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Tara & Rama 9 July 2013


Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: It is something to contemplate what's going on right now, and it has to do with what's coming here in our Stars.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And I have this chart of the first touch down of the Dawning of Age of Aquarius, and it's been up on our wall since it showed up, and it showed up on the twenty-third of January of 1997. And it was about 10:43 or so in the morning, maybe give or take, I don't remember, 'cause I had that written down in that little part which is not readable right now, but it is this perfect, gorgeous Merkaba, double Merkaba vehicle, which is just showing up, coming up here on the twenty-ninth of July of 2013 again. It is just absolutely stunning what's going on here, plus there's a Diamond Tetrahedron over-laying that piece on top of it. This is just, it's astounding. I can barely talk when I look at this.


Nonetheless, between now and then, actually starting tomorrow, the influence is 'gonna get stronger and stronger, as we go from there up to the twenty-ninth. Right in the middle of that place from tomorrow to the twenty-ninth, we're 'gonna have on July twentieth, Mercury is 'gonna go stationary direct. It will be completely changing directions at Mother Sekhmet's favorite number degree, thirteen degrees, Cancer, which is the Mother.

Rama: Yep!


Tara: And in the middle of all of this there's two questions, it says: Have you recently been under a cloud of apathy? Are you feeling all that good clarity of purpose was for nothing? Having trouble maintaining your inspiration to get up in the morning, and engage in that heartfelt sense of purpose?


As we have discovered in the beginning of the Mercury retrograde on the twenty-sixth of June, the importance of honoring our feelings, but becoming attuned to our emotions for the purpose of enhancing our spiritual side, in order to ENGAGE, and that word ENGAGE should be all in capitol letters, like we hear when we watch Star Trek, "more and more was our Divine purpose."


And then Part Two explains Mercury that moves out of the retrograde process, and turns direct, and that process for most of us, the position of Mercury turning direct from July tenth through the twentieth, and then actually engaging then with the energies between the twentieth and the twenty-ninth, beautiful double Merkaba vehicle with the Diamond Tetrahedron over-laying it.

There is no way that we can turn back, that's what I can say. Now, we have really come up with a report. It started yesterday, and Rama was just, I would just say, he was, you know, that feeling again that you're mad as hell, and you don't want to take it anymore;

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: Combined with knowing that something big, very, very, very, big is coming, and yet our Brothers and Sisters that Rama calls forty-four different numbers, and they just won't talk to him. They'll tell him just enough to make him like want to lose his mind.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: And so yesterday the King of Swords reconfirmed some things that, well number one, Edward Snowden is the key; he is the turn-key.

Rama: That' right!


Tara: And these other reporting stations, which are by far Faction Two, which are doing their very, very best to encourage us in the face of us feeling like this. It's got to do with this, not only is there these two things we're talking about, and Mercury is getting ready to go stationary direct. There is also this kite which is just like it's soaring, yet there's this grand T-square, and it just goes- STOP. And you're just sitting there, like I don't know if you've seen some of these movies where Steven King has: access denied, access denied, access denied. And yet we're confronting each of those places where it says that.

You know, it's like the recoil, if you will, where the feelings of what that feels like for thirteen thousand years, access denied, where we were being asked to stay the course in spite of this grip that's been on our Planet.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: And it's been on our Planet for thirteen thousand years. I AM emphasizing this number thirteen for a reason. Mother is number thirteen, and if you 'wanna take that number apart, we talk about being three in one God, Goddess all there is there is. We're talking about that beautiful Violet Flame, that blue, pink and gold, and it really is pastel.

And in the riveting of the access denied, it's very, very angry red, and it's very, very angry dirty, dark blue-black, like a black by, or something, and it's like, I don't know, it's just a sickening color of yellow, that you just don't 'wanna look at, and yet we're being asked to embrace it all,

Rama: Yes!

Tara: ...and remain in that Divine emotion, 'cause that's what we're asking ourselves to do, and it's on a planetary scale too. In other words, get it all out. And I've got to say everybody. Egypt is doing their job, that Egypt, and they had some help; it's called the Giza Plateau.


All four of the Cheops Pyramids, and the Giza large pyramid is hooking up with those three Pyramids on Mars, and the Orion's "El An Ra," And if you haven't read that book by Solara, that's a must read, 'cause this is what we're doing. [read Solara's book: El-An-Ra] .... from Galactic Source / Great Central Sun / Alcyone: the energies coming ...

This is where the Orion's Gate, where we entered into war. And as Amy Goodman says every time she starts, "This is the democracy now (small "d"), The War and Peace Report," and we are doing the flip.

That's right we're doing the flip. We're not just doing the shuffle, but we're doing the flip, and Germany's economy is heading south. The entire Euro's gone. We're down to a dollar twenty-seven for a Euro. We were almost up to a dollar forty, and it's just been sliding, sliding, and sliding, and that is good. And China and Australia and Canada's housing bubbles are all bursting simultaneously. That means those economies are going bye-bye.


