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Tara & Rama Report 1-08-19
Tara and Rama: Greetings!!
Tara: Oh, my goodness, I'm in awe!*
Rama: Happy New Year, Everyone!
Tara: Happy New Everything, Everyone!!
Rama: Yes!
Tara: Certainly, Tara and Rama here, we have been experiencing a test bringing us here into a whole new place.
Rama: A whole new realm.
Tara: Yes, and there have been some amazing experiences we have been having, especially in application to details, and we are at the completion process although it's gone a day more and a day more and a day more.  And on Monday, yesterday, we tried our one, two, three, fourth internet possibility and we found out in the morning that it wasn't a good one in the sense that Dish Network was not supposed to be by contract serving this area and that a person that works there was going to be reprimanded for saying we were. 
So then we discovered a fourth [fifth] one and it's yet to manifest; they won't be coming until Thursday.  It's an interesting name; it's called Viasat, meaning via satellite, I believe.
Rama: Um, hmm.
Tara: And it's the first group that's legitimately able to serve the area. Eighty seven percent of the area is served by Windstream, yet they are participants here and they said as there was still a signal situation that they have a service where they will actually install a pole as high as it needs to go, and put the satellite up there in order for it to go above these trees.
We have huge cottonwood trees and other trees but they're pine and things and they are just huge. This is very old trees that have..
Rama: Some of these trees are two and three hundred years old.
Tara: Oh, that's not old. I guess it's old for some trees.
Tara and Rama: And in the Sequoia forest they're six thousand years old.  Yes.
Tara: But I guess what I am saying is that they are very, very tall.  And so, we would just ask for a tall order so that the signal comes through so that we can continue our work, now that we've found ourselves out here.  It's a beautiful vibration. I am really happy to be here.  How about you, Rama?
Rama: Yes, I am.
Tara: And we are in the new year where the 2019 brings us to a number 3, or the 12. The 12 is the 12 strands of DNA, activated DNA, and you might say, the ones that came here, attempted to come here, and be in charge, they do not have 12 strands of  DNA. They only have up to 11.
So the 12 strands of DNA, is the DNA of Love and the heart energy.  And I would just say that the whole world right now is creating, though it's been a very arduous task, they are creating and cultivating a new way of seeing how to accomplish this goal, as Isis was telling us, with the knowledge of who we are, of the self, we can right the wrongs of the past. 
We can awaken the energies of ascension and enlightenment in the world.  So that's the point that we are at right now.  This is how we restore the balance and the purposeful direction to a world that has been deeply afflicted with genocide and destruction of many things that have appropriately or inappropriately created chaos.  Out of the chaos comes a new level of awakening where the calm can come again.
And all the ancient stories from the story tellers. Rama you got to speak with,
Rama: Lady Nada and Natasha.
Tara: Yes, Natasha and Lady Master Nada just said, “Steve Colbert put a tweet out today, and his tweet said, please listen to President Drumpf as it is all BS. Yet then listening and then finding out how to bring forth the truth. And all the news today, they have been saying there is no threat; there is no danger; there are zero people that have come in through the southern border on any kind of a negative charge whatsoever - that's the record.  Matter of fact, there are more people leaving the country going the other direction to Mexico, now that AMLO [Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador] is the president, the Bernie Sanders of Mexico there. So there are lots of things happening like that.” 
Then they went on to say to me, “What's really going on here is about the war against people of color, brown, black, indigenous, ruby ray, anything, of any other color than Caucasian.  And  the indigenous cultures, the peoples of the indigenous cultures especially, who carry within them the ancestors’ stories, the true hidden histories of Mother Gaia and her children, including the missing 520 years.  There are 520 years that are eclipsed from the Egyptian history of the Land of Kemet.  And it was instigated in terms of 'Secret Places of the Lion'. You can read about it there. Who's the author of that book?
Rama: George Hunt Williamson.
Tara: Yes, I would look into that book.  It teaches a lot of things. The point being made is that back in the 18th dynasty, Akhnaton and Nephertiti, and on we go from there, they were from the Stars and they brought those beehive heads with them which carried a greater wisdom from the feminine, brings in the feminine.  And that was what their purpose was - not to continue to do war.
Then the Aztecian-Malian Connection from Africa in the land of Kemet again, and there’s a book you can read about that called ‘When Rocks Cry Out’ by Horace Butler.  And then there’s the Incan-Martian Galactic connection.  Has to do with Viracocha coming here from Mars to instill some higher teachings.
