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Tara & Rama Report 1-12-21
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Greetings.
Rama: Happy New Year.
Tara: Yes, Happy New Year, oh my goodness. Thank you Sai Baba!
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: I just want to tell this story about Rama. Rama went to see Satya Sai Baba and then he had an elder that came before him whose name was Shirdi Sai Baba, I was confused as to which one it was, because I thought I heard Sai Baba say that he was a hundred years ago or something, but Satya Sai Baba was here much more recently than that, so maybe it was Shirdi Sai Baba.
But either one, it doesn’t matter, but the Satya Sai Baba, Rama went to see in India in 1972?
Rama: Yes
And Sai Baba doesn’t speak English, yet there was just a huge crowd of people and Sai Baba was blocks away, far away,  yet as he was heading towards where Rama was, he started to giggle and then he started to laugh, and then he pointed as he got closer, you know, as he got close enough it was Rama he was pointing to, and he was laughing and he said to the crowd all around him, ‘E-T, E-T.’ So that’s Rama for you, that’s a true story. Thank you for bringing that beloved Being.
Rama, do you want to say anything more about that experience?
Rama: Help me get on my path to see Sai Baba and work towards the mission that’s unfolding. Thank you.
Tara: OK, here’s the mission from last Thursday's statement from Rama: I went up to the mountain to the fairy ring a bit this afternoon (that was last Thursday). I created a Jedi Council. Lady Nada showed up first, then Tom the Ringtail Cat and then the Poppy Lady, and last yet not least, Professor Z, a quantum physicist from Los Alamos laboratories, yes not anymore, but in the past.
They all said to me, Lord Rama it is time to invoke the 25th amendment or begin immediate impeachment proceedings. Lady Nada continued, the time has come where we are seeing the end of the matrix. All the stories are leading up to what originally happened long ago as we traded our immortality for lures of our lower egoist desires.
Then the Poppy Lady said, Lord Rama the time to forgive and create peace is now. I forgive all the people who murdered my family (27 members of her entire family).
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Only her daughter and herself are alive because they weren’t there; they were in the United States. May they find peace within their souls. Professor Z said, invoke the Violet Flame and continue always to blaze the Violet Fire. NESARA now. Namaste.
OK, so the next report will be for Saturday the 9th. This is Rama speaking: I sent a text message to the Poppy Lady at 11 o’clock this morning. I asked her, what’s up? She said to me, Lord Rama, the Taliban and other groups in Afghanistan are still negotiating a second round of peace talks, yet lots of people are still being killed.
There really is no peace in Afghanistan; there is a tentative ceasefire which is being broken all the time. Meanwhile, in the United States the dark side has pulled out all the stops, meaning the Republicans, the MAGA hats, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo boys, the Republican Senators, etc.
They have declared a certain kind of war against the democratic process being aligned with fascism themselves. Right now the new energies continue to increase in magnitude. The folks that broke into the capitol are being arrested. The idea of war of any kind is being cancelled by Mother Sekhmet and the forces of Light. Continue to blaze the Violet Fire.  We have already won is the word, we just have to remember that.
So, on Monday this is Rama speaking again: I received a call from the King of Swords this morning between 10:30 and 11:00. He said to me, Lord Rama, the House has entered the article of impeachment resolution this morning and they will debate the resolution on Tuesday morning and then vote on it.
As we’ve got the update they were thinking they might vote on it yesterday right afterwards, but that didn’t happen, so it’s upgraded to tomorrow morning. This attack against the Capitol is about the false stories of the fallen matrix that has too many twists and turns.
Meanwhile, the story about Pakistan and their electrical grid going down late last week is more about the mass coronal ejections, the solar flares and the electromagnetic field being affected by extremely high cosmic incoming rays to our Planet Mother Gaia at that time. That being said, the United States deep state along with the rogue scientists of the secret space program of China piggybacked on these high cosmic rays coming in and focused them and targeted Pakistan.
I asked the King of Swords. Why was Pakistan targeted by the United States through Pompeo publicly and China through these rogue scientists. Why were they collaborating at this time against Pakistan to take their grid down? The King of Swords answered me this way: Lord Rama, this information at this time is classified and things are so intense.  That is as much as I can say to you for now. Blaze the Violet Fire and send good vibrations to all. Sat Nam. Namaste.
