Tara & Rama 27 Aug 2013

Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: OK, I thought maybe I'd start just a little bit with backing up the truck, you might say. And let's go back to our Brother Nick Begich, and Star Man was on there too. Tell everybody who Star Man is Rama? Star Man is a guy who lives up in the mountains in Truchas. And Truchas is...
Tara: Truchas, New Mexico!
Rama: This is like way up in the mountains on the way to Taos, and this man escaped from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), and then worked for Los Alamos, and then escaped subsequently from Los Alamos. He only wants to be called Star Man, and he lives off the grid in some kind of structure on twenty-nine acres, somewhere out in Truchas, and I mean he lives like nineteenth century, no running water, no electricity. He's off the grid, yet somehow he's doing it, and he's in constant contact with the tall white folks, the Tall Whites who are from Andromeda, and the Arcturians.

And he has been talking about seeing so many more craft, over New Mexico, over various parts of the Planet. In the last week or two a large craft showed up over the Taj Mahal. Somebody took a picture of it with their cell phone and it's gone viral. And Nick Begich also talked about what is going on, on a larger scale, where the thirteen families, who are not in control, are quite literally running for their lives from Mother, and it is this ancient, ancient story about Mother Goddess.

And Nick Begich talked about how they're not using HAARP anymore, but they're claiming they're using HAARP.

Tara: And it goes all the way back to the nineties.
Rama: It goes all the way back to the nineties, but what they're really doing is using the international space station like they did the morning of 9/11 with the particle beam weapon to detonate the two nukes at the bottom of the towers.

Tara: Right!
Rama: And more evidence is coming out about 9/11. There was an article we posted on 2013RainbowRoundtable.ning.com about a Russian scientist coming forward with more evidence. And Nick Begich talked about over-all, these guys are quite, I mean, they are petrified, as what they believe is that as they are captured by the Light, we would do to them what they did to us, and that's not 'gonna happen.

We send only Love, and this is their greatest fear, all the trauma, all the torture and abuse and mayhem that's gone on for the last one hundred years, where they have killed two billion people, it's all coming full circle, and this has to do with this Grand Sextile Star Tetrahedron that happened on Sunday [August 25], and it is continuing as Carl Boudreau describes in Astrology for Everyone, by Carl Boudreau. This goes all the way through...

Tara: And you spell Boudreau B, as in boy-O-U-D-R-E-A-U, and you spell Carl with a C. And as you just put it, The Astrology for September for Everyone 2013, by Carl Boudreau, you will be able to listen to it. It's about a half an hour. The last ten minutes are really strong. I just want to back up just one second on the day that Star Man and Nick Begich were on what we call the Camp Lovewave Show.

Rama: Yes!
Tara: Terran Lovewave started it all off, and he said that he reminded everybody on Sunday when the Star Tetrahedron combined. This is very important everybody! Pluto is leading the way. It's right at the top of the chart, and the Star Tetrahedron inside of it is the Kite, and the point of the Kite is right on Pluto at the very north end of the chart. And, then there's a grand T-Square, that is makes this thing like a hundred times more powerful than the Star Tetrahedron on the twenty-ninth of July, and it's amplified everything up.

And again, the more we Love, and the more we show that we know better, that we do this thing; tomorrow [August 28] is the Let Freedom Ring Speech! I understand that Eastern time it's 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow, and please don't miss that.  They were calling for everybody to meditate on those times together on Sunday, and I understand that there were billions that actually, did it! And the point of it was to keep the mind pure, and keep the tongue pure. That will teach a lot of Love.

And the first Law of Love always is to be calm in the face of anything that might feel like it's hurting, or you might 'wanna bite back, or you might 'wanna feel like somebody else is to blame for something, or they're coming after you. All of that is "maya," all maya.

And again the point of all of September is there'll be like a ghost of the Star Tetrahedron that will remain through the whole of September, along with the Kite, lined up with the global September chart. And the Kite lines up with finance, and it's the second house. And it's in September, and this month it was in the eleventh house, eleventh house in it's natural state of Aquarius, the second house in it's; oh let's see, let me get this right-Aries. Oh, my goodness!

