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Tara & Rama 24 Sep 2013
Tara & Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Tara and Rama and Tabitha the Cat.

Susan: All right, let's hear from the Cat!

Tara: Oh Boy, Mother [Sekhmet] kinda comes through her a lot; she's a trip. Anyway, I would just say that President Obama was stellar...

Rama: Yes!

Tara: ...in his address to the United Nations this morning! He did say that our recorded history has been a clash of the sword over hearts of Truth, and tyranny and empirical genocide.

And he did address the United States, and said that of the entire, you might say, first World, industrial World, the United States is in a sorely lacking place, that there's more death per capita, and we haven't gotten a grip on our, you know, new rules about using guns, and he said that other countries have gone ahead of us. And he said the reason was it's not because were more mentally deranged or less sane. It's because we have not reorganized ourselves inside the rule of Law. We have not changed. And my take on it was that he was fingering our Congress,

Rama: That's right!

Tara: And this is a pretty strong situation, and the other thing is that what we know about the existing United Nations is that it has not exactly done what it was set out to do in terms of the heart-mindedness either. And this has to do with us making it very clear that, as much as we wanted it to be true, it hasn't been the Truth, and that has to go with all of the transactions that were necessary to be made, to enter as the Ashtar Command, as the ground crew, as the ones that we have all been waiting for, and to take the gauntlet and to lead, and that is what NESARA Law depicts.

And so just to lay the groundwork of those new rules, which we will be seeing very, very shortly. Our dear sister Yoko Ono, along with Robert Shear from Truthdig.org came together and spoke with Rama, and again it's extremely rare when Yoko Ono talks to Rama.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: And, remember what she did. She lit the Peace Light!

Rama: The Peace Tower in Iceland!

Tara: Yes, and though it doesn't have the same ceremonial that was in it's original state, the ceremonial in the spiritual state has occurred, and that two thousand foot up in the air Peace Light has been circling this Planet now for a good week and it's continuing. That's Archangel Michael's Excalibur Sword of Truth. Archangel Michael has been in charge of the seat of Power on this Planet, which is the seat that President Obama holds. And there was a very significant effort to completely take out the entire family.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And twelve people, thirteen people, left their bodies, including Aaron [Alexis]. Aaron was a victim of COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO [an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram] began back in the fifties. In other words the United Nations has not done its job from the very beginning.

Rama: This goes into the realm of Marilyn Monroe, who was an MK Ultra girl COINTELPRO. Let's say JFK Sr. and Marilyn Monroe were twin flames. They broke out of their programming, and they were going to tell the World about the Ashtar Command.

Tara: That was the main reason that the clone of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was taken out.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: And COINTELPRO was the main body that took out all of our heroes as the flower children, and we did play that hour-long piece this Saturday, and you can listen to that for free, and I really would do that. It's interesting, 'cause I didn't know that until the last minute, that Aaron [Alexis] was the victim of this same operation COINTELPRO.

OK, so this goes back to all things of money, because the United Nations has been completely controlled by those who usurped the money system. And that's the same ones that our brothers and sisters, who have been holding onto wanting to have the control and the power, without Love, for the last thirteen thousand years.

And so it is that the entire system now is lifted. Lady Master Yoko Ono said that the entire global economy is in full collapse. She said that on Saturday.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And what does this mean? It means that all the things of money, without exception, that were not introduced by 1999, meaning by the ninth of March nineteen-ninety nine, that they're not coming to fruition. And there's a reason for that, is because what happened on March ninth of nineteen-ninety-nine was the NESARA Bill was introduced to Congress.

And it actually was not seen by most members of Congress in its original form, because Bush Sr., representing the old world economic structure of the reptilians of the last dark priesthood, that has held onto that power and control for thirteen thousand years, was snatched, in other words, he took that bill, took it off the table, and put a fake one back on the table.

And so all programs of money were back in the old priesthood of the reptilian kind.  So that being said, nothing's ever been lost. The most important thing we must remember is that we work together. We learned how to work together, no matter what project, you know, and the most recent one is the Dinar. It will not pay out. And just to make it very clear, no matter what it is, the whole thing is still of the controlling powers of the dark priesthoods, which is not going to help anybody to lift themselves into a higher vibrational frequency, which is all things called LOVE.