Rama’s been getting told this kind of thing for quite a while now because you might say the intensity is that high behind scenes. Today we learned that this is political yet it’s important. Representative Bonnie Watson, 75 years of age, her last name is Coleman. She’s a Democrat from New Jersey, and Representative Pramila Jayapal, Democrat from Washington State, and Representative Brad Schneider, a Democrat from Illinois, they all three contracted Covid.
All three of them were in that secure space in the Capitol building at the time of the sixth, last Wednesday and there were somewhere between three and four hundred people all squished in there, and Representative Coleman, she said, I am 75, I have cancer and I got Covid19 because my fellow government colleagues dismissed facts.
And Representative Pramila Jayapal tested positive and she said, I contracted this Covid19 following the lockdown at the Capitol with the Republican lawmakers, who cruelly and selfishly refused to wear masks. Even when offered fresh masks, many Republicans still refused simply to wear the mask in a crowded room creating a super spreader event.
So I’m just saying this for the reasons that, let us just send good vibrations and healing energy and blaze the Violet Fire around the whole situation, and let’s just remember that we can help prevent spreading by just wearing a mask, and setting an example for others is helpful at this time. And now I learned tonight that House members will now be fined as they do not wear a mask on the floor.
Fines for members on the house floor will be $500.00 for the first offense, $2,500.00 for the second offense, and an upward spiral from there and that the fines will be deducted from the members pay so it cannot be drawn from campaign funds of any kind. I guess there were three to four hundred people in that room and they were in there for five solid hours.
So this is Rama’s report from today: I received a text message from Natasha at noon today. She said to me, Lord Rama, there is a lawful process where president-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris will be inaugurated into the United States Corporation on January 20th.
There is no country - this is important, most people don’t know that to be true and most people don’t know that there is nobody in the United States that is a party to the Constitution; this is what NESARA brings, with intervention. And there is something else going on where vice president-elect Kamala Harris has been quote unquote read into the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the United States military who are aligned with the Galactic Forces of the Ashtar Command at the 38th level above the President.
‘Read into’ means vice president-elect Kamala Harris has been briefed by the ACIO [Alien Contact Intelligence Organization], a part of our military which as I said, is 38 levels above the President. As the waves of chaos come to an end, it signals the Wise Council of Elders. such as Saint Germain, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, he has another name, Quetzalcoatl the Emerald Serpent Feathered one, Kuan Yin, His Holiness Dalai Lama.
It signals all these ones and more to join with Vandana Shiva of India, Chairman Archambault of the Dakota Nation, also Dallas Gold Tooth, I believe also of the Dakota Nation, in other words, Native Wise Ones to hold a special council meeting at Devil’s Tower where the starships will surround the event, and there will be further information forthcoming.
At this time, remain in the Violet Transmuting Flame, know that the power of your contribution as the Mighty I AM PRESENCE that you are on this Planet, makes a very huge difference. Be the ones that we came here to be together. Blaze the Violet Fire, and Namaste.
Wow, and I wanted to read something from our sister Meg Benedicte and this came in on the 10th, which was just Sunday here. https://megbenedicte.com/category/blog
She says, "Remember the once in a lifetime great conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn met at zero degrees Aquarius on the day of the Solstice December 21st 2020.
"This weekend Mercury joins the two largest planets forming a rare three planet conjunction in Aquarius. As we edge further into the Aquarian era we are breathing life force into a new humanitarian paradigm 2021 is a bridge year between two distinct eras, we are currently experiencing the shock waves of the collapsing era in America this week.
"Effects of the great conjunction crossing, and the United States Pluto return, the death rattle of the passing era, has shaken us to the core, we are witness to the dying regime of white supremacy as we brave onward in creating a multi-racial democracy, we carry the essence of the rainbow bridge within us.
"In conjunction with the cosmic lineup, Earth is crossing something called a fold in the heliospheric current sheet, a vast wavy structure in interplanetary space separating regions of opposite magnetic polarity.
"The crossing, called a solar sector boundary crossing, is expected today January 10th, (which was Sunday), in combination with an incoming solar windstream and high Schumann Resonance. There is increasing geomagnetic activity around Mother Gaia’s poles this weekend. Take care, peace yourself and be safe.
And one more of our dear sisters, Caroline Oceana Ryan and The Collective, this is a beauty:
“In short, I have come out there to the sea today, this is [Caroline Speaking] I guess because I needed to feel a bit grounded. It’s been quite a week in the US. And I’m just asking the Archangels, particularly Archangel Michael, not only for Divine Protection and for Assistance, for the United States and for the whole planet, Rather also for Divine Wisdom as well, as we face the last of the old regime.
