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Tara & Rama 26 Feb 2013

Tara and Rama: Greetings everybody! OK, this is 'gonna be "three-strikes-I'm-out" if I don't do this, this time. Rama is going to give the update for the up-to-the-minute news, and then I'm going to talk about NESARA, and what it really is, and so we just need a few extra minutes for that, so I want you to all listen very, very carefully 'cause this is so important, because there's a lot of disinformation, and very little information, and so I pass the talking stick to my Honey first.


Rama: What we've been hearing across the cosmic wires about this story [the sequester-automatic budget cuts] as I can best describe it; Lewis Black the comedian, came on with Joy Behar [on the] Tonight Show, and I mean they were making jokes about this; it's nonsense. And to get serious about this story, on the Ed Show this morning, he had so many people that were talking about what is 'gonna happen as this thing goes in place, and we've got seventy-two hours, and the way Ed put it tonight is: tonight call your senator, call your congressman, tell them to work something out in love and peace and mutual understanding for the highest good of all concerned.


And Nancy Pelosi came out today in spite of Mr. Boehner's words, Nancy Pelosi said we just came back from a vacation. By three o'clock Thursday, we will be taking another leave of absence, and we're ready to get to work. And what has happened here, and this you kind of have to go with the story. Back in 2012, Mr. Boehner tried to pass two bills, and let's say they both ended up dead on arrival, and now what Nancy Pelosi is saying in order, this is a new Congress, the 113th Congress, not the 112th. Whatever happened in the 112th Congress doesn't go into the 113th Congress. So these guys are walking on a wire that has no safety net, no nothing, and they are literally taking us to the road where this is that great moment.


And I'm just going to say, like Larry talked about on the Sam Seder show The Majority Report today, (Larry is one of the folks, "Larry, Curly, and Moe" I talk to; these are folks that work with the King of Swords, and they were there the morning of 9/11 fifty stories below the White House.)


Tara: They were guards and they watched the whole thing, and Dick Cheney and Bush Sr. and Condoleezza Rice were down there, and they manipulated the story of 9/11 and ordered all the fake holograms to go up from Colorado, from NORAD. And they ordered not to have the scrambling going on, and not to have our jets go out there and deal with incoming planes. They allowed the whole thing. OK, and they [L, C, and M.] are from the Ashtar Command, they're not from Earth.


Rama: And Larry today talked about the sequestration, and the fact that nothing has come into focus to seal the deal as there are many folks, even Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the Democratic, you know, DNC. She said that they're playing chicken up to the eleventh hour. And I'm just 'gonna say it's at the place where the airplane with millions of people's lives (?), and it's all about distraction. It's what's behind the scenes is what's going on. Chuck Hagel got confirmed by the Senate, and this kind of says we will not strike Iran. And still and yet, like Dr. Keshe has said in his videos, at a certain point here we will stop all the technology of death, and I'll bring it to that place. That's what's occurring on the greatest of levels right now. We are in a new frequency, a new energy with this 2013. Time, actually it's 2014, and that's a whole 'nother ball of wax we'll talk about at another time.


But the way everyone is talking about this moment now is, Obama today gave a speech in Virginia, and just said you know this is going to hurt a lot of people, and it starts immediately. Larry on The Majority Report said, as the sequestration goes in, the first thing that happens [affects] the first responders, Firemen, Policemen, people at the airport, the so-called The "Homeland Gestapo" Agency. Even Janet Napolitano had her hands in her face, on one of the TV shows. Just going, “This is nuts, people.” And I mean this is big stuff with what's happening. Mr. Boehner is going to lose his gavel.


Tara: Nancy Pelosi said that. (Rama: That's right) And Nancy Pelosi's 'gonna have the gavel back. And also Barack Obama mentioned that not only do the oil, you know, and big corporate fat cats get, you know they get welfare from the people. (Rama: Corporate welfare it's called.) Not only that, but the hedgefunders, they get welfare from the people too in the form of not paying the kind of taxes that the people pay, and he didn't hesitate to say so. And you know hedgefunds and the corporate UNITED STATES are in collusion with each other all the way back since 1871, and so this is where NESARA has got to be dealt with.

Rama: I pass the talking stick.


Tara: Yes, and I want you all to remember this when I read it, and I am going to read this, because it's exactly what we need to hear today. Barack Obama is in a different venue than the corporate UNITED STATES. He's inside NESARA Law. He's in the original National Constitutional venue which was aborted in 1871. So now that you know that NESARA has to bring us back in alignment with that venue, then you can hear this when I read this with some clarity.