Rama: Lake Titicaca.
Tara: It’s also talking about going to the Divine Masculine rather than the dark negative masculine energy.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: which was very necessary. What did you want to say about Lake Titicaca?
Rama: Nothing.
Tara: And there is another connection here - the Galactic connection to the Chinese- Pleiadian connection. And as we all know, we all came, originally in the story, 150 billion years ago from the Pleiades.  And the first landing party mission (We talked about this awhile back) landed on the back side of Kauai in the Kalalau Valley, and then on Maui, the androgynous Being, Lord Maui, brought the energy from there to Maui at Haleakala, so there is a very big rainbow connection between Kalalau Valley and Haleakala - House of the Rising Sun, Everyone.  So Hawaii is the closest place on the planet to be in those Galactic realms.  It’s truly carrying that energy.  And there’s a lot of Oriental energy in the Hawaiian Islands, ancient Mu, the Land of Mu
Then there’s the Siberian-Andromedan connection, Galactic connection.  So Lady Nada and Natasha are bringing in all these connecting links from our ancestral lineage from Planet Mother Gaia as well as from our Solar System as well as  from our Universe of Nebadon all the way back to the original twelve strands of DNA, which Mother [Sekhmet] co-created us with.  And so knowledge of that is critical at this time.” 
Then Natasha and Lady Nada continued, “President Drumpf wants to create a way to extend his powers over the people with the national emergency state our country has been in ever since 9/11, which hasn’t been brought up here quite yet on the news.  They’re attempting to say he wants to create a state of emergency now, yet we have been in a state of emergency created back by the Bush administration along with the collaboration of the Clintons way back in 2001; and nothing is as it seems since then.”
So in closing, this is what Natasha and Lady Nada said, “The golden portal to Asgard, the celestial city of the Nine Realms, located in the Arctic circle above Norway is open to the people of Midgard, meaning all the people of now 5D Mother Gaia, all of us Children of the Sun. And Mother Gaia and her children are free from all of this illusion as we are the ones we have been waiting for, meaning the 144,000 we are, times 10 hundred thousand times 10 hundred thousand, physically manifesting, physically manifesting, physically manifesting now. 
“And all the beings from ten trillion Suns are in our local sector of this Alpha Quadrant.  They are here now in order to assist us now, and lead us the Children of Gaia and Gaia herself in this Ascension acceleration, high acceleration process we are in now. And see you in the light of the Most Radiant One, Lord Rama,” is what they said.
And there is a little note here, a little more in this world: And Rama Speaks, “I tuned into a local afternoon talk show today, during our nearly complete moving process, and there I heard Norman Goldman, formerly on Air America, and he said, “The Drumpf, Bush, Clinton crime families will very, very soon all be indicted for corruption, collusion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, human trafficking, etc., etc., etc.” 
Norman expressed himself in a way by saying that the pressure that has been built to this point, in this New Year now, is being met with this new energy of number three; active intelligence and creative joy is surrounding all of us. So it’s in how we do this together now and it’s how we dance together.  It’s not about punishment.  It’s not about polarity.  It is about accountability, and how we do that intelligently with our creativity is our task together.
And may the world be better for all of us here today gathered in a way of saying that ‘knowledge is power and imagination is more powerful than all knowledge.’  Albert Einstein said that, nonetheless. And let it be so. ‘Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be, Mother Mary spoke to me’ and said this.  Namaste.
And we would very much appreciate assistance as there has been a doubling.  We’ve had to pay more and more rent until we are finished with the old house, plus pay the rent on the new house, plus pay the heat in the old house, the heat in the new house, electricity in the old house, the electricity in the new house, all enormous.  I would be so grateful and I think what we are learning, both Rama and I, is that we must take care what this physical body that we are in
Rama: this temple.
Tara: what this body, this temple requires.  There’s been a lot of quote, unquote, sacrifice going on, over the years, not eating and paying bills instead. Let’s all come to this place now where there is always enough, time, money, love, and air to breathe - for everyone to accomplish a perfected state of joy and happiness. 
Peace and Love and of course, of course, to our Sister Fran. Many things are coming now as the power of our group is accelerating too.  So mote it be. Namaste!
Rama: Namaste. Thank you so much!
Tara: Peace and Love! Thank you so much! Yeah, Lord Kuthumi! Pass the talking stick back to you, Sister Fran!
* Audio link to call with Isis by Pita: https://fccdl.in/E4Saue5rFC
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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