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Tara & Rama June 11, 2013


Tara and Rama: Greetings! Greetings, One and all!

Tara: I just wanted to start with something, because Tom Hartmann said this today, and I thought it was quite appropriate. He reminded us of a little ditty you probably heard when you were small. "Step, by step, row by row, we are going to make our garden grow."

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And that was the jist of what I thought we would make this day. Today in 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr.; he passed the equal pay bill under the law, and it was also this week, I can't remember if it was today, but he made his Civil Rights Speech today, or this week. And now we're 'gonna have Galactic Rights for everyone,

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And we're having Spiritual Economics, and Lord Rama 'ya wanna start?


Rama: Well, what I can say is that we're, like the way it was described today by Mr. X with Heidi from the International Bank of Settlements, there are things going on that are so magnificent, and at the same time, the stories are horrendous of what's going on on the Planet, and we are just quite literally counting the seconds when full disclosure, first contact, arrives. And I'll just say that what I have heard is Mr. Xi over there from China and [President] Obama, have been discussing and cussing, how they go about discussing this very issue, the reformation act, announcements, full disclosure.


Tara: Absolutely, and when Barack was asked how it was going, he said, "Fantastic!" And remember that China and Russia have already basically announced that the Galactics are here, and it's common knowledge in those two countries.

Rama: And in Canada they have been openly discussing this for many moons now, and the way it's being put to me is, we are quite literally on the threshold of this any second.

Tara: And let's look at this whole surveillance issue with the Blarney story, and the Prism story.

Rama: Right!

Tara: Blarney is macro surveillance, global macro surveillance, and Prism is going down in detail to every little single thing that you ever think and put up. It's quite a scene.

Rama: And today Ray McGovern...

Tara: Well, wait, I wanted to say what that is about. We'll get it with a silver lining. It's pushing the river.

Rama: Yes!


Tara: It's making people really focused and say, "Is this where we started; or what happened here, how did we get here from a Constitution that was declaring a Republic, and representative governance with all people in a free land with all of their rights intact, to a fascist state and a fiat currency? And the general tone of all of the different conversations going on RTTV, Democracy Now, Link TV, all of the really astute millennial concepts of people like Chris Hayes, they are discussing this in detail. The big story that we went full circle here; we came and we lost everything, and without failure you don't have success if you don't know what to do to pick it up. And so here's what we do to pick it up, Rama!


Rama: And today Ray McGovern was on the Randi Rhodes Show, and he was saying that Mr. Edward Snowden for what he did, he needs to be given a full pardon.

Tara: For what though? He didn't do anything wrong.

Rama: The way Ray McGovern put it is he didn't do anything wrong, yet what he did do was make the Planet aware of the fact that we were being watched in a sense without due process, and that is a ...

Tara: Yeah, but that's not a crime, no, no. What do you mean? He just told people he did not give any information. This was on Al Jazeera...

Rama: Right!

Tara: ...English this morning. He did not tell any of their information.. 

Rama: Secrets!

Tara: Information, nothing. He just said, "What I 'wanna tell you is that I'm an ordinary person like you and me, and I have been contracted out to do something that does not have any oversight,..

Rama: Right!

Tara: ..because the corporation I have a contract with, does not give any oversight, 'cause corporations are considered people, and they're considered exempt from the government oversight.

Rama: Right!

Tara: They're not a government agency. This is the difference between having a government, a Republic that represents all of the people within Constitutional Law, and a Fascist State which is a corporatocracy, which doesn't acknowledge the government. And so he said that all of the oversights of our Founding Fathers have been generally exclusive to the government, yet the government and the corporatocracy are outside of this venue now completely.


So, I don't know what he meant by forgiving him, because he did not commit any crime. The only crime that's going on is that, and this was said today too, that there is no place in this country where a person who has the, not just the right, but the obligation to actually call the whistle on the enemy from within or without. There is no place to go to actually go inside this country and get yourself heard without punitive punishment, or silencing, even murder. That is exactly the state of events right here.

And so they said that he was completely within his rights to go to a place where he could protect himself, and actually speak to the thing that needed to be spoken to get the conversation going for the people to be able to hear it, so I disagree with Ray McGovern.

Rama: OK!

Tara: Go on!


Rama: There's so many other pieces of what is going on here, I pass the Talking Stick!

Tara: You pass the Talking Stick? OK, well Heidi had Mr. X on the line with Rama and herself today, and they said the challenge is, who will tell the Truth about our friends from the Stars; Canada, China, the United States? And Obama had a chat with, I think you call it President Xi. You spell it x-i of China, and the comment was that he's being leaned on, President Xi of China, by his old guard, because losing power in the Chinese way of the old ways, you're supposed to commit kamikaze [hara-kiri], you're supposed to kill yourself.

Rama: Losing face!

Tara: Yes, losing face is what I meant to say. Yes!  It demands that, and the public, so it's about that, and especially about announcing the presence of our Brothers and Sisters in a simulcast, with something like NESARA. And then they all chimed in together, Mr. X and Heidi, they just said arrests first, announcements next. And Obama goes into how we went from Constitutional Law and Merchant Banking. And remember Merchant Banking was set up by Sir Francis Bacon.


