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Tara & Rama June 25 2013

Tara and Rama: Greetings Everybody! I just wanted to say that we played "Let the River Run, Let all the Dreamers Wake the Nation Come, the New Jerusalem" for our wedding. Rama: Yeah!

Tara: Yeah! It was our song, and I just Love that song.* Rama: It still is.

Tara: It still is. And the other thing I wanted to say is, I don't know if you can say it's complimentary, but the equal and opposite effect is happening here in the Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas regions. We have five fires burning, and they're blazing. And there's a little town in New Mexico called Magdalena, and it's completely out of water. The entire town is dry, one hundred percent, and we have to ship water in.

And the [water] table in this area is very, extremely low, because they're using so much water to put out five fires. And they've been going; the first fire started over a month and a half ago, and it's still going. And the water bill, I mean, we're two little Hobbit House creatures here, and we don't use much water at all, and we buy all the water we drink, and we still pay one hundred and fifty dollars a month just for water in this town. And that's how expensive water is, and so we've got these imbalances, needless to say. And as you know Sisters and Brothers, we had family that lost their homes in the Colorado fires just up the road here. So, and it's blazing hot. I mean, you know, it's eight o'clock at night, and it's blazing hot here. And I mean blazing hot, stiflingly hot, and it's night time, and anyway so..

Susan: Excuse me for a minute everybody. You're picturing this I'm sure, as Tara's describing it. So, let's send them Love and water. Use your energies to send rain to all of these people. This is incredible. We have family members there too, and we're all one, so let's help out as much as we can.

Tara: Yes, we have one of our sisters, and she has land in Magdalena, and it's completely bone dry. And, there's over a million acres of trees down there that are just dying like, they're just starving for water, so I just want to remind everybody that the Tree Spirits have Human Souls. We have a relationship with the Tree Nations. As a matter of fact right now you can say they're the only standing nations we have. And that's a sad story too, so let's send rain in the metaphorical sense too as a blessing.

Susan: I think you're talking about the town that one of our very close family members lives in. Her name is Dorothy. So Dorothy if you're with us now, or if you can hear this just know our hearts are with you, as well.

Tara: Oh, yes!

Susan: Thank you Tara. Now for your report.

Tara: OK, regarding Flight 800, the children of the Illuminati families were on that flight, and we saved the life here in Santa Fe of one of those Illuminati children, 'cause we let them know that, 'cause we knew about it, and we let them know not to go to that meeting. There was a meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, that all of these children went to, and at that meeting they decided to go together, get on that flight and go over to Paris, France, and announce to the World the criminality of their own parents, and what they were doing.

Rama: And Lady Di, Lady Di was 'gonna join with them, and release to them all the secret dossier accounts of the seventy-eight programs.

Tara: That's right. And that by the way is very important too. There are seventy-eight programs that are in the Nesara distribution plan. And that is a completely unique pay out. And even at that, that's a very small group of that group that will be receiving. And the reason for this is that that group will be responsible for the redistribution of the wealth of the Planet in a way in which we set up the Light Cities, and that requires knowledge, wisdom, and a demonstration of living a life that shows that you're capable of taking on those responsibilities. And so that's like huge amounts of money.

Now on the other notes, all the other programs that are out there. You know, the Freedom Clubs a very good program, yet it will not be paid out through that entity. Same thing for the Dinar Program, it will not be paid out through that entity. All those things will be under the umbrella of the rules for the whole of the World, which is that ten million dollars is the maximum, and it will be delivered exactly in that amount to every man, woman, and child with the same rules that apply in that realm, that those who are spiritually motivated, spiritually on the path, and are aware. You know, they may not be totally knowing everything.

There is a level of knowing that they're reaching for enlightenment, and they're searching, and they're knocking on every door, and they're, you know, they're using the power of the positive thought. So, in other words, those folks in the World, who have a whole kind of different agenda; I mean, there's quite a few folks in this country that want a few people dead, that don't, they're not functioning within the laws of Nature, and the Nature's God, and so those people won't be, you know, deprived as what is going on here now.

In other words, Social Security will probably at least, be doubled or tripled or even quadrupled, and everybody's 'gonna have enough to live, you know, a really good life. Everybody will have enough to eat, and everybody will have shelter. And nobody will be homeless anymore. Those things are over. And, we have had a very, very, difficult time today.

