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Tara & Rama Report 1-26-21
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: Thank you, Thank you Mother Earth.
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: Yes, we’re getting a very strong message every time now in the last month, that the energies that the Galactics represent walking among us, is making a difference. And yet, also at the same moment in time, right now the energies are very contradictory astrologically speaking, so the level of our conscious awareness of that situation and every thought, word, and deed is required; in other words, we can be fooled easily.
And this is really very powerful strong energies of Mars, Saturn and Pluto square and getting ready to go retrograde; yes that’s going to happen on this Saturday, Mercury is going to go retrograde for another three and a half weeks; not supposed to start any new projects while you are doing that, and of course we’ll see what happens.
I just hope and pray that all of us can move out of the political stratosphere and go to a higher parallel timeline that we all have the consciousness to work with, because it is more important than ever right now to remain in unconditional divine neutrality.
Our brother Noam Chomsky, he said on this day that we have one business party which we call a corporation which has two factions, Republicans and Democrats, so we have nothing called country - that doesn’t exist it, never happened ever, what we only have is slipping in stories about that, not necessarily willing to wake the people up to believing that there’s a democratic way of life.
When the ‘one party’ connected with the corporation, connected with the Vatican is what’s been quote unquote so called ‘running the show’ and that has been pulled, but the draining of all of this disinformation and the Light coming in to help awakenings to take more of a place in time right now.
Remember, we said I think one of the last things we said on the last Asthar Legacy Call was that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice-president-elect, would be inaugurated into the corporation, the U.S. corporation and that’s all that there’s been. So what we are together working on in higher conscious awareness is that which has been suppressed for this whole time from the very beginning.
Yet, Saint Germaine said to the Founding Fathers, sign this and I will see to it that your prosperity will take this in hand and change this and bring it into the United States of Altea-America. And that’s the meaning of unity consciousness, and the political stratosphere right now is a distraction.
Rama: Yes, it is part of the matrix falling apart at a huge level.
Tara: And it’s about all of us coming into divine government, that’s the whole reason The Ashtar Commander is here with us to help humanity to evolve into the Fifth Dimensional conscious awareness and higher, so the political meanderings are within the lower realms of ego, etc.
And, it’s that one corporation keeping us busy with anything except ascension, and seeing Saint Germaine as their biggest enemy. And it’s very important for everybody now, [to know that] Saint Germaine was not that Christopher Columbus that the Vatican set up, he was prince Nikolaos Ypsilantis from Greece. He was a black man, he was a Greek sailor and was a prince. And that Nicholas Ypsilantis traveled to the United States long before the Vatican Christopher Columbus did anything of the sort. That whole story has been fictionalized as well.
So back to Tuesday the 19th a week ago from today, and on that day Rama said, I met with Natasha and Mr. X at the tea house up the mountain here in Santa Fe. It was 11 in the morning, Natasha was with me at the Tea House and she had her galactic screen open and Mr. X was on the screen.  So they both said to me, Lord Rama, We are swiftly moving into the new age of Aquarius, the Sun enters Aquarius at 3:40 in the afternoon Eastern time and a new Yuga, Sat Yuga with it - and with all of this comes Peace.
Meanwhile, the fallen matrix continues to fall as Mr. McTurtle throws President Trump to the wind, McTurtle is joining with other Republicans in an attempt, by the pots calling the kettle black, if you will, I might say so myself, attempting to call President Trump guilty of sedition or possible treason, then as all is said and done, the wolves will hand the talking stick to Mother [Sekhmet], whether they like it or not.
And we will be seeing you soon, Lord Rama, to bring you on the next stage of your mission with your Beloved, and all of the world will be getting this mission statement upgraded for them. Pray, meditate and be in love. Sat Nam, Namaste.
