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Tara&Rama Report 10-28-14
Rama: Greetings.
Tara: Greetings Everyone!  I just wanted to comment just a little more about what’s going on in Florida, in Southern Florida. It has to do with underneath the ground in the whole southern third of Florida - it’s all limestone. Limestone is extremely porous. It means as the water rises then it can seep through the underground through the porous limestone, end up in people’s basements, first floors, and whatever. And many, many of the buildings that are on the coast, all of their walls are completely damaged, and they’re getting in their basements, they’re getting water in on a regular basis. So it is a warning and I wanted everybody to realize that some things are changing because of the law of karma..
Rama: Mhmm.
Tara:..which has not been dealt with on this planet, and again it goes back to Socrates who said that one cannot progress unless one holds to account where you have been before now. And you know that has to do with making it right again too. So the climate change – it’s karma. Polluted water is - what is water? It’s the element of emotion and how we use that emotion, remembering that there’s only love that is the cure for all other things. Negative emotion is illusion, and it has to do with that law of karma. So as you praise, respect, thank, and love all those feelings, that’s where the energy changes and you get into the law of dharma where you can proceed forward. We have been told that the past is already gone. Now that’s the same thing as we’ve been already told. Lady Master Nada said it weeks ago and months ago and many other Masters have said it that we are completely one hundred percent in the Fifth Dimension. That being said, in both cases it takes action. This is not -
Rama:..a spectator sport, as Thom Hartmann calls it.
Tara: No.
Rama: Tag, we’re it!
Tara:.. And the activities that we engage in and support. And as we are messengers, please don’t shoot the messenger.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That’s helpful. Although I’ve gotten lots of calls over the years where the law of karma is so strong that the “overstanding” of where we are, and where we’ve got to go, and how long that takes, and what it takes is very, very difficult to comprehend. So people end up out of frustration and poverty and all the other extenuating circumstances, saying that you know, it must be your fault. We’ve been hearing the same thing over and over and over again. Oh that phrase that repetition is the mother of wisdom. And what gets you from repetitious actions to that wisdom are actions. And this country in particular, it is Egypt. It is Egypt. That’s why there is every single, along the Colorado River that goes all the way down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon..
Rama: Yes.
Tara:..every single one of the temples in Egypt along the Nile are in replica, exactly identically, perfectly identical. And of course the CIA and the Black Ops have surrounded this stuff with electronics, and you try to get in there and you’ll get yourself dead in about thirty seconds.
Rama: Right.
Tara: Nonetheless, there are some folks that have gotten in there, and they have as late as 1906. There are articles in newspapers where certain people actually told people about this. My goodness, Everybody. And you know Nikola Tesla was around at that time in the late 1800’s and he was telling everybody. He had a show on the radio for about 6-7 years, and he was telling everybody everyday about the Galactics.
Rama: He was talking to Lord Monka and Lord Korton on Mars.
Tara: Yes. So we’re giving all kinds of hard news. Just remember it is karma that has not been cleared by doing the dharma, the do-do philosophy. The United States in particular in the Western Hemisphere is very much on the Ruby Ray - Lady Master Nada. And what we’re talking about there - she’s actually an Archangel if you really want to know. And again Lord Metatron is in charge of all the Archangels and Angels. And Lord Michael assists in that manner. So we’re learning something about the spiritual teachings that they have graduation too. And as we get more adept at doing the work that they are teaching us, that allows them to progress forward as well as us. It’s a never ending story. So that’s a really important thing. And there’s something called the seven primary attributes or qualities of God/Goddess All That Is mastery, or the seven virtues. And since Saint Germain is going to be attending with us today, and sharing another beautiful awareness from his consciousness, I thought I would read just a little bit of this.