And you might say the underbelly is absolutely surfacing, and we are strengthening ourself. This is the time, and the King [of Swords] has been saying this to us, and Tom the Ring Tailed Cat said it to us today, "It's time to get stronger. Strengthen all of the bonds we have, and strengthen our active principal." And however that is for you, it all involves Divine emotion. You know Christ would walk with the "sheeple", and he would just walk, and His Light would just completely transform the energies. Go for a walk down the city street, and Light the place up.

Rama: Yep!

Tara: And sit and talk to the least of the Brothers and the Sisters.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: And wake another, 'ya know, innocent child heart up. We must do this. This is the time to do this. And it is not the time to whine, and there's no such thing as whining at this time.

Rama: Right!


Tara: Nobody, tag, you're not it for that. And so, the King told us that President Xi, and President Putin, and President Obama, and Soltek, and Soltek's Team from the Phoenix, they have been in communication on a regular basis. It has not stopped for weeks now, and they are planning an event, and it's an event Galactic in nature, and there is going to be a way for Mr. Snowden to have help from this little team. I'm not going to say how it looks.

I know that today Venezuela was in the news on Al Jazeera and Journal News, and they said one minute Venezuela was offering, and the next minute they were retracting their offer. And what's been going on again there's been this underbelly, where it is just stinging rays of searing threats on lives going on. And we must remember there's levels, and even in out of body experience. And Tom the Ring Tailed Cat was gentle about this today, but he said Matthew is not quite as evolved as what needs to be known about what we need to do about this situation.


The NSA, there is not one shred of Light in this organization, not one shred. And there is not one shred of Light in this whole cabal. It has gone completely black. And so there was a meeting, and it was underground in Africa when Barack was there, and Bill Clinton was there, and Jimmy Carter was there, and Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. were there; five presidents. And the purpose of the meeting, they met with...Rama: Marduk!

Tara: Marduk, is another name for Lucifer in the hologram of Enki and Enlil. Marduk was also an Enki. And so it's the same character. Jehovah is the shadow side of the Great Central Sun, Alcyone.

Rama: Right!

Tara: And we asked for a position where we could have an experience where we would descend; it's not bad to descend, but we would descend into matter. And what Mother said is she said in her infinite wisdom, "That's fine, I have one rule, non-intervention in a civilization's development, unless in case of nuclear or psychic holocaust."


So the purpose of this meeting was to lay down the final plans for World War III.OK, think about that non-intervention, unless in case of, and World War III Plans are called nuclear holocaust. And so this meeting Tom the Ring Tailed Cat was speaking of quite matter- of-factly, he could only say what he could say, in other words Rama could not ask him any questions, or take him any further, but the way he described it is that, they crossed the line. It was like this line we always talk about being drawn in the sand. And when Barack Obama got there he spoke to the other four, and he said, "You know you have crossed this line, and now you are in my turf!" and that's all he said. He turned around, and he walked out of the space, and as he walked out of the space, there were these blinding flashes of Light, and when the Light disappeared the room became empty.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: And what Tom told Rama is that Jimmy Carter was beamed out of there, so Jimmy Carter, who is a clone, he was killed and cloned in 1977, was killed and cloned by Bush Sr., and so he's fine. Bill Clinton, the way that, there is a question mark on that, the thought about that is that that was a clone of him, it's not the real Bill Clinton, and that's happened a lot of times. The real Bill Clinton's still 'gonna have to come and face the music out on the front lines. The others are gone, so any time you see anything now, it's just a hologram, and it's for the sake of the awakening process for those who are still very far behind in understanding, and correcting the time lines.


It is really us. In other words, it's not anything that anybody isn't doing. We must ask ourselves now every minute of every day, what can I do to do the ultimate of my mission, to make a difference, and to wake the next person up. And you must give equal time. You must meditate every single day, without fail, and the amounts of things that are going on behind the scenes besides that is enormous.

Downtown Toronto is under water! Thousands of people, I was looking; there's cars under water. That's never happened, I used to live down there. I'm sitting there going, "Oh my goodness. It looked like some place in China." I'm just saying we are not to be shooken by anything that's going on right now. Nothing, put everything in the circle of support, put these actions in the circle of support.


And I'm just 'gonna say between the King of Swords and Tom the Cat today, talking about, these are Galactic events. These things are going on behind the scenes everywhere. And really, please comprehend 7.4 billion people experiencing this together. And we saw today that Mohamed ElBaradei, he has a position, and I was so glad to see that, and this was, you know, classically on the surface in Egypt, it looks like that was a coup d'etat, yet it wasn't, because there's one thing that didn't happen, and that was that the elections last year, there was a promise to do something, and it was completely failed.


It was totally not what was supposed to happen. It turned into a dictatorship and in taking over, and it lost it's small "d" democratic process, and thirty-three million people said, no thank you. There are a few million people that don't want to agree with this. This is another level that still needs to learn HOW, capitol HOW. HOW, it doesn't mean everybody wants the same thing. You need to learn how to compromise. Come to the Promised Land, and if we're only to realize, if we live in this country, we came here to lead the way.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: And so in each and every one of your hearts we need say no more. There is time now for us to know that it's in our hands. Let's do it! I pass the Talking Stick! Peace and Love! 


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh.

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