So this is called the Columbia Organic Act of 1871, and there's nothing organic about it.


And St. Germain was not the fake Christopher Columbus that everybody describes. St. Germain was a Christopher Columbus though, and he was from Greece and his name was Prince Nicholas Ypsilantis * and he was an aboriginal Moorish sailor, and he came here a hundred years before the other Christopher Columbus, and he laid down some benevolent relationships with the Native American People of this country. Just putting that aside now, we go on with this.


The following fifteen points are based upon factual historical evidence. In 1863 Lincoln instituted Martial Law. He ordered that the states, the people, either conscribe troops and provide money to support the North, or be recognized as enemies of the nation. This Martial Law Act of Congress is still in effect today, with the exception of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi who are in NESARA Law. So that's a very big deal!


What it means is that the President has dictatorial authority to do anything that can be done by the government in accord with the Constitution of the United States of America, and so this is true too, this is the foundation of presidential executive orders. And the first three orders that the president gave are very significant in getting NESARA into Law.


Because he said the most important one right now we're working on is rolling back all the secrets that were covered up about our ET Brothers and Sisters, and about the fact that the Ashtar Command since 1945 has been a member of our military at the Faction Three level of the thirty-eighth level above the President inside the ACIO, the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization, and it's always been a galactic event, along with St. Germain, because St. Germain had all of these brothers and sisters of the original Declaration of Independence sign their name on there, and he said, "I will be back to see that this gets done." And that was written in the Iroquois Language, and that is the aboriginal Moabite Moorish people of the land, so we're going back there, and we're bringing it forward.


The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a private corporation, here and after the CORPORATE UNITED STATES, owned and operated by the actual government for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government under martial law. This was done under the Constitutional Authority for the Congress to pass any law within the ten square miles of Washington, District of Columbia.


In said act, CORPORATE US, adopted their own constitution, US CONSTITUTION, all capital letters, which was identical to the national constitution of the United States of America, in small letters, except that it was missing the national constitution's 13th amendment, which states that you cannot take a title of nobility, and if you do you cease to be a citizen, and you may not hold any office, nor hold any work place in this country. And that's why we do not have any lawyers, we do not have any judges. All we have is administrators of this secret government CORPORATE UNITED STATES.


The national constitution's 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were respectively renumbered 14th, 15th, and 16th amendments in their constitution. The corporation began to generate debts via bonds, etc., which came due in 1912, yet they could not pay their debts, so the seven families that bought up the bonds demanded payment, and the CORPORATE UNITED STATES could not pay. Said families settled the debt for the payments of all CORPORATE US assets, and for all the assets of the Treasury of the United States of America.


As 1913 began, the CORPORATE US had no funds to carry out the necessary business needs of the government, so they went to said families, and asked if they could borrow some money. The families said “no,” and the CORPORATE UNITED STATES had already demonstrated they could not repay their debts in full. The families had foreseen this situation, and had the year before finalized the creation of a private corporation of the name Federal Reserve Bank.


CORPORATE US formed a relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank, whereby they could transact their business, via debtor's notes, rather than with money. Notice that this relationship was one made between two private corporations, and did not involve governments. That is where most people err in understanding the Federal Reserve Banking System. Again it has no government relationship whatsoever.


The private contracts that set the whole system up even recognize that as anything therein proposed is found illegal or impossible to perform, it is excluded from the agreements, and the remaining elements remained in full force and effect almost simultaneously with the last fact, also in 1913.


CORPORATE US passes and adopts as though it were ratified, their own 16th amendment. It must be noted that this amendment has nothing to do with our amendments. The Supreme Court (this is where we are all paying taxes to a secret government.) but, the Supreme Court ruled that it did nothing that was not already done, other than to make plain and clear the right of UNITED STATES CORPORATE US to tax corporations, and we agree, considering that they were created under the authority of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES. Next, also in 1913, Congress passes and enters the 17th amendment as ratified, even though the states had no opportunity to ratify the same.


And in the 17th, it says the Electoral College gets to elect our president, along with article two which means that the people do not ever elect our president. So the corporation decides whose 'gonna be president. And this is why the White Knights pulled a fast one on these corporate guys this time, and Barack Obama got his presidency. And he won the peoples' election by over three million votes, and when they get the over ten million votes that were stolen, and not counted, he will have won by thirteen million votes, and will be the most landslide-elected president in the history, of not only our country, but any country on Earth.