Tara: It says, “People may at first think that Saint Germain or any Ascended Master are in some way far remote part of the universe or that they do not exist at all. We may have a tendency to think of them in some exalted way that what they have accomplished is significant, yet that is them. Well the fact is, the Masters had many embodiments exactly as we are having, and they definitely had to pass their tests. The Ascended Masters such as Saint Germain, Mother Mary, or El Morya like to refer to Earth as a schoolroom. Two laws are at work on this plain. One is the law of Karma, the other is Reincarnation. Karma helps us ‘overstand’ that everything that occurs in the physical universe relates to a formula of energy or previous actions. We are constantly creating. We want better results. We must consider higher actions and words, thoughts, and deeds, whatever we want to call it. What goes around comes around. Karma maybe a Sanskrit term, yet it isn’t just for our Hindu brothers or only is applicable in the East. It’s universal law. People in the West are really waking up to this. We may have gotten fogged by doctrine. Yet Christ actually ‘overstood’ the law of karma and he taught it to his disciples. Part of the requirement for becoming an Ascended Master is to balance at least fifty one percent of karma. It used to be a hundred percent."

Tara: Yikes. In other words all the Ascended Masters did it when it was one hundred percent. So they have something to show or teach. And that dispensation has been in place for some time, especially since Harmonic Convergence, that we can do just about fifty percent and then we can have this amazing experience of transformation. So karma is a work in progress. Yet Saint Germain has sponsored the use of the Violet Flame to help us balance our karma. Yet we’ll get to that here. Give me some good news. Well the other guy’s story, the reincarnation story is actually a mercy of God/Goddess All-That-Is, because the soul has continued the opportunity to perfect herself. The soul is feminine. Whether we call it God/Goddess All-That-Is, Universal Intelligence, the Mighty I AM Presence, or Spirit, there is an order in the universe, and there is a definite purpose. The Ascended Masters teach the goal of life. And it is for the soul to reunite with the plan and the plane of Pure Spirit. They call it Ascension. We see we are only born once spiritually in spirit with our twin flame. That’s another story. Meanwhile back on Earth, our soul has incarnated originally to anchor God/Goddess mastery on the seven planes of being. The Seven Rainbow Rays represent the specific qualities of God/Goddess action. Action, another word for God/Goddess, action is G-O-D.
Rama: Mhmm.
Tara:..Geometry of Divinity. So, we are intended to out-picture and manifest on this plane the seven primary attributes or qualities of God/Goddess mastery. Chohans or Lords/Ladies of each Ray [of] God/Goddess All-That-Is.
El Morya/Arch Angel Michael, two of them on there, and on the second and third Ray.  In the beginning Kuthumi was on the second, now he’s on the third Ray. And those are pretty interwoven. And Lord Lanto and Paul the Venetian are sharing those second and third rays. The second Ray now is pink ray, the first Ray is of course the Archangel Excalibur blue, and the third Ray is golden sunshine yellow. And so those two rays are representing wisdom and love. And pink and golden sunshine-yellow Rays. The fourth Ray God/Goddess of purity - Serapis Bey, the one who teaches the discipline.
And you know, as Benjamin Franklin said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Discipline is a good example of that, and it’s deriving the word disciple from that discipline. And we could do well to love discipline. The fifth Ray the God/Goddess All That-Is of healing, wholeness, and concrete science, the Emerald Green Ray Lord Hilarion. And God is indeed a number.
Rama: Mhmm.
Tara: And let’s contemplate all that. The sixth Ray of God/Goddess all that is, the ministry of divine service on Earth as it is in Heaven Lady Master Ruby Ray herself Lady Master Nada. And Serapis Bey is the eternal pure white flame of eternal wisdom and discipline on that path, on that Shiva path. And he always- he overlights the eternal flame that is burning forever, never stops in the paw of the Sphinx in Egypt. And number seven the God/Goddess all that is, mastery of freedom’s holy flame Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Tara: “So reincarnation establishes the continuity of the soul. That is the ample time and space to perfect itself and accomplish its reason for being. Ever not finish all our chores? Decide to do something else indulgent only to have those incomplete tasks waiting for you? Well that is what happens to the soul.”

Yet we’re going to expand that now because our chores - as this talking stick, this path as N.E.S.A.R.A.is actually enacted publicly by announcing it. Then the talking stick is passed to all the Shivas on the path, those of us here, or anybody that’s not on that list. Which means that we are going to be handed you know, Saint Germain’s work, Lady Nada’s work, Lord Hiliarion, Ashtar, El Morya. And they move up.