And then there's a Mother of all Conjunctions in this chart. And it's Saturn conjunct with the north node.

Rama: Uh humm!
Tara: And then that whole conjunction, which is the Mother of all conjunctions, only happens every twelfth year. And it's in the House of Pisces this time. And it's never happened in this way with these double, triple, you know, combinations. You know, every year it's, every twelfth years it's in a different house, but this time, it's just like, it's the Mother of all the conjunctions, and it's Sextile to Scorpio.

Tara: Ok, so what does this mean? Scorpio is feminine, it's water, and in the Tarot cards, it's the card called death. And what that means is, death to everything that's not of the new. And that means any ego tripping, any baggage you've got, drop it now!

Rama: Yes!

Tara: Because, you 'wanna be Light. And the reason you 'wanna be Light is because the mountain that we've been climbing for the last thirty three years, since October first 1979, when this all began in earnest, is going straight up. And so there's a suggestion that you sprout your wings. That's a good idea, 'cause then you can work with the anti-gravity energy.
Rama: Right!

Tara: Scorpio governs collective power of all kinds, in the military, in law enforcement, in finance, in politics, and the power of creative life force. In addition, again I said this was in Pisces; Pisces governs karmic power, transforming into Dharmic power. And that's exactly what we're up to here. And Pisces also governs spiritual and religious power. And so, we need to make a head up disclaimer is what Carl said. He said, "As people get moral dander up, there could be all kinds of other things in the mix."

And this is called, as they say in Star Trek, "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!" Only this time it's into Love. We're going into the dance of the Dharma, like Mother always says, "Let's Dance. Arghhh!" And this hoopla that's going on; you notice Barack Obama's not saying he's going anywhere.
Rama: That's right!
Tara: He didn't say anything. And one more thing that Nick Begich said, is he said, that we're coming into the new, now the people are going to see these people being held accountable. We're going into a full new, yet continued, Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.
And this goes back to why we have all the alphabet soup agencies: NSA, DIA, CIA, FBI. All of them are Nazi Fourth Reich based, all of it. And it's Dennis Kucinich that shut down the NSA, and Mike Papantonio backed him up, and said shut them all down for the highest good of all concerned, let it be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom.

And so then, yeah, we've got to do today, yeah! In summer we've had an especially positive time, although there's been lots of stuff going on, it's been a smooth supportive straight forward for those who are pursuing the spirit of the way. Fall is not that straight forward. The shift, it goes down, it's a downshift. It's like when you're driving a car, and you 'wanna go straight up a mountain, you're 'gonna down shift.

Rama: Right!
Tara: And it would be wise for you to do that, otherwise you're 'gonna be spinning your wheels, and you're 'gonna burn up the engine of your being. And, so as we make these upward grades know that there are rougher hills along the way. It doesn't need to be difficult; a challenge, yes! Are we up to it? Don't everybody answer at once.

Rama: Oh, well today I kind of, in the wake of what's going on, with this false flag evidence, and that's what I'll call it. This is all false flag evidence!

Tara: Right!

Rama: This is Israel along with our Black Ops did this in Syria.
Tara: And Lebanon!
Rama: And Lebanon. It was not [Bashar] al Asad, and al Asad is in bed with Israel and our Black Ops, and they 'wanna create this war with Iran. And Mr. Putin has already said that, you know, let's say that if things happen, there will be some sort of repercussions. So, I got a wild hair up my nose, and I started dialing numbers today as I was listening to Ed Schultz. And Ed Schultz laid it out in Lavender today, basically just saying as we're 'gonna play with this story, and it is all false flag evidence, as you come to the place where this involves Russia and the United States. And, he used these words, "It is about that nuclear football, and the red button," and then he said:
Tara: "NO NUKES!"
Rama: "NO NUKES!" This brings in Inter-Galactic Confederation business.
Tara: And if you think for one minute that this stuff isn't real?