"They know they’re headed for a fall, a very big fall. They’re not going to come back from that. And we have entered the Sat Yuga, the era of Peace and Prosperity. We are claiming our sovereignty on this Planet, claiming our inner strength and claiming our soul power.
"So I’m just asking the Collective for a bit of input as well, and Archangel Michael is in that group of course, and Archangel Raphael, whom we call upon for healing, and Archangel Gabriel who is so great for [increasing ability for Divine] Communication. Each [of the Archangels] has their own beautiful gifts.
"I tend to call in those three, because for my own path, and I know for many people’s paths, they offer so much comfort, assistance, encouragement, and support.
So what they’re saying to me, is that ‘All is Divine Order,’ and that we don’t have to fear that there is more tumult and more chaos coming—more events like the one this past Wednesday in Washington.
“Even if they do occur, we can be quite secure in the knowledge that Divine Will is still unfolding, and that we are still receiving incredible Light from the Great Central Sun.
“We’re not lost. We’re not unsure of ourselves. We are Who we are—Who we’ve always been. And that is Light Beings in human form, who are Ascending.
“And they’re saying that there’s not going to be a course correction for the dark side. They have determined that they are going to continue in the way of destruction. That’s what they prefer, and they can’t let themselves see anything else. That’s what they’re programmed for.
“It’s what they believe that they are. It’s who they believe they are.
“It isn’t, but that’s what they’ve chosen, and The Collective are saying, ‘Those who have chosen the shadow realms will come round when they’re ready, but that will probably be a very long time in Earth years.’
“And if you’ve been feeling a shake-up in your own life—I know I’ve seen changes. I’ve seen old issues coming up to finally be healed for good. A lot of paradigm-busting, a lot of turning of corners, absolutely!
“If you’re feeling a little shaken up, and feel to be needing a little encouragement and support, know that that is here for everyone too!
“We are doing great and you are doing great, and you’re right on schedule. You are absolutely an empowered and beautiful Light Being.
“What they would Love for everyone to do, and I agree—I’ve had to do this myself over the past week—is to be really, really scrupulous in our self-care, and to be very nurturing of ourselves.
“A friend of mine who’s a wonderful counselor said to me recently, “Keep being your own best friend,” and I thought that was great.
“It sounds a little cliché, but it’s where we are right now. Absolutely, where we are right now!
“You know, this ocean is so powerful, the Pacific. It’s so beautiful, and it has so much depth. Goes without saying.
“But it has much depth of beauty, and it feels eternal to me. The sea always feels eternal, wherever I am in the world, whatever ocean I’m looking out at.
“We’re not just here for a little while. We take on the makeup and costume of our current Earth life for a little while, but you and I are forever, as Emery Smith would say—you and I are forever, as in soul-continuing inner strength, and the eternal existence that you and I signed up for long ago, when our souls first came into individual creation.
“And it’s true that now we’ve separated into individual personalities and consciousnesses, for the sake of Earth life, and for the sake of [life in] some of the higher realms, before we dive fully into Oneness and Unity consciousness.
“But Unity is always what we are returning to, and Unity is Who we are and what we are.
“No one can take that from us.
“There’s no “great divider” and there’s no “separator” who can decide that we are against each other, forever and ever.
“That in order to “be true to God” or be true to ourselves, that we have to face down the enemy—that we have to face down the Other, face down this other group or this other party or this other culture or ethnicity, or whatever.
“No! That isn’t Life. That’s Death, and we are leaving Death well behind.
“We experimented in duality for a while, but I think enough is enough, if you can give me an Amen on that!
“So I send much Love, and as the Collective always say: We are never alone.
Tara: And I would say that those of you over there in that great beautiful space in Hawaii, the closest place on the planet to being ascended, thank you for visiting that beautiful Pacific Ocean every time you get a chance and we are grateful for this time together as always, and we would request contributions as you can to help.
We’ve got now eight Paschats, seven in the shed behind the house, and we’ve got an additional kitty that’s joined, that’s been having no place to stay, so there’s three kitties, there’s our great white bunny rabbit and there is now a mother Bobcat and two of her babies, so that makes seven and then we’ve got ‘white paw,’ our house kitty, yet her father is a Bobcat.
So in the name of all the Paschat warriors of every kind, peace be with us all and NESARA now, and I pass this talking stick, thank you, thank you to our sister Fran.
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