will be arrested, and they will be tried, convicted, and I'm sorry to say, “He who has lived by the sword shall die by the sword," and they shall be executed. And this will happen in like kind for the entire cabal of the world, including ours, who align with such an ugly doctrine of genocide, and all the other things that go with it.


OK, then today on the Ed Show, there were three major whistle blowers on there, and starting off with Adam Green. Adam Green represents the far left, and then Michael Moore, and Naomi Wolf. And Michael started out, and Ed started the call off with saying: “What is your wish list? Do you want to know what Barack Obama might wish to say?”


And Michael started off, and he didn't quite say this, but you know what he did say indicates that anybody that did this other thing aren't included in the plan. And Michael said, number one, I want him to call for all war criminals, and that it's time to be arrested, and that the crimes that our criminals have made, starting off with 9/11, be held accountable, and head for the Hague.


And then he asked these questions: “Why did Gabby Gifford get shot? Why did the young people, all people in the Aurora Theater get shot? Why did the people in the Sandy Hook children's school get shot, why did they get shot in Bowling for Columbine? And, what about Fahrenheit 9/11 and all of that?” And then Naomi Wolf chimed in and said, “Mr. LaPierre is undoubtedly an accomplice to the crime of Sandy Hook's children's deaths,” and she said, “He does not want a full background check to this day, therefore his attitude by it's face is saying, “I'm not aligned with making sure that our children are safe.”


And he said that the Republicans who invited Ted Nugent to the State of the Union; I didn't see one thing and he messed around there, but he was there, that they represent a back-up just like Mr. La Pierre, and they don't deserve the time of day. And then Michael said, “You are going to see things said tonight that we haven't heard since John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr. came to the stage, and indeed, and then some."


And then Adam Green said, "Richard Hoagland, I had this wild hare to pull up Richard Hoagland's white paper on how Nikita Khrushchev and JFK Sr., were working to plan joint missions together to go to the Moon, and that it was quite unexpectedly aborted, as JFK, Sr. aligned with Marilyn Monroe and Bobbie Kennedy, Sr., together, and how they decided they were going to express the presence of the ETs to the World, and then JFK, Sr. was threatened by the Elder Rothschild Dragons, that if he were to say anything, he was dead on arrival, and that any of the others were too, either they would be removed. And guess what? they're all dead, killed by the same Elder Rothschild Dragons, except that JFK is alive and well, and that was a clone.


And W. E. B. DuBois, who was present at the Starseed Gathering with our Star Brothers and Sisters, with Queen Elizabeth, etc., and all others in 1961, that they poisoned him to death too. He was present, and he was going to make this announcement along with JFK and Marilyn Monroe and Bobbie, Sr. So send Light, send Love, and know that these wise beings, their work is not in vain.


And then Michael went on and said, “No one has gone to jail for bombing Baghdad, and the rest of this country of Iraq back to the stone age. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, or al qaeda "all-CIA-duh," he said, a very bad joke on the people to use as a cover for all the CIA, of USA Black Ops, to do extra-judicial killings anywhere, anytime they wanted to.


And then Naomi Wolf got up there and said, “We need to go back to the Bush Jr. time when they were using killer drones over Iraq in the no-fly zone between Iraq and its border with Kuwait. Do you remember everybody? And we all need to know for finality who is in charge of these ops now, and it is not Barack. In other words she didn't say who, but she said that you know who, and it's not Barack, and we all know who. And she's not one strand of DNA left here for that very reason. And Ed got finished, and he said Holy, and he said a big word that's got four letters. It begins with a “C” and ends with a “P,” and he said Holy Cow; Holy something ola! Batman, have we got a mess to clean up! It's time to start now. Pass the talking stick everybody!


February 12, 2013 Ashtar Teleconference, Tara & Rama A&A Report

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