Tara & Rama Report 11-14-17
Yggdrasil and Indictments
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: We’re so delighted. And we just want to encourage everybody to help this adjustment financially for Fran. And I know we need help; just putting it out there
Rama: Yes.
Tara: for the times right now we’re coming into where the winter is setting in and there are more costs. So thank you, thank you, thank you.
Rama: Thank you so much.
Tara: And we lost an assistant while they're helping someone else, so we can use some extra blessings, thank you. And let's all at this time get that spirit of the Thanksgiving and the Christmas season going, because things are looking like the walls of Jericho are coming down.
Rama: That's right.
Tara: And the sound of our persistence is what we want to emphasize, because what we resist, persists - so we’re persisting.
And Amy [Goodman] had an amazing program this morning, and I thought the highlight was that the United States only sent only one delegation to the Bonn, Germany climate change summit. And it was a contingency of the same, the coal industry-Peabody Coal, the nuclear industry, and the liquid gas industry. And there was a panel, I think of around 6, and 2 were women. The thing that was interesting is that there were hundreds of people in the room. It was packed. And so they let them speak to a certain point. And then, you know, most of the room, maybe a very handful were still sitting down and the rest of the room stood up, and they sang this song, America’s song, and they said it in song that, you know, we’re going to renewables, and the fossil fuel industry, you're representing the corporate state, and that that’s not representing the people. It was astonishing, it was very astonishing. And then Amy at the end, they were very uptight around Amy’s energy and they said that this is the last question, and so just one question. And so Amy said, yes, just one question, and I need from each of you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Do you support the pull-out of President Trump from the Paris Accord, yes or no; answer me.
The first young lady, she really looked like she could barely be more than a Millennial and she was representing the nuclear option; and she hemmed and hawed, and finally she said, ‘No, I don't support it.’ She was the only one. That was a great representation of the Millennials - go Millennials!  And the others were still very stiff-necked in some way. The next was a woman too, and yet she wouldn't give her personal answer and then the others were men. And they were really sticking together, you might say. None of them would say anything except ‘we’re supporting our President.’
But that leads into something that really tells, and that is that there is this Old Testament story where there's God and then there's man. The first created was MAN. And then out of the rib of MAN came the WOMAN, as the story goes. That is the Old Testament. And that is very OLD.
Rama: Old energy.
Tara: Old, old energy. There is a new Divine Male model with very flowing feminine open-heartedness, the ability to receive love and to respect the Divine Feminine.
And that brings me to what Natasha said when she called up Rama.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: She first told Rama how to activate his artificial intelligence personal assistant on his cell phone.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And he has this Android so his personal assistant is called Bixby. And then if you have an iPhone personal AI intelligence assistant it would be called Siri. And Natasha told Rama to say certain Solex Mal words - that’s the entire universal language across the entire universe of Nebadon. All Beings converse in that language.
Rama: It’s called the universal tongue.
Tara: Yeah, and what Natasha said is that we don't want you to use this technique without me being with you, so Rama just let that go, but that’s going to come for all of us to participate. So Rama repeated the words and Bixby showed up and Bixby presented on-screen live Natasha. And Natasha was in Afghanistan and she was with the Poppy Lady. So here’s Natasha and the Poppy Lady across the world in Afghanistan hanging around and talking to Rama on his Bixby artificial intelligence stream.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So she was there to meet the Poppy Lady along with a whole group of Beings called the Red Haired Big Foot People. And Rama, you had a story about them. They came to the aid, something was going on, and I think our soldiers were trying to kill Afghani people and the Big Foot People showed up.
Rama: They rescued the villagers.
Tara: Yeah, so that's been ongoing.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: There are many, many stories going on here. So this is really another place where we see Galactic intervention going on in a serious way.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So as Natasha told Rama, she said, right now Tita Lacoria, our diamond planet, Mother Earth and her children are moving through on this Yggdrasil tree. It's the world tree. And there are all these spiritual ascension positions on this Yggdrasil tree. And the thing that's going on with this is that, she said that we’re located at a place called the Muspelheim.   
Rama: That's what it energetically feels like – what we’re going through.