The worst decision is described; Judge Ginsberg, actually she dissented from the decision on the Supreme Court.

Rama: Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

Tara: Ruth Bader Ginsberg; and today is Sonia Sotomayor's birthday, which I thought was interesting, and she joined in the dissent, and that other lady too.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: What was that other lady's name? The third one.

Rama: Elana Kagan!

Tara: Elana Kagan! All the three ladies dissented together.

Rama: Yes, what happened today, they took the voting rights act a hundred and fifty years back, according to John Lewis. And John Conyers today on the "Up With Chris Hayes." She just said, "This was not a good decision." Randi Rhodes today said, "All of the Supreme Court Justices have violated their oaths of office."

Tara: Well it's described as, "The Supreme Court has put a dagger in the heart of the Voter's Rights Act of 1965."

Rama: Right!

Tara: And what was going on here is that Section Five of the Voter's Rights Act determined that areas, and you know, primarily the areas are in the South, that are using racism in a very, very, strong way, by the jerry-mandering of the districts, and by strict, you know, voter restriction, making it next to impossible;

Rama: Right!

Tara: The voter I. D. laws and stuff; that they cannot make laws at a state level without an oversight committee, and making sure that it's not violating the Constitution. And the thing is is that this can be saved, because Marbury vs Madison gave authority to the Supreme Court that it states in the Constitution that they don't have. So that they've been using Marbury vs Madison ever since. And they reinforced it in 2010 with Citizens' United.

Rama: Uh huh!

Tara: And we can go to Amendment Fifteen, and have a look there. And this was, Amendment Fifteen was ratified February 3,1870, and section one says, "The right of citizens of the united States to vote shall not be denied, nor abridged by the United States, or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." Section two is one sentence, and this is what was violated. It says, "The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

Rama: Not the Supreme Court!

Tara: Therefore the Congress can turn this back around. As a matter of fact they have the responsibility. Yet, you must also realize that the Supreme Court Justices and the Congress are in collusion with this, and they are actualizing something that they are happy to do, which is taking this back before the Emancipation Proclamation. And so, nonetheless, what is this doing? It is showing all the reasons why we need to do what's coming next. OK, now I pass the Talking Stick to Rama. Here's what's coming next:

Rama: Oh my, let's say that everything that's going on, it's like the way Tom Hartmann describes it,"Everything you know is wrong." What's unraveling is, let's just say, there are visitors that are coming here. And, these visitors, some of them are already here, and this involves what Obama and Michelle have always been talking about, the Dreamers, the Dream Act, and this brings in the immigration. Let's say that there are some friends who want to come and immigrate here. And, let's say there are already here. But they may be from half a billion Light years, or half a million Light years away.

Tara: Well, there's this little story!

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: There's this little story, that Katherine told Rama. And we did this together; I'm just 'gonna read it 'cause we worked on it together!

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: Katherine said, "Let's just say a baby is brought to Earth in a space craft, and left at the sanctuary of the Al Aqsa mosque. And I'm 'gonna tell you you can remember this, about three or four years ago, and there were thousands of people there, and they saw this baby come through the beam. There was a craft over the mosque, the baby came in through the beam, right through the ceiling, and into the mosque. And the people went in the mosque after the scene was over, and the little baby was right there in the sanctuary of the mosque.

Just pointing a moment in time. What if this child is being raised by an Arab Family, and what if this child as he is growing now, has shown his family that he is extraordinary with abilities as of a Merlin, a great sorcerer, magician; what if this child grew faster than usual as in the movie "Starman," as he is an undocumented immigrant, in the United States as well, at the moment; what if this undocumented illegal immigrant in America at the moment meets with a reporter who publishes his story in a major United States newspaper, and then the story is read by an elderly professor at Oxford in England; then the professor comes forward with an extremely large meteoritic tektite space crystal, and this Crystal produces a sound as you hold it; and the sound frequency emanating from this space crystal as you are holding it makes sounds similar to those made in the movie "Close Encounters of a Third Kind;" and what if the sounds are the star coordinates of the Galaxy, a neighboring Galaxy about a half a million Light years from here that defines the home of this child; and this child has been in touch with the major World leaders right now, who want Peace, i.e., President Putin, President Xi, and President Obama?

