Tara & Rama Report 11-28-17
Tara: Good Evening, Everyone! We are so glad to be here again, Everyone.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: I do want to say that this is a new day. The moon has gone into Aries. It’s a whole new cycle and Sagittarius is the energy and coming in the Ophiucian astrology cycle which is the, you might say it’s the true path that we are on. It’s telling exactly where we are and in what constellation. There is the 13th cycle astrology sign called Ophiucus which actually begins with the spider clan energy and so on. I’m very happy to say that Spider Medicine is the medicine of Creation with the higher alphabet coming from the solar tongue of the the Solex Mal language. That also refers to the Yggdrasil oak tree and it’s talking about the Circle of Life that’s bringing in the Feminine and it’s about Midgard and Asgard and it’s about all of the Devic kingdoms, the Angelic kingdoms and the end of the ponzi scheme. Rama: Yes.
Tara: The end of completely of this type of economics and that’s all prepared. Just to reiterate that this whole thing goes to zero and all the path is erased for a new day and so all of these stored funds that have, you might say, been divided amongst the ‘Pharisees,’ all of that is gone and we fill the cauldron with Love and out of that Love comes a new Universal Economy based on higher consciousness, a higher path of Love.
Rama: Deepak Chopra calls it a wisdom-based economy.
Tara: Yes. Sananda Kumara’s 7th incarnation as King of Swords and his consort, the 7th incarnation of Lady Master Nada, are here and they have come in to guide this with the help of St.Germain and the entire Ashtar Command, and now Susan’s here saying , “Don’t forget the Arcturians!” 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and she’s sitting on that Council working with the coming in of the new children and the transitioning of the elders who make their decision to do that and to serve in the higher councils. This separation is coming to an end too, where the veil is no longer, and landings are happening in so many places. This Western society in the news is not talking [about it]. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
And Rama got to talk with Natasha today and she said Sai Baba is about to return and he’s coming as a female this time. Her name will be Prema Sai Baba and they are saying she will be born in a village called Doddamalur.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It says here that this place is a very tiny small village and it lies between Chanapna and Madur, around 90 kilometers away from Bangalore, and it will play this significant role in the days to come as this has been the village that has been identified by Satya Sai Baba to be the place where his next incarnation comes. Sai Baba will be born and with this incarnation and the stories, a great deal of interest is already being generated in this small village. Their expectations are that it is not far in the future now and the story about the circle remains unbroken - it is about the Divine Feminine remaining unbroken.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And the news about souls that are bowing out of this because the energy 
doesn’t serve, they are not capable of maintaining that energy and we have learned that Mr Grump has borrowed trillions of dollars and he’s been like a captive clone by these invaders and occupiers that are having a hard time holding these energies in order to have their plan around this individual who has been designed by the heritage of the 13 families for their own purposes. So there’s no love in that either. So Rama, you listened to a show?
Rama: Yes. 
Tara: The person doesn’t want his name to be known exactly, he’s gonna call himself Richie E. Yet he knows President Obama.
Rama: He had a constitutional lawyer on.
Tara: Oh, he had a guest, a constitutional lawyer who knows President Obama as well as Ray McGovern and Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and others who are focused on getting 9/11 out to the people’s consciousness again to bring the truth into play. His name, he calls himself Joe, he said that we are still playing with this shadow government that has eviscerated Posse Comitatus and Habeus Corpus and we have still got Patriot Acts 1, 2 and 3, even as President Obama was forced to sign we still have the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act. Although President Obama put a rider on that and said that he does not condone it one iota and it is totally inhumane and he would never act upon it. So that’s what he did and it creates an atmosphere where we feel like we have no due process available to us.
Yet in spite of all of these things, the energies are keeping on pouring in and we are more and more living in the higher vibrations of truth as a family.
Rama: Yes.
And also, as that works, layers upon layers of programming gets devolved faster and faster so in this age now of the time of the Christ Mass season we are entering into now, and we are also entering into the Ophiuchian cycle which is also talking about St Germain. St Germain is depicted in the sign as the man who is putting the serpent’s head and the serpent’s tail back together again, meaning ending polarity and bringing in unity consciousness all the way up to cosmic consciousness and there are 3 or 4 or 5 different levels to move through, and so our light bodies, our angel wings in the sense of our ability to literally fly, to know that we, together with this kind of Love, can receive that much Love. And our sister Padma said, you know, when we are taking these waters that are structured love in the cells, it creates a buoyancy.
Rama: It can physically affect the physical matter; right now this takes time.
Tara: So let’s remain in this good vibration and let’s pass this talking stick. Do you have anything else to say? Yes, as we continue to bring more people and help our sister Fran to engage in this new adventure and be able to have all she needs so that she can stay in the center of this place that Susan and Fran created together and continue to work with that together. We could also use your blessings and help. Very soon now our sister Caroline will have place where we can continue the Beneficial Farms blessings. We are so grateful. Thank you, Everyone.  And the time right now is so rich. Let’s enjoy it. I pass the talking stick back to you sister Fran.
Tara: I forgot; I wanted to say one more thing that was beautiful. OK. This was spoken by the widow of Russell Means. Her name is Pearl Means, and she’s a woman of the Standing Rock people. And she says,
“You don’t try to fix what’s broken. In the spirit of Russell Means it’s that pyramid effect. It does not matter as you look through history, it does not matter what empire, what period – the Ming Dynasty to the Soviet Union.  Now most recently we’re in the throes of the demise of the American Empire.  They’re built with the same model, top down.
(Praise, respect, thank and Love the pyramid, Everyone.)
“And the man at the top is inevitably going to fall, and he’s looking at both sides who is coming up. This whole fear-based pyramid - that’s the pyramid model, and it has never worked. They eventually implode and we look at each other and you look at us as indigenous people and we continue. Matriarchy runs in a circle. Time is limitless, continuous. That is the beauty, that is the key to surviving, and that is that we have got to come back into that Circle of Life to inner-stand, not just intellectually, but in our Heart, because what’s in our Heart goes out to the world and that is true power.”
This is from a film by Shannon Kring. You can find it at endofthelinefilm.com.
Thank you, Fran. I pass this wonderful talking stick with lots of feathers on it back to you.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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