Rama: Mhmm.
Tara: Are we really ready? This has never been about money. The stories that are going on are just amazing. Vincent Bugliosi was on Thom Hartmann and the big picture this evening.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And he kind of wrote a book that tells it all.
Tara: Junior for murder.
Rama: For murder one.
Tara: Yes, but we haven’t heard much about that for a long time and all of a sudden it’s on the news. And again, I was taught by every single Master Teacher that I’ve ever met along this path. And that’s a whole lot of folks. The first thing you must do is you must pay attention to the news at the level that it’s being delivered. You must ask at a higher level through meditation, prayer, yoga, and all of your divine service, how can I be of service to help this overstanding expand, and have higher wisdom come to my neighbors and my friend. And this is why we are doing this work. This mandate as the messengers comes from something very particular; this is called Ashtar on the Road. And a lot of people don’t know how to comprehend this. Yet in this lifetime as Ashtar’s son Rama chose a very particular role. And it was a very particular role to take the place of the job that Ashtar has been doing so that he can take up another role. What has Ashtar been doing? Ashtar has been doing everything and standing on his head coming through Sister Susan week after week, month after month, year after year to say, tag we’re it. We are members of this Ashtar Command.
And Rama got a good lesson when he went up on the ships one day and he sat down on the bridge. And he said I’m not going anywhere, I don’t want to go back there. And Ashtar just winked at the ten forward character.
Rama: One of the bridge officers.
Tara: Yes, and one minute Rama thought he was going to stay on the bridge sitting cross legged on the floor and the next minute he was sitting on top of a ski valley in a few feet of snow.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And that was that. And pretty much that’s what in a very gentle and yet in a firm way, all the beautiful Masters that come through this call and through all kinds of places are, you know, like nudging us to do.
Tara: Okay, I just thought it was more important to do this because we are so close, Everybody!  And this week in the astrology it’s been feeling a little bit like you’re feeling so overwhelmed because so much is going so deceivingly in the other direction, which is an intentional thing on the disinformation news part. Yet we witness it and choose wisely to watch something like Democracy Now or Thom Hartmann or Link T.V. or Abby Martin. Abby Martin went on in detail in the last couple of days.
Big Will: Tara this is Big Will. I do have a very special question for Lord Rama. Lord Rama this evening a payload rocket from Virginia went up today and exploded. Do you have any knowledge of this? 
Rama: Ah yes, that was a rocket that was on its way to send supplies to the international space station, and there were experiments on that rocket.
Tara: That weren’t very nice.
Rama: Maybe that is the case that let’s say some folks took care of that rocket because there were technologies on there not in the Office of the Christ. That’s all I’m willing to say on the matter.
Tara: Yeah, and indeed something else was happening when that spaceship crashed too. You know there was a two hundred foot angel, what was it called- the space launch?
Rama: Oh, the Columbia.
Tara: Yeah, and the whole thing blew up. There were some very ugly experiments on there that they were going to use on the people.
Rama: Yeah, that’s was when they planning to nuke Iran.
Tara: That’s right. And so this two hundred foot angel that they were going to put and trying to tap and pull in the energy.
Rama: A two hundred foot violet flame angel just appeared made entirely out of plasma, extended this mechanical arm-
Tara: To try and take that energy.
Rama: To take a sample of the angel.
Tara: And so what did the angel do is just sent it right back where it came from, and that’s what happened.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And this is a very,very critical thing; awareness and pursuing this. We were told seek, you must do the seeking and then you will find; knock and the door will open. Ask and it shall be given. And what’s being given? More love!
Rama: More love.
Tara: More of the right stuff.