This amendment is not only not ratified, it is not constitutional. The Constitution forbids Congress from even discussing the matter of where the Senators are elected. In 1914 the freshman class, and all Senators that successfully ran for re-election in 1913 by popular vote, were seated in the CORPORATE UNITED STATES capacity only.


In 1917 the CORPORATE UNITED STATES enters World War I, and passes their Emergency War Powers Act, and the Trading With the Enemies Act, which made every one of us, enemies of the state. In 1918 President Wilson was re-elected by the Electoral College, yet their election is required to be confirmed by the constitutionally set Senate, wherein in the new CORPORATE UNITED STATES, only Senators were allowed to participate in the Electoral College vote confirmation.


The only authority that could possibly have been used for electoral confirmation was CORPORATE only. Therefore President Wilson was not confirmed into office for his second term as President of the United States of America, and was only seated in the CORPORATE UNITED STATES presidential capacity, and that's been true ever since then till now, except for Barack Obama [who is] inside NESARA Law. Therefore the original jurisdiction government seats were vacated, because the people didn't seat any original jurisdiction government officers.


In 1933 the Trading With the Enemies Act is adjusted to recognize the people of the United States of America as enemies of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES. In 1944 under the Breton Woods Agreement CORPORATE US is quit-claimed to the International Monetary Fund, and becomes a foreign controlled private corporation. Sometime after 1935, if you asked Social Security Administration for a relationship with their program, they create an entity with a name that sounds like your name, all spelled in capitol letters, and a depository account number for the Social Security General Trust Fund, “GTF.”


That's not the Social Security connected nationally at all. This is a private entity that you become the trustee of. They give you the Social Security card which identifies you as the single person with the authority to control, to control, the entity they created. On review you may notice that the Social Security Administration was the creator of the entity, but GTF is its beneficiary and you were made its trustee. More importantly, this capacity does not limit you, or your capacity to act in your sovereign capacity in any way, as long as you know what you're doing.


In 1968 at the National Governor's Conference at Lexington, Kentucky, the IMF leaders of the event proposed the dilemma the state governors were in, for carrying out their business dealings in Federal Reserve Notes, foreign notes, which is forbidden in the national and state constitutions, alleging that if they did not do something to protect themselves, the people would discover what had been done with their money, and would likely kill them all and start over.


And I'm sorry to say, but that's the time that Mother [Sekhmet]'s here for. And that's what's happening right here, right now! And Love them all. They suggested the states form corporations like Corporate US, and show the advantages of the results and uniform codes that could be created, which would allow better and more powerful control over all the people.


By 1971, every state government in the union of states had formed such private corporations, corporate states, in accord with the IMF admonition, and the people ceased to seat original jurisdiction government officials in their state government seats.


Now having stated these historical facts, we ask you not to believe us, rather to prove these facts for yourself, then we ask you contact us with any evidence you find that proves or disproves these facts. If you find there is no error, then remember these simple facts, and let no one dissuade you from the Truth.
Bottom line as you speak about these private foreign corporations, remember what they are, and stop calling them governments. Further, it is very important that we cease to attempt to fix them.


It is far more important that we learn how to re-seat our original jurisdiction government, and spread the word about the Truth, by researching, by reseating our state and national governments in their original jurisdictional nature, we gain the capacity to hold these private foreign corporations accountable. They owe us a lot of money. It's called quatro-decillion dollars, that figure with forty zeros behind it. In fact they owe us more money than there is available on Earth.


The fact is that it is impossible for them to pay back, and that gives us the leverage that we need to take back our nation and put things right. The process is a simple one. The difficulty is in getting our people to wake up to the Truth. That's why we ask that you prove the Truth for yourself, and contact us with evidence you discover.


That means you must stop acting and communicating like you are anything other than the sovereign that Creator God/Goddess, All That Is, created you and I to be.


And stop referring to CORPORATE UNITED STATES or the State of X as anything other than the private foreign corporations that they are. And finally, stop listening to the big foot patriot mythology that is espoused by those that only give these facts lip service.

It is time that we all start to wake up and follow the Truth, that is to repent, and become a moral and honorable society, rather than of lauding our Christianity, while standing guilty of not knowing the Truth, not living the Truth, not believing that God will save us..**


And that God is all of us as One, God/Goddess All That Is! Peace and Love everybody, I pass the Talking Stick! NESARA NOW!

* http://www.ascension-research.org/A_New_Identity_for_Christopher_Columbus.html

** http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/813840/posts

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