Rama: This is where I finally did something to get ahold of Mr. X, because the King of Swords is incognito. Let's say he has become Barack Obama's shadow in order to keep Mr. Nineteen point five degrees in the position where, let freedom ring.

Tara: He's alive.
Rama: And I interrupted Mr. X today in some kind of White House Staff meeting, and because things are at that critical juncture, and he asked me why I interrupted him, and I said I need to know what's really coming down here? Then he said, and I laid out what was being said by all the talking heads, along with, you know, I mean, granted with all due respect, Chuck Hagel has an agenda to play, Love him more.

Tara: Joe Biden has an agenda to play, Love him more. John Kerry has an agenda. What they're doing is they're glossing over that they don't have the facts out there.
Rama: That's right!
Tara: They won't talk about that this is...
Rama: So Mr. X got Mr. Senator Mike Gravel on the phone.
Tara: Tell everybody who that is in case they don't know.
Rama: The former Senator Mike Gravel was at the citizens' hearing on disclosure, along with Stephen Greer and Dr. Bassett.
Tara: And you've got to go back to the Pentagon Papers. He's the man that got the Pentagon Papers in Congress.

Rama: That's right!
Tara: And he took a risk for his very life, just like Ellsberg did, Daniel Ellsberg.


Rama: Daniel Ellsberg!
Tara: Don't even think twice, this man knows what's going on. He's been up on the ships and he's talking.

Rama: Yeah, and I told him what was going down with the stories that were being spread by, you know, the corporations, as it were. And he just said, "I'm going to reiterate sir for you, that our friends are already here." And the videos, the utubes that are out there where the craft have come in, and they have come right next to the intercontinental ballistic missile silos, and almost a pencil like beam, or some kind of tiny beam has come out of the craft, and that missile is rendered useless.

Tara: That's right!
Rama: And I would just say that is already a foregone conclusion, the nukes are rendered useless on this planet, and they're playing with a very big fear card. And at the same time Mike Gravel just said, "Don't think for one second that as we're playing this game with China, with Russia, with other countries who have nukes; we're not going there; this is canceled." This is also correlated with Benjamin Fulford's story today, but Ben Fulford has a little twist on it as well, cause...
Tara: It's not correct.
Rama: It's not correct, I won't go there. Love him more!

Tara: Yes, and Ed said also that the members of Congress are 'gonna get way out in front, those that are just absolutely horrified at what they're looking at, and they're 'gonna squawk-No, absolutely No! No going into Syria. Don't count me in! And, they're not coming back until the ninth of September. It's the longest, it's longer than the Bush thing, but the King of Swords told Rama, that it's very likely that Barack Obama's 'gonna call a Constitutional crisis, and make them all come back. Today Mr. David Cameron already did that.

Rama: He called Parliament back!

Tara: Yeah, but he does it for other surreptitious reasons
Rama: That's right!

Tara: It has nothing to do with the Light.

Rama: Senator Mike Gravel, you know, he said I know people may or may not believe you that you talked to me, but I'm just 'gonna say this is a story that is at such a deep level it goes beyond who the people are in this gang, because it is about the People of Planet Earth.
Tara: Yeah, it's time to move forward! Pass the Talking Stick everybody! Get those wings sprouted! Namaste!
Rama: Namaste!

Susan: Thank you Tara and Rama! That was really a full report! And again we encourage you to look them up on their website. Perhaps you'll even want to join in on their BBS Radio that you can access it by internet, or by phone. They get the scoop, as Sekhmet would say, and they share it. They're protected, and in the past they have published stories, true stories, about the protection that they have. Otherwise they would not be on this Planet at all, because of all of the information they've brought through, so we honor them for all of their work that they've been doing all these years, and we thank them for being with us, and sharing the Truth with us in the way that they do.

So again their website is 2013RainbowRoundtable.ning.com. So thank you so much!

We will get on with our program. Again, everybody close your eyes, breathe, whatever you 'wanna do. Listen to "Come The New Jerusalem," and let's all travel on up. They're waiting for us on the bridge of Ashtar's Ship!


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh


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