May The Force be with us all and that was a week ago Tuesday, so this is for last Thursday, skipping a day here, ‘I received a call from Chun Li, a Shaolin master, and Professor Z, a quantum physicist, at 11:45 this morning: They said to me Lord Rama, Even though things look the same, everything has changed. It is about the Plasma Field, the gold dust energy coming into our bodies and into the vegetable kingdom, mineral kingdom and animal kingdom all around Mother Gaia.
As the Quantum Field expands even further, expect miracles and magic. Now is the time, we have the power, use The Force. As we consciously talk to our DNA, our DNA responds by activating the Soma in our Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands, and this activated Soma creates in the physical our Merkaba vehicle which we can physically see.
On another note: Lord Michael paid president Biden, of the corporation by the way, just to remind you that does not have anything to do with the country which we don’t have yet. And president Biden, you might say, he had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment from that visit.
Professor Z told me as I asked him about president Biden’s long time war hawk stance, what’s what about what’s he going to do the with that, and Professor Z answered me, we will see what happens.  At the moment, with Archangel Michael telling him a few things, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt.  How We The People can make a difference is by blazing the Violet Fire and being the living life, living the Love that we all are.
On a side note, I heard on BBC news today, this was again last Thursday that Senator McTurtle and dozens of the other Republicans are preparing to vote to convict former President Trump of sedition and possibly treason, and to vote along with the Democrats for that. Again, all pots calling kettle black, and that’s not where we want to go.
And the reason for urging his followers to insurrection (sic) at the United States Capitol on January 6th 2021, in closing, both Chun Li and Professor Z said to me Lord Rama: Goddess is here, dinner is served, wash your hands or paws, as it may be. Sat Nam. See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One. As things are happening now, blaze the Violet Fire.
This next report is from last Friday. Tom the Ringtail Cat sent me a text message today at 12:20 in the afternoon: He said to me, in answer to my question, what is going on with the big story and the path forward to the NESARA, Tom answered, Lord Rama, the path forward is what we create, We The People.
And that goes back to the Prime Directive - they may not intervene in a civilization’s development, unless in case of nuclear and or psychic holocaust. And they are intervening on both levels, yet we don’t see fully what they’re doing because free will choice is ours.
We asked Mother long, long ago in a galaxy not so far away, when we met with Mother 450 billion years ago, we asked her, you know, can you let us do this?  Let this be our own experiments and we would like you to, you know, leave us alone unless, and Mother said fine, except for the Prime Directive, non-intervention of a civilization’s development unless in case of nuclear and or psychic holocaust - that would not be allowed.
And so that being said, in the news today, Joe Biden had a conference with President Putin about re-entering the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons agreement, that President Trump exited with him, (the START Treaty, I think that’s what it is called) And then there’s another conversation the two were having about Iran, and rejoining the Iran agreement that former President Trump at the moment took us out of.
And as Mr.Keshe has made very clear, he has Starships that were created here on the ground by the hand of he and a team of his people; they’ve actually been created here on the ground, and that again is only for the purpose of mitigating any attempt. And again, president Biden is very trigger-happy about war, he’s a war hawk. And he is doing what he’s told in terms of Hillary Clinton being his boss.
There’s a war going on behind the scenes between the different bosses of the different party systems inside the one corporation, which for all practical purposes to remind everybody, two weeks ago yesterday the Dollar went to zero and since the Dollar is the currency that sets the value of every other Dollar in the world - to repeat, the entire world has no value to any currency that is out there.
We’re functioning below the radar in an old timeline that has already faded away, and so the best thing we can possibly do is again, blaze the Violet Fire for the highest good of all concerned to wake up, wake up, wake up.
Okay, so then we go to Monday: At 11:30 this morning I went over to visit my two quantum physicist friends at their storage unit, which couples as being their home for the last 30 years in Santa Fe; they are Faction Three White Knights. I believe it’s, who is it that’s the artist there Rama?
Rama: Well, Dr. Steve.