He's the one that taught the powers that be of the Royals of England at the day, how to do it. And one of the things he said back then was "Prosper the land, prosper the people." Give this to everybody! And they didn't want to do that, and Madame Blavatsky backed that up. She came up behind, and born in 1832, and she spent decades in the 1800's speaking to the Royals, and their Bankers in Europe.


Speaking to that, you know, you cannot base things in the principals of materialism. You've got to, you know, listen to St. Germain, listen to El Morya, listen to Djwhal Khul, and Heidi and all of the Masters. Remember that Heidi represents the lady, that it took her six years, but she paid out all the holocaust funds...

Rama: Right!


Tara: From 1993, when we got our, we really got the most important judicial go-ahead when the declaration by the judge in that case of the Black Farmers versus the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government, when the decision was that those three entities had committed a crime against the people, and that the Black Farmers, they were required restitution, and so then in that same six years when Heidi paid the holocaust victims funds out everybody, by 1999 they were all paid.


In those six years fifteeen members of our Congress collaborated to create the NESARA Bill, a 250 page document which was cut down to 175 and changed, and put on NESARA.com and NESARA.org by Bush Sr., in lieu of that bill, that 250 page bill, that was done by Bush Sr. in 1999 when the right bill was put before Congress on March 9th, 1999 to be deciphered by Congress, to be, you know, discussed about to make it a Law. And then they had a whole year to work with that, yet Bush Sr. took that document off of the table immediately, so the only people that really got to see the original document were his cronies, and then together he and his cronies changed it, so that the only document that anybody got to see on the internet, or anywhere in Congress was this butchered one, which had nothing to do with reality.


And so this is the one thing that Bill Clinton is going to be actually honored for, and again he said it when he was in office. He said you know there's a secret government around here, and if you want anything you are going to have to push me, and FDR said the same thing when he was in Congress. And today is a very amazing day, because you know JFK, even though, you know, he ended up becoming president, he was not elected clean either, 'cause that was taken over.


The last authentically really elected President in this country was Dwight Eisenhower, which is something that a lot of us may not know, but what he said in his speech, so I just wanted to go back and just give five points, because he wants to talk about Peace. It's from the Cross of Iron Speech. And he said, "The way chosen by the United States was plainly marked by a few clear precepts which governed it's conduct in World affairs."

"Ist. No people on Earth can be held as a people to be enemy, for all humanity shares the common hunger for Peace and Fellowship and Justice.

"2nd. No Nation's security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation, rather only in effective cooperation with fellow Nations, or it will be ineffective in its attempt.

"3rd. Any Nation's right to form of government and an economic system of its own choosing, is unalienable.

"4th. Any Nation's attempt to dictate to other nations their form of government is indefensible.

"5th. A Nation's hope of lasting Peace cannot be firmly based on any race in armaments, rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations." And he emphasized the all.


And, the other thing is that in that Spring of victory the soldiers of the Western Allies met with the soldiers of Russia in the center of Europe, this was after World War II you know, they were triumphant comrades in arms, yet their people shared the joyous prospect of building in honor of their dead, the only fitting monument - an age of just Peace.


All these war weary people shared to this concrete decent purpose to guard vigilantly against the domination ever again of any part of the World by a single, unbridled, aggressive power. So the United States is now going to eat humble pie. It's time that we get this. And, then David Cameron, I know we've got to let go, oh I see, Heidi and Mr. X were talking of openness at the Bilderburger Meeting, that it was a peaceful demonstration outside; no riot police, and the people were wearing the "V" for vendetta masks openly with nobody complaining, and David Cameron gave an hour and a half speech on major changes in Europe, and that a basket of currencies would replace the Euro. Imagine that?


And I said to Rama when he told me that, I said, how in the world is that possible? And Rama said that Heidi and Mr. X said St. Germain poked him with Excalibur, Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth, and he started talking. And then England will lead the way in changing the money system in Europe. They darn well better, 'cause they're the most guilty people of criminal enterprise in money matters. We're the worst in the military control. But the other thing that probably inspired David Cameron is that three members of the Bilderburgers started glowing as bright as the Sun in front of everybody inside that meeting, and they disappeared permanently.


And I remember that Mother was telling us the last time on Friday or something. And, it was even earlier than that that some of your people were saying, that these powerful ones, these big cabals were 'gonna start to disappear. Well here you've got three of them gone.


That also happened when our government, when our Congress was sequestered in an undisclosed location, on March ninth of the year 2000, when our White Knights completely surrounded them and with their guns out, and said, "You will sign this NESARA Bill into Law," not sign, they don't have the signature, "You will vote this NESARA Bill into Law," and every single one of them voted it into Law.


And then that's how it happened. The other time when that happened, that happened March ninth, and then Bill Clinton signed NESARA as the Bill into Law on October tenth of the year 2000. Then it was in 2007 when these kids were sequestered, the Congress was sequestered for two solid weeks. And not all of them, sixty-four members were sequestered for two weeks and, no it was the whole Congress, it was, for two solid weeks, and then St. Germain, you know, every day they got another story that they needed to handle.


They got it all two weeks, and after two weeks I think they saw two more turn like that. He put his hand out with the Violet Flame and they started glowing, and they disappeared, and they've been gone ever since. So, this is a sign, it's a big sign. This is Galactic Intervention that we're talking about. And if anything's the Truth it will set us free, and that is that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We pass the Talking Stick!


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh 

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