Tara & Rama 8 Oct 2013
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara: And Salutations to all of Children of the Sun, and the Rainbow Children of the One, on this call!

Rama: Yes!

Tara: ..and worldwide! OK, Commander, Captain here.

Rama: Where are we? I would say that the way the bread crumbs are leading us through this Star System to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is all about the obfuscation of the obvious, the one issue that is always being brought back front and center. The ones that seemingly are in power, they are very upset with the color of the man's skin in the White House. This is the number one issue.

All this week, since last week, when they have had reporters going out, “What do you think of the Affordable Care Act?” When you say it that way, People go, “Oh, I think I like that!” And then you say, “What about Obama Care?” And it's the one issue that, they have an issue with this man's name and what it represents, and from everything that I have heard, is these ones that are standing in the way of government functioning, within normal parameters, what's that?  Has it ever functioned within normal parameters? We are going to go to the edge of the cliff, and go over. I mean, they are going to take it that far. And, there could be the spillover of the fallout as, you know, you watch the markets do their dance, because this will affect China, this will affect Russia, this will affect Europe, Asia. Oh, my!


And it is about a changeover, a sea change that has to do with a new economy based in NESARA, not in the old system. They put out a new hundred dollar bill today, supposedly. I didn't go to any banks, or see anything, and it has all these symbols on it, yet it still says FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE on it. And there are all kinds of convoluted stories going on with everything. There are several facets to the stories, because they are not what they appear to be. And it is all about the fact, that the one issue.

These folks in this country, it is so in a sense, they want to re-write history, and forget that five hundred and twenty, five hundred and forty years, of the aboriginal Moabite Nation never existed. That's not going to happen, because Moab is over here, along with Ethiopia, and these stories that interrelate with this man and his family, and the people of Sirius, and Pleiades, and Lyra and Vega. It is all tied into this one story, right here, right now, about this crisis.


It's a Constitutional Crisis at the moment. How do we move forward? And the one thing they want to take the ball and go home, simply because they do not want to deal with Obama Care, because it works. I pass the Talking Stick!


Tara: Well, Greg Palast had a very interesting word, 'cause it's not just what's going on here, it's global.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And, the Fourth Reich is in charge on both sides of the pond, appearingly.

And, in Europe it's the European Central Bank; they're all Nazis. And well, the FEDERAL RESERVE, it's the same thing actually.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: We have a couple of different names for them - we call them the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, a little operation called Tavistock in Palo Alto, California. It's a lot easier to stab a hip hop artist, than it is to go after a hedge fund shark, said Greg Palast in his little write-up about the Nazi Party in Greece, called the Golden Dawn, going absolutely off the wall in terms of insurrection.

Rama: Uh hum!

Tara: And we've got insurrectionists. There are some very Tea Party Oriented Trucksters, truck people, you know, truck drivers that are threatening to go after the Black Man in the White House in Wash., D.C. over this weekend, starting on Sunday through Tuesday, there's a threat of that, so you know 'I declare Peace' is a really a good way to put it.

Rama: Right!


Tara: And, we had this small piece that we read on Saturday. It's the definition of the INRI,* and that's what was written or nailed to the top of the Cross, although things were a lot different than the way it's Biblically described by the story telling. Nonetheless, the Christian prophecy speaks of this mysterious INRI with the meaning that says: “Jesus, the Nazarene, King of the Jews,” would be the meaning, yet in the true Gnostic tradition, or you might say the Mayan tradition,

Rama: Uh hum!

Tara: INRI means: Ignis Natura Renovatura Integra - “By Fire Nature Is Renewed Whole.” So another way of interpreting the INRI is, the Christ Presence manifested by a vibration - a ray of Light - what about a son-g, s-o-n - there's the Son, of God - the G. What about a Song coming from the Heart of the Sun Children, S-u-n...

Rama: Right!

Tara: ...spontaneously illuminating the World, and awakening all of human consciousness. I think we're declaring Peace!

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: Everyone, and the Ancients viewed the Sun, our physical Sun, as a Stargate to the Galactic core of our being, and there we find the dew, and the dew is the manna, and the manna is carried by the Dolphin Consciousness. And that brings us back to the Ophiucian Astrology, which has been hidden for all these, all these eons of time. The thirteenth constellation, the I AM Beings of Light, the Dolphin People, that's who we are. And the Dolphin constellation was blown out of the sky by our Brothers and Sisters, who thought that that was something that they weren't wanting around.