Tara: Dr. Steve, yes, so there’s much artwork that’s in their big paintings and other things. They have it really well in hand. They said to me: Lord Rama, wearing a mask is an act of love, because there is a biological element to this story, not necessarily coming from the Covid story, but there is one, and that is in the atmosphere - that’s deep into the black budget deep state story.
And we are to tell you about an even larger story which is about space vents which is Nano particles that have been electrified not for good purpose. So again, blazing Violet’s Fire; have it like a mantra going on in your consciousness every waking moment and into your meditations. Again, that is something that doesn’t feel good to the darkness at all, yet we call for surrender to the highest Love that we are made of. Knowing who we are helps a lot.
And we are to tell you about an even larger story which is about space, which is Nano particles in our atmosphere that have been electrified by thousands and thousands of satellites orbiting the Planet. This is about genetically altered biology, the aerosol sprays, the chemtrails, the geoengineering. This is called ‘koyaanisqatsi’ - life out of balance, and there is a backlash. The Celestial-Eternals are here in their semi-cloaked craft in our atmosphere, and they are neutralizing these particles. Stay in the frequency of the Violet Flame. Sat Nam, Namaste.
Then we go to today. This is Rama again: I received a call at 11:20 this morning from Sibel Edmonds, which doesn’t happen very often, as well as Natasha. They said to me Lord Rama: The Star Gates are bringing forth many Beings who are coming through the portals from various constellations in our Milky Way Galaxy, these Beings Natasha called the Celestials, another name is The Eternals.
Natasha went on, they are here to bring a balance to the people and the Planet. These Beings are connected with the Great Silent Watchers who have been here from the very beginning 450 billion years ago, they have been called in many legends The Shining Ones, they can radiate the energy of a Sun through their bodies.
At this point Sibel spoke up she said: Lord Rama, I have seen these Beings show up in Palmyra in Syria, and in many other places throughout the Middle East. It brings me great joy to see these ones because they have wisdom, they have wisdom to share with the whole world. Meanwhile, the United States Corporation is having a bit of a fit, because the collective PTSD is affecting them, and thus all the rest of us here on Planet Earth.
As we come together with our consciousness we can connect with these Eternal Beings, who are here because Lord Michael called them to blaze the Violet Fire. 
I asked them about the situation on the ground, politically, economically, socially etc.
They said to me Lord Rama: These Eternal Beings are here with us to help us know how we can best serve Humanity together, each one of us coming by choice, together in world group consciousness at this time, these beings answered our call, [saying] call upon us in your meditations, in your every waking moment; expect us, we are the ones together that we have all been waiting for. World Peace now, NESARA now.
I could read a little piece that’s very applicable. So this is called:
“The Crystalline Grid is a term used to describe the grid-like matrix of high frequency energy that is part of the Earth’s new energetic architecture. Its pathways form a giant meridian system for the Planet. The channeled energy that flows through the grid is encoded with the design for Humanity’s transition into an advanced multi-dimensional interface.
“This grid is a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or set of instructions for Humanity’s spiritual evolution. The planetary Crystalline Grid assists our transition into higher dimensional fields of consciousness. It does this by filtering new energetic frequencies into our etheric and physical bodies.
“This enables our body and consciousness to connect more effectively to the holographic realm of the reality that is currently manifesting. The Crystalline Grid is like a super highway of Divine Intelligence so much knowledge and truth can be accessed.
“The grid also connects us all to each other and into the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. It is our new spiritual foundation and serves as a transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms…”
So this is the New Earth grid that we’ve been all hoping for. So let it be so that this higher awareness can reach all of our brothers and sisters in a timely manner.
And thank you and thank you also, as you can assist us, we’d be so grateful to continue this journey. May the blessings in all that we have hoped for manifest in our true selves being able to dance, to sing, to not do anything that is not for the highest good of all concerned.
And that’s the NESARA law in a nutshell. It provides that, no more slavery of any kind on any level.  NESARA now!  I pass this talking stick with Angels, Fairies, Feathers, Rainbows and Crystals to my sister Fran; Thank you, Everyone.
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