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Tara & Rama Report 12-08-20
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone, oh, my goodness, how do we follow up on that one? Thank you so much sister, oh, my goodness. [see above+ 
Fran: With only good news…..!!!!
Tara: Only good news, I’m looking forward to that book, perfect timing for a great gift, Fran or whoever's there still, is it a children’s book or is it for everybody?
Fran: Well, it’s a children’s book which is for everybody.
Tara: Okay, right - the inner child is alive and well living, okay wow.  Michiko, what a marvelous thing that you got to be with Dr.Emoto for so long as his personal assistant, wow.
Tara: Okay, all right, so we’re gonna just start here, we’re going back to Thursday and Rama’s speaking here; he says, I received a from Sibel Edmonds  at 11:45 this morning, I just want to remind everybody Sibel Edmonds was hired six days after 9/11, to translate documents about 9/11.
And also she speaks and writes and translates, Farsi, so there were writings from Saddam Hussein’s sons that gave indications about  9/11 and what was all going on there so she did this work for a long time but they silenced her, what did they use?
Rama: Some kind of law where she was gagged basically, kind of for life.
Tara: But Rama gets to talk to these kinds of people and it’s coming out now so, Sibel Edmonds said to me, Rama speaking, Lord Rama, Turkey is buying up lots of gold and turning it into Bitcoin. (And what the King of Swords told Rama is that Bitcoin is a bridge between the old timeline and bringing us into the new timeline.)
And it’s very good because it cannot be traced. It cannot be shut down, nothing, It’s just what it says, a very good bridge. So in addition, all the BRICS countries are doing the same, B for Brazil R for Russia I for India C for China and S for South Africa.
And then Sibil says to me, do they know something we don’t? Sibil says, Lord Rama, all the central banks are adding higher cyber security forces because of anonymous hackers; could a financial debt jubilee be on the horizon? Then Sibil begins to giggle.
And then she goes on and she says the time is now. There are more discoveries about the giant skeletons and old starships that are being found in the earth in India. They are still functioning with zero point energy, they just need routine maintenance and they will be good as new. These ships go back to the time of the Mahabharata, a five thousand year war when many died, and now it’s time to bring them back.
So, that was Thursday and then we go to Friday. Rama’s speaking again and he says, I received a call from Lady Master Nada and she had on the line the Nameless Ones who are in the Wesak Valley with 20 thousand others living in the community. Nada was in Ramallah.
They both said to me, Lord Rama, we are very, very close to full disclosure and the whole story of how all of this began and this story is all about us Humanity and how we are doing, and choosing to listen to our higher selves;  and our sister here just told us all about doing that.
And no more fear, only Love, the Wise Councils of Elders are here. They are disseminating the wisdom of ages. The events unfolding at this moment are about a great energy frequency field that we are already feeling. The 13 families have fallen and their unholy alliance with the Fallen Angels is being exposed; we are here, the Council of Nine is here, expect us. Namaste.
Ok that was Friday, so now we’re gonna go to Monday and make a big jump over the weekend. I received a call today from Natasha at 11:30 a.m. She said to me, Lord Rama, the fallout of the Matrix continues; there is a huge unseen war that’s been going on about the higher energies coming in, and the dark side resisting at every turn. So let us please send more Love, remaining in unconditional Divine Neutrality and Joy. And increase the frequencies of the Violet Fire, blaze the Violet Fire.
The Dalai Lama had a message for us at 2:30 in the morning on Monday and he said, "Modern science does not include a deep understanding of the workings of mind and emotions. Yet some scientists are showing an interest (like Dr. Emoto showed an interest) in finding out; we need to cultivate emotional hygiene, learning how to reduce anger, anxiety and fear. The key is to cultivate Peace of Mind."
So, great minds come together with like-minded thought forms and so this is what we learned on Monday. Now today is an interesting day because it’s the feast of the Immaculate Conception and it’s also something called safe harbor day which is the deadline for states to certify their election results, and that’s been going on all that they say.