Tara: Okay so again, “Going back to the seven Rays and the qualities of mastery. Saint Germain actually is known as a Chohan or as a Lord of the seventh Ray. He is responsible in spiritual hierarchy to minister Earth’s evolution and initiation and opportunities of God/Goddess all that is, Freedom, alchemy, transformation, change, and forgiveness. He is also one of the key Masters responsible for bringing that Violet Flame forward for wide spread use and experimentation through the giving of mantras, and scientifically composed prayers called the Decrees. The Violet Flame itself is an action of the seventh Ray, divine alchemy, transmutation, change, and forgiveness, and freedom. It is a frequency of light when invoked through the agency of our higher self in the name of the Mighty I AM Presence. And we can effect alchemical change, changes in the properties of matter itself.”

This is why these new discoveries are coming in. There is actually this wheel hub that is the engine for all sorts of things. And actually those two - the Curiosity, and what was the other thing that went to  Mars?
Rama: The Rover.
Tara: Yes. That’s right. Anyway, those two objects have wheelhub energy engines. And what it allows you to do is amazing, it’s just amazing. And they have them for cars, I mean we have them for shuttlecraft. I mean what is this called, it’s called centrifugal force using hydrogen, using crystals. And these things are already in design form, and they’ve already been experimented with and are being used on the ground. And we’ve got hovercraft - I mean we have shuttlecraft, we have things that soak up all the poison - fracked water can be cleaned now.
There’s the technology, and all these wealthy visionaries. You know, another question I always get is why did they get their blessings before us? Why are they doing fine and we’re just sitting here? And again, unless we’ve walked in another’s shoes we may not judge, number one. The responsibility on their shoulders with that fourteen billion each that they got is so enormous. And they have over the last decade or half or so - it started in ninety six when the receivership of those blessings started - each and every single one of those beings had much more enormous responsibility and already had the attention of the public. So that as we were watching them and as they were doing things and bringing things to the public, that was already set up. They have set up over a half a million plus non-governmental organizations in order for that to expand all the new technologies, and all of us hands-on taking the responsibility for all the Karma that needed to be cleaned up that has been done through the country that we live in, and every country that anybody lives in. And this country in particular, because it is the template of Egypt, the New Atlantis, the United States of Altia America returned. I know the time has gone by. I don’t know if I’ve got a few more minutes.
Fran: Is there any more current news that you can share?
Tara: There is something called the Mondragan Model of the Basque people and this was on Abby Martin. And Dr.Richard Wolf was talking about it. He’s an economist, and he calls himself a-
Rama: Economist without the horns.
Tara: Who wrote that? No not economist, but who wrote that doctrine from Russia?
Rama: Hmm…
Tara: Oh, not a communist. He calls himself a socialist and a something is the closest thing I can think of right now. But anyway there’s a model of the Basque people and it began in the 50’s.
Rama: Karl Marx.
Tara: He’s a Marxist. That’s right, thank you Rama. But anyway they started actually you know as some of them even started seventy years ago. And it’s a stunning success, and it’s a combination of corporations that base their cooperate life on cooperatives, worker cooperatives. And there was a family of these coops, two or three hundred of them. And  you know just a few hundred people when they began, now there’s hundreds of thousands of people that are involved in this. And they’re all cooperatives under this one Mondragan model. And he said this is a really good new model. We got to go out of the competition into the cooperation of the coop. This is totally successful. And what’s happening is that General Motors and Microsoft, these big corporations are actually consulting the Mondragan Model project to see what they can do to change their world and their lives. That’s another good positive thing.
There was a lady - there are these things going on in Japan with North Korea and they met in Pyongyang about the [Japanese] abductees to be returned [from North Korea]. There was this one beautiful woman and she’s been waiting for her brother to return. And they were even pretending to return in the form of his ashes and Japan did a diagnosis and it wasn’t his ashes at all. And just many, many things. Anyway, even at this very late point she said one thing. She said,”I do not want to get depressed or be sad because my brother was abducted. I believe that I will be reunited with him someday. As I stay positive, I think that he will come back someday.”
What did she say? She said there is only one thing to do, be in the power of the positive thought.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Which is love. There’s horrific things going on in Ukraine.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, they’re both Nazi collaborators and funded by our Nazi Republican collaborators over here..
Fran: Tara, I liked that last note you said about staying positive.
Tara: Thank you. It’s all going to happen from that point. Namaste.
Transcription by Julie.
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