The SOHO website has been manipulating the image of an object the size of Jupiter, so as it is somewhat blurred as to its identity, this object is traveling alongside the Sun. This object is Niburu. It is Mother's Starship. It is a glorious occasion. It has nothing to do with predictions of three days of darkness, nothing to do with polar shift, and nothing to do with alien invasion. Yet the cabal wish to skew the message. Niburu is a craft circling the Sun here, to deal with Mother's wayward children.

OK, now that's the story, and this is all real, it's not just a story.

At the same time the King of Swords said to Rama, "How long can a rubber duck float with no air in it?" And that's what he's doing by describing the global state of the economy. There is no air in this economy, and it can't float, it's sinking to the bottom of the sea.

And there's a Mr. James Casbo, AKA Michael Prince, he's an ex MI-5, MI-6, assassin in his past history, yet since 2000 they enhanced him into a super soldier, and he's woken up, and he is attempting to whistle blow on the Fourth Reich. And the fake Lex Luther alien invasion that the dark story of creation that these lizards are attempting to bring to the forefront right now, that agenda is on the plate, along with everything else that we just read, that the Truth is that it is here.

And on those four laptops that Edward Snowden has with him, he can take the entire New World Order down. He has all the ET stories, and everything that Katherine just told you. All this information is on those data banks. And Edward told everybody that the information I have on this data base has been distributed to all over the Planet, to all these people, and all the groups around them, and this cannot stop now. In other words as you were to take me out, it's too late.

Rama: Right!

Tara: And that's the same message that Dr. Keshe gave to the World.

Rama: Yes!


Tara: So this story is a horror story. It looks like we've just lost our democracy to a constitutional monarchy to people with robes in a Supreme Court that, you know, considering themselves kings, and yet still this is what's going on behind the scenes. And there is nothing happening except for you and me. And, you know, it is time, to get up stand up, stand up for our rights. And know, do not give up, do not give up the fight! Bob Marley's famous song, and I don't know what else can we say.

Nancy Pelosi said, "What is happening here on the floor today, this is the other day, is a demonstration of major Amateur Hour. They didn't get results, and they put the blame on somebody else. "Just interesting, because you know I Love numbers," says Nancy, "and I Love counting votes. Yes, sixty-two Republicans voted no on the Farm Bill today. Sixty-two Republicans, there's almost no way to offset that."

And Paul Ryan said the Democrats promised forty-two votes to get the sixteen, and sixteen reneged, yet, in other words, they're putting the blame on the other side. Yet, you can see something big happened there, because the GOP themselves finally got, it's showing, that they realized that they can be exposed, and they have been, and so sixty-two members of the GOP decided to split off from this agenda. That means we're winning everybody.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And Mother said the other day, that it's very necessary, this is very necessary, that the World do their part, and grant amnesty to all these criminals. And I mean, the amount of heinous actions that are going on within this group for as long as back into the 60's and the 50's; this NSA group has been wiretapping us since then, I mean it's a long, long, long road. Yet, you know, Bush Sr. even said it, he said if they knew what we've been doing, you know, we'd all be hanging from the nearest telephone pole. And that is not the order of the day. The order of the day is Radical Forgiveness like David said the other night on Cheryl Croce's call.

I Love it everybody! Radical Forgiveness! It is time for us to exercise Radical Forgiveness! That's the only way this is 'gonna happen to come to the Promised Land, and it's required of us now. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the teachers, teachers, teachers right here on this call. We are the Ashtar Eagles, Angels, and Commanders! Let's stand up and be counted. I pass the Talking Stick! Namaste!

Tara: I wanted to say something and I forgot. Barack Obama gave a policy speech today. It was about forty nine-minutes, and it was on the climate changes. He did an excellent job, and we've got to push it farther, but he said, "It's not a matter of, you know, questioning whether it's existing, ninety-seven percent of the scientific community has defined this. And that is the deal. And he said, we have to do it, and we have to do it now." So, I just want to put that in the circle of support, that we can put that in, and, I'm sure Ashtar will speak to it. Thank you very much!

* Let The River Run by Carly Simon

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh 

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