And Lord Metatron reconstituted all of us as the Dolphin Consciousness from our etheric blueprint, and we're here. And we are the ancient Mayans returned, and our fearless leader is Lord Ashtar. He is the ancient Mayan returned...

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: ...that Jose Arguelles talked about in his book, Surfers of the Zuvuya.  And he talked about Pacal Votan. Pacal Votan is an incarnation of Ashtar where his body at the age of nineteen was, you might say, beamed up out of here, yet the Temple of...

Rama: Inscriptions!

Tara: ..Inscriptions in Palenque has a sarcophagus, just like the Pyramid of Giza has a sarcophagus. And in this case you've got to walk up these step pyramids, steps that are about two feet tall. They're very tall. Micah insisted on doing it when he was two and a half all by himself. “Don't touch me!”  And then you walk five hundred steps down. When you get to the top of the pyramid, then you walk five hundred steps down. And there's the sarcophagus, and the energy there is even more powerful than the sarcophagus in the Pyramid of Giza.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: That's the power of the Sun! We are the ancient Mayans returned.

And Barack Obama gave a stellar speech today. I just wanted to speak to that a little bit. We've got a few more minutes. I'm just going to say what he said.  He said: This morning I had a chance to speak with Speaker Boehner, and I told him what I have been saying publicly, and that I am happy to talk with him and all other Republicans about anything, not just issues I think are important, also issues they think are important. Yet I also told him that having such a conversation, talks, negotiations, shouldn't require hanging the threats of a government shutdown or economic chaos over the heads of the American People. What is this, are we the monkeys in the middle?

Tara: Well than, let's call on..

Rama: Hanuman..

Tara: ..and we do not take anything less than who we are. And we are the ones that we've been waiting for. Think about it this way. The American People do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs. You do not get a chance to call your bank and say, “I'm not going to pay my mortgage this month, unless you throw in a new car and an X-Box.”

Rama: Right!

Tara: If you're into negotiations around buying somebody's house, you don't get to say, “Well, let's talk about the price I am going to pay, and if you don't give the price that I want, then I am going to burn your house down.” That is not how negotiations work. That is not how it happens in business, that's not how it happens in private life. In the same way, members of Congress, and the House Republicans in particular, do not get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs.

And two of their very basic jobs are: 1) passing the budget, and 2) making sure Americans are paying their bills. And that's what raising the debt ceiling is about. Those are bills that have already been passed by Congress, and paid for. They do not also get to say, “You know, unless you give me what the voters rejected in the last election, I'm going to cause a recession.” That's not how it works. No American President would deal with a foreign leader like this.

Most of you would not deal with either co-workers or business associates in this fashion, and we oughtn't be dealing this way here in D.C. And you know I've heard Republicans suggest, that “Well, no this is reasonable, that this is entirely appropriate,” but as I have said before, imagine as a Democratic Congress threatened to crash the global economy, unless the Republican President agreed to gun background checks, or immigration reform.  I think it's a fair thing to say that Republicans would not think this was appropriate.

Rama: Uh hum!

Tara: American People, I'm going to just say these are my own words, are not the kind of Monkey in the middle that we're talking about here. We might be Hanuman. And you know, Hanuman's the patron of writers, and I'm just going to say that Barack Obama writes all his own speeches, and what he is saying here is absolutely the Sirian Commander, and he is in control of this game plan, which is a Divine Plan.

And as the Ninth Member of the Sirian Council of Nine, may we all understand who we are, as We The People support what he brings to us. And, it's not about angry, retaliatory ways of behaving. It's not about that.


I just wanted to read something here from the “Keys of Enoch” to complete this. This is called “The Treasury of Light” - a realm of heavenly habitation, where the elect of the Word work with all tablets and documents. In Hebrew, Sefierim ha-Temunah, means assimilating thought forms into programs which will promote the metamorphosis of all old Worlds, and define the configurations of new Worlds.

The most esteemed way in which entrance into the Treasury can be made is through the practice of benevolence - Gemilut Hasadim -  in the promotion of Peace between man and man, and man and the Law of God, as practiced in the Higher Worlds. [The Treasury is] the repository of the Torah Kedumah, the Primordial Torah, which is used to generate a new Torah - A Tree of Life in the Boundless Spheres of Creation. This I pass to all of us. And I pass the Talking Stick! I Love you all everybody. Love is all there is. There is no opposite to Love. Namaste!

*  For much of this discussion see:  http://www.williamhenry.net/art_sun.html 

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh



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