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Tara & Rama 22 Oct 2013


Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: All you Commanders, Eagles and Angels! I hope you're ready for the Ground Crew work that's on our plates. It is coming up big time in the physical!
Rama: What I could say about the huge story that is going on in the midst of getting things back on track, and the government getting back to work, all of these things are orchestrated, and the number one issue all the “talking heads” keep bringing up every day, “Oh, by the way, he's Black,” and that is the number one core issue here. And coming from an integrated family in this life time.

Rama: Coming from an integrated family in this lifetime, what I am seeing is just stuff that I have not seen since, you know, the early sixties, you know, the mid sixties, before Dr. King was killed. And I mean, what is going on is that we need to pour so much Love into this country, and the people, because something has gone really awry, and what it has to do with is hatred for this man.

And the one thing I learned early on in life; as we are to connect with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, the number one issue we drop is what color we are, whether we have antennas, or whether we have fur, or fins, or gills, or you know, we look like Yoda, because everybody is beautiful. And this seems to be a real core issue.
Tara: Or scales?
Rama: Or scales for that matter.
Tara: Or scales! There are good scaly friends!
Rama: Yes! I mean, I serve aboard the New Jerusalem with our Reptilian Brothers and Sisters, who are very great Commanders. In loving presence, I am humbled to say, that they serve with, you know, great Love and Gratitude and Compassion, for all life forms, and what's going on, on this Planet right now is so huge, and it has to do with the fact that the thirteen families are running extremely scared. They are petrified, and they have been found out. The world knows that they're not exactly human anymore. And the ripple effect of this last eclipse, and now we're moving into the frequencies, where we're going to have a Mercury retrograde. And the energies over all have a lot to do with that, which has been hidden, and it is coming to the Light of the noon day Sun.

And, you know, even the Dinosaurs need Love. And so what I have been hearing is that there are these numbers of balls that are being juggled in the air, and they have everything to do with this orchestrated fiasco called “sequestration,” the debt crisis, all of the things that have to do with why we don't have NESARA, and we're still treading water, and watching.

As Mike Papantonio, and Rick Outzen described it today, this is orchestrated anarchy paid for by the billionaire boy's club, where they pay a few goons off to create anarchy, controlled anarchy; and the shooter in the Navy Yard, and the lady who tried to run the gate at the White House.
Tara: Well, they weren't paid off, that was Black Ops.
Rama: This is Black Ops. These are MK Ultra folks, who are being triggered to go off at this time.
Tara: Programmed!
Rama: Programmed, because the Republicans, the Tea Parties, they have ultimately failed with their plans to remove the Sirian Commander, or Obama Care. And we are going to go, not just to what Obama Care is, but universal health care. And, there are a few glitches. And Rachel did a very interesting story tonight about the guy who created McAfee Anti-virus. And John McAfee, let's say, he's been on the run for over a year or more, I'm not sure how many.

Tara: It was April of last year.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: When he was arrested, yet. I know there's an echo on here, and I hope that's not interfering, with what we can hear. I don't know why we have an echo, but I just wanted to say that he created this anti-virus, and when you buy a new computer, everybody just absolutely can't stand that, and they always put a thirty day, quote-unquote, free trial of this anti-virus on the new computer systems. And it interferes, and it slows down everything, and you can't get it off of there. And you've got to be able to deal with it for the first thirty days.
And this guy sold this anti-virus technology for a hundred million dollars in 2004, which is atrocious, for an atrocious thing, that nobody likes, and nobody wants to buy. And then this is really an example of how money can take you right out to lunch, you know, forget who you are. Because he went to Hawaii, and bought some land there. And then he went to, I mean, no, Arizona, and bought some land there, and Texas and bought some land there, and then, you know, he 'wupped it up, and he got himself in trouble, and so then he sold it all, and then he went to Belize.

And what they're really saying, is that, you know, it was the first world-class, supposedly anti-virus software, but nonetheless, not true. He got himself in a lot of trouble. He started to do cocaine, and quaaludes, and acid, and then he got a hold of some DMT, and he didn't feel anything with one dose, so he did the whole bag, and he lost his mind; he basically lost it.

And, then, he went and sold everything and he went to Belize, and he was hoarding ammunition and weapons. I mean big weapons, tons of them, and he had eleven dogs, and then he had about ten girlfriends that were teenagers. Now this man mind you, in April of last year when he was arrested finally, was sixty-six years old. This is what we're talking about. This story, now what are we talking about this for?

Well the story comes together here, actually he was never charged for this scene where a complaint was filed against him by a man named Greg Fall, an American citizen, who was also a neighbor of his, living in Belize at the time, and he complained about the eleven dogs who were being quite aggressive, and noisy, and running free everywhere, and getting people upset, you know, and so then this man was found dead the next day, and there was a hand gun, I can't remember a 6 mm handgun?
Rama: Nine mm hand gun.
Tara: A 9 mm hand gun, shell of it that was found next to the body. OK, so fast forward, and Rachel says they were looking for, the Republican Party were looking for an expert. He's been living in, I think, Portland, Oregon, and part time in St. Louis Missouri, part time, I don't know, he's got a whole bunch of spots, but they were looking for an expert to come, and CNBC obtained emails from the Staff of the Republican led Oversight Committee, the Energy and Commerce Committee, which was looking for this expert, and that they were soliciting this guy John McCaffey, to be that expert, and that he could talk to them at their committee meetings about what's wrong with Obama Care.
And now the Republicans are back to putting the blame on Obama Care for the government shut-down. This is what Rama started off with. These guys are about as insane as if they had taken a bag of DMT.