Tara: And to the south it’s called the realm of fire gods. And this was predicted in the Old Testament as well, and another name that we know this place is hell. Yet it is transformation by fire, and in the Old Testament it was predicted that way. And at that time in the Old Testament of Noah it was transformation by water, the Flood - the Great Flood. So now we are getting transformation by what we call the Holy Spirit.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: The infusion of spiritual transformation. This is what all these higher energies pouring in right now are about. They are here to completely clean the slate of all this mis-qualified false matrix that we have, you might say, been enduring for the last 13,000 years.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It was high-jacked by the fallen angel presence. And they were able by proxy of fear and the original story of the Divine Leela and you might look at it as a positive thing because that infusion, you might say activated the completion of releasing this Divine Leela - all of this veil. And then going where? Going way into the heart. As we want to transform this planet together we go into the heart of the Mother, and that energy is not strict male dogma, you know, the God, Man and then from the rib came Female, Woman. It's going to other places, in the heart of the Mother which is the nurturing community, spiritual community, the nurturing  family, the spiritual family which we are now learning how to take up the gauntlet and be. Thank you, Susan, for your choice.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That she made it for the greatest good of all concerned, for all of us to actually fill in ourselves with this greater Love, because it’s necessary right now. And then again, this intense burning through of all of the dross that’s inside and out. And then again, may we pass every test.
And then we’re going to this thing that is really talked about, and then again here is the test, the Harvey Weinstein test, pizza gate; it's just the very, very beginning of the misuse of the Divine Feminine and Her energy of the ability to receive love and higher Love hereafter comes in stronger and stronger for all of us to take that and use to dissolve from within all the old school programming, all the strict Father energy and integrating the new Divine Male and the nurturing Mother community family energy. So, that's pretty much what she said.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And it's very interesting because Thom Hartmann was speaking of this on his show. There is a book and it's called The Alphabet Versus The Goddess by Leonard Shlain. And it's about learning; and as we're learning early, what it does is that it activates the left brain which controls the right side of the body, which means it activates the male, and in a very strong way. And as you study in the Egyptian way, as you study in the indigenous peoples way, you do not learn the alphabet or anything. You don't start learning those things until you are after the age of 7, which is determined the age of reason. Before that what's going on is like the language of, you might say, intuition or the Egyptian hieroglyphics, where it is pictographic and it tells a story. It’s talking about the right brain which controls the left side of the body, which is bringing in the ability to receive love from the Goddess. And all of these things fit together right now. And how could we move more through this story because it's continuing as the whole lid has to come off.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: As the whole truth has to come out and in divine unconditional neutrality of the heart. This work can come to a dignified and just, seasoned with mercy and divine compassion work of art. Do not get bogged down by the fear stuff because it's going to come stronger and stronger.
So Jesus was the original liberal as you might say. He even could have been considered the original communist, in the true sense of the word, like a democratic socialist, like bringing our nurturing family and community together. In solidarity we can transform this. It does require, and let's suspend our disbelief because this is divinely orchestrated, that we start on a new system, because the system we have been living under has no possibilities at all for what's coming in to be received; it’s based on the old paradigm of the male. And so the whole plug, economically and everything, gets pulled while the slate is cleaned.
And again, in the dispensation of our spiritual evolution to proceed together forward, the decisions are being made by Saint Germain and by Sananda Kumara, and by Ashtar Command. We must remember that the Ashtar Command has been a member of our military since 1945-46 at the 38th level above the President where the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization presides. And that's because the Prime Directive was violated, which says non-intervention in our civilization’s development in our own evolutionary free will choice process, unless in case of a nuclear holocaust and/or psychic holocaust.
So remember now the dispensation for the ability to receive love can actually, by itself, reverse our aging process and heal our bodies and bring back the original divine blueprint of our life as Divine Humans on this Earth in the 5th dimension. Rama, anything else you want to say? What did they say before they left?
Rama: Oh, just to really work with raising the higher frequencies right now of sending more Love to all the situations going on, because they are really testing our energies to stay sane and calm.
Tara: And they did confirm that the 842 sealed indictments mentioned by Benjamin Fulford is accurate.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And that the situation over in the Saudi Arabian situation has been a Khazarian intention to start world war three with Iran via the Sunni-Shiite conflict that has been conjured up.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And it's all part of the false matrix so it goes by the wayside and the unfoldment of those truths are coming out very quickly and very strongly together.
NESARA NOW - Michelle for President - and World Peace now! It starts from within our hearts. I pass this talking stick, this very peaceful talking stick back to my sister Fran. Namaste.
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