So, that being said, NESARA is our 'Peace Train'. And it has been a request by the King of Swords now for the last three or four weeks, that we completely stop pursuing all things of the old order, and that's including the Dinar format. And it's not about anything except focusing, and working together with that Peace Light, Archangel Excalibur Michael's Sword of Truth, and that's in the order of events right now 'cause today our friends Larry and Curley..

Susan: Excuse me Tara, can I get one thing in here just relating to what you just said, for clarity,

Tara: Yea!

Susan: And that is, you said the Dinar, does that include the other things, such as the Dong as well?

Tara: Yes, it's all from them wanting to stay in power.

Susan: Thank you so much!

Tara: So, what we want to say here about all of those things, is that the focus now on holding the reptilian power structure accountable for their crimes against humanity is what Larry and Curley were speaking to, which is the economic royal terrorism that's been going on, and I mean royal, in the sense that it's all the royal families, which you know that Lady Di is of the thirteenth family. Rama's of her family, he is of Vladimir the Impaler, of Count Rakoczi, of the House of Rakoczi . That's the family that Lady Di comes from, and that's St. Germain, and a lot of people don't understand how that could be.

What do you mean, St. Germain was Dracula? Yes, indeed! Yes, indeed! And what did he do? He joined the realm of the undead, and he said, "I will stay here until I can clear up this misqualified energy." That's right. And that misqualified energy - he was in the undead realms for five hundred years. He did not leave until nineteen-seventy-nine, which is a very critical time. I've been saying this a lot of times, so let's get these things together. 


Five hundred years 1979. Let's back up 1879, 1779, 1679, 1579, 1479, that's the realm of the undead realm we're talking about, Count Rakoczi . From 1479 until 1979, he stayed in these realms, which, what is he doing? He's actually gutting the Vatican.

Rama: Challenging the church, because they are not the Office of the Christ. They do not hold the Chair of Peter. It is a sham, a complete sham.


Tara: That's right, and the thing is that in order to be lifted completely, we really have to know that even within the proper paperwork of, you know signing up, and exiting, and doing the Chair of Peter thing, that still isn't it. We're going to spiritual economics.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: ET 101, and we're going to, you might say, Divine Governing, and so all of these things are done now. And so the point is that we can heal All That Is with color, sound, and vibrational healing. When we come to these calls, and we listen to the vibration that Susan is getting out of the way [for], so that that can come through her, that's what we're talking about. And you know, we don't really need any pills. We don't need any of those things. Those tones of color, and sound, and vibration, are actual, they're real.

Rama: They're tangible.

Tara: And so, again, there is no opposite to Love. There's only true, true Love, and the vibration thereof. And as we work that into the sound of our own voice, as we hear ourself, you know, singing, when we sing with Mother “Let's Dance.” OK, the economic world terrorists, all the 'banksters, all the politicians, except for the great sixty-four, the Vatican, they have all committed high treason, and sedition, which is the stirring up of discontent, and resistance, and rebellion, against the government in power.

And in this case, the most rarest of cases, it's also insurrection. And treason implies an overt act in violation of the allegiance owed to one's state. And in this case we're calling it the state of Divine Governance, and nothing less. So the specific levying of war against that which we call the ones we have been waiting for, in other words, it's our work now, and we have the responsibility that goes with receiving the kind of blessings that we're being given in this moment.


And again, we're in full economic collapse. The reigns of power have been loosed, and Lucifer has come back to Love. The programming of all that still remains, that is of that ignorance, is really up to all of us to teach, you know to teach that which is Truth, so that that can resound that tone can ring in the hearts of those that are still suffering with that kind of programming.


I just want to name the people who left their, made their transition this last moment - Michael Arnold - Martin Bodrog - Arthur Daniels - Sylvia Frasier - Kathy Gaarde - John Roger Johnson - Mary Francis Knight - Frank Kohler - Vishnu Bhalchandra Pandit  - Kenneth Bernard Proctor - Gerald Read - Richard Michael Rigdell.


These people gave their lives in lieu of the entire Obama family being murdered instead. And that gives them a high place in Heaven. And may we all pass every test, and completely release the piece now. The piece of which we call controlled by money, and again despite the facts that the Vatican will be dismantled, there is an energy that comes through all of us, good, bad and ugly, and the power of money was addressed by Pope Francis. He said, “Until we stop serving that master, something still is in the way of us going home.” So in the name of Love, in the name of True Love, I pass this long stem Lavender Rose Talking Stick. Namaste!

Rama: Namaste!


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh



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