Rama: Yeah!
Tara: It is so obvious. I mean when he did that, and he shattered his mind at that time, he was found behind a garbage can in St. Louis;
Rama: Oh, my God!
Tara: And was hiding there. I mean, this is what's going on, if you will. They're trying to hide behind their own garbage out in public. So, again, Love them more. This is a absolutely rats in the sack situation. And I wanted to refer to something else that has to do with this. Penny found this, it's a couple of articles, the first ones called:

“Yo pundits, what's up with the Republicans?” And it says in the earliest decades of this nation, before this nation was even a nation, four waves of settlers arrived from Britain. The first three waves landed in New England, the southern colonies, and the middle colonies, respectively, and each defined the culture of it's own region.

The fourth wave came in mostly through the middle colonies, yet it did not stay there, instead it migrated inland into the Appalachian Mountain Range; it spread south, then west through the Tennessee River Valley; it crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Does this sound like Republican territory everybody? And because of it's greater willingness to migrate, it's reached into almost every corner of this country. The fact that this culture has to a greater or lesser degree, influenced almost every part of America, does not mean it is America. It's only one color in the mosaic, yet it claims a monopoly on American values, and incredibly the media let it get away with that.

Here's why the media are wrong. We have too dominant political parties. Each of these parties is built upon two of the four primary waves of migration from Britain that defined America in it's earliest years. Historian David Hackett Fisher in his book Albion Seed; Four British Folkways in America, identifies these ways: the first one, the Puritans, who settled in New England; the Cavaliers is the second, who settled in Virginia; the Quakers, who settled in Delaware River Valley; and the fourth one is the one we're going to talk about here, called the Borderers, who settled in the back country in Appalachia and the Highlands South, is what the terms were back then.

These four ways weren't the only immigrants to bring their cultures to America. There were also Dutch colonists, Jews in the Hudson River Valley, French colonists in Louisiana and Maine, Catholics in Maryland, and the Huguenots in South Carolina.

Yet, they came to dominate American culture and politics for two reasons. First they held not just local power, they held regional power. Second, they migrated westward. And, this goes on deeply, but what this group called the Borderers represents are the Republicans of today, and in particular the Tea Party. And it comes from a thousand years of wars between the Scottish People and the British People in the British Isles.

And what it did is, it caused depression, sociopathy and psychopathy in the consciousness of a peoples. They were living in the back Highlands all those thousand years, and fighting, and they would not give up. In other words, they would fight till the death, rather than admit that there was something else they might want to consider, and come to the compromise, come to the promised land, which would be, make a compromise, you know, in a good way with anybody else around them.

And so this is what we've got; we've got some sick puppies, and they have run away with, they think they've run away with the pot of gold. And it's become very obvious that like this man that they called to expertise them; why would they do that? The same reason that, let's go back to Dick Cheney was on “Sixty Minutes” on Sunday, and he wrote a book called Heart, and you know he co-wrote it with his doctor, and he was telling his story of his five heart operations, and they showed a picture of his heart, and I just wanted to give a couple of little things.

This guy drank; this guy did five packs of cigarettes a day, while he's been for decades in politics. And, his heart was four and a half times larger than an ordinary heart, and they showed the picture on the screen, and so he got a new heart. And now he's saying he's all fine and good. Well the guy that was interviewing him said, “Why did you not step down when you were recommended that you weren't a safe bet, you know, when you were Vice President, you were running for the second round with, you know, with Bush?”, and he said he was fine, and he could do it, and all that stuff?

The reason is the same reason that the Tea Party is the same reason that this expertise of this John McCaffey is the same reason. It's about they're the insiders. They are the insiders, and they do not want anybody else to take their place, because if they did, they would have to find out what was already so corrupt about those positions that they were already holding, and this guy is wanted for murder, and they let him go, so they could use him now, and pay him off as an insider. They had him hooked, because they have something wrong here.

So, this is what this whole story has been about forever. This whole story has been about the same thing forever. So, there was a man named Frank Schaeffer, that was on the Randi Rhodes Show, and he wrote a book about quote-unquote, the “family” which includes “C” Street, “K” Street, Wall Street, the Thirteen Families, the Mafia, the “C” blank “A,” etcetera, which are all the same people, these Borderers, who have this affliction. And its truly affliction.

And, you know the hyperactivity of what we saw again, at the Spark's Middle School in Nevada; a young lad gets a hold of a 9 mm handgun, and you know, kills his Math teacher, and then kills another, kills himself, and shoots two other students. This is another black ops, goes back to Sandy Hook, and all the other ones in between. And all of this is to keep fear in the midst of the people. So that they might, if they can't win one way, they can keep the fear program going, and they can win in an other, to keep the madness going, and keep people tied to their agenda.

And even to the point now they're bringing out, that you know, there's been, you might say, an indictment for the drone strikes, by the Amnesty International Group, and there's actually been a declaration that they have committed, that this government has committed war crimes. Again this is Hilary Clinton representing the “family;” “C” Street, “K” Street, Wall Street, Thirteen Families, Mafia, and CIA, and it's a violation of the Fifth Amendment to kill American citizens, yet they made a rationale that they can even kill them as enemies of the state, and that this is in the hands of the President, since the President is the head of the military. Yet this violates the Fifth Amendment. What does the Fifth Amendment say?


“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment, or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land, or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war, or public danger, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

Tara: OK, so we just want to say one more thing, that this eclipse lends itself to what we can do about all of this, because to wholly endure the benefits of this eclipse, it's for us to be open to reassessing our life experience across the board.
Rama: Uh humm!
Tara: Be willing to confront the past, and take responsibility for the now, and everything from now on. Be willing to confront all of our fears, and to own darker motivations, our shadow, and take it that way. Forgive ourselves and forgive others, open the wounds of the past misgivings to accept a more realistic heart space, be open to our true desires of union and collaboration, and act upon our discoveries as they emerge, and make it a global experience. Peace and Love! Namaste!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh 


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