And then today also in 1980 this day John Lennon was shot on the steps to the high rise apartments where he lived. They were called Dakota apartments overlooking Central Park.  A ceremony is supposed to be happening this evening in Central Park to honor his life and all he represents to the world, ‘all we are saying is give a peace a chance.’  
And so then today Tuesday, Rama’s speaking again; he says, at 11 a.m. this morning I went and sat in the plasma field just as I always do. And yet as I first got in the plasma field this time, it lit itself up with the energy of the torus which looks like a donut, yet it is constantly spinning in on itself.
And this plasma field showed me this time the building blocks of life, the particles, the neutrinos, the molecules. As it’s showing me the building blocks of life, I am sitting down in the plasma field which is anchored in the pole in the space. As all this is going on, the plasma field started forming, with these buildings blocks of light, a living Being, where I saw the living Being inside another mini plasma field and this mini Being had all his chakras lit up, which activated the mini plasma field itself. As the mini plasma field showed up it actually said to me with an electronic voice, “Greetings Lord Rama.” Then I said to this mini plasma field with the living Being inside of it, what is the message today about these energies here and now? And where do we go from here?
The answer was not in words; rather the little mini Being then burst into a Merkaba vehicle with all kinds of colored lights spinning around it and spinning around the whole Merkaba of the vehicle. Then the plasma field formed Sai Baba’s face and then his face would give way to Babaji’s face and then I heard the words, ‘Everything is going to be alright.’
Then the whole plasma field completely showed upside down and I went about my way with the rest of my day. At noon I received a call from Natasha. She said to me, something huge is coming in right now; it is about full disclosure and the end of the fossil fuel industry.
There are Galactic teams as we have been saying for many, many months now, already here, and we will be seeing you soon and we do mean soon, see you in the Light of the Most Radiant One. Sat Nam and Namaste.
And then I just wanted to say a few things, Rama found out that Sanat Kumara is the son of the Empress Goddess of Venus and he came to Earth 70 thousand years ago.  He found that out just today, that's a very interesting piece of information.
And then tonight Chris Hayes said that in 2000, George W. Bush won Florida by 500 votes actually 537 votes to be precise. Al Gore won the national popular votes by 500 thousand votes. Once again this year we see a similar pattern.
Joe Biden wins by 7 million votes [sic]; he wins the needed states by just 60 thousand votes. It’s another reason the Electoral College is so dangerous. The margin of victory in individual states are going to be closer and tighter and much more subject to mischief, or litigation or outright attempts to steal and overturn votes than the national votes.
With me [Chris Hayes] now is Janet Griswold, secretary of state of Colorado, whose state joined something called the national popular vote interstate compact last year, a multistate agreement that would ensure the candidate who wins the popular vote also wins the Electoral College.
And now we know that there’re all kinds of other states that have joined this national popular vote interstate compact, so maybe this is one of your states, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Vermont, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and D. C. This is a very good sign, because now we’re going to be going back to the people having a democracy.
We have not been in a democracy up until now.  Nobody in this country or in this land since it’s not even a country yet, has had access to the Constitution at all; so this is a very big change, so let’s keep this positive power of moving forward and be in joy because these changes are manifesting right before us right now. So, all we are saying is just ‘give peace a chance.’
And then there's a message that came in today, I’m going to read this really quickly at the end, it’s from the Ashtar Command; it’s channeled by Diane Robbins.
“Our Galaxy is divided into 12 sectors.  Earth is located in sector 9.  The Ashtar  Command oversees our sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Ashtar is the Commander.
"Confederation  of  Planets  - We  Are  an  Arm  of the  Creator.
Dear  Readers, I am  Ashtar,  from  the  United Confederation  of  Planets,  division  of  the  Ashlar Command,  which  circles our  galaxy  and  solar  system. We  are  part of the great  Brotherhood  and Sisterhood  of  Light  for  this  part  of  the  Milky  Way  Galaxy  We  oversee  your  sector  of  the  galaxy  and solar  system,  and  protect  you  from  any  outside  intrusion  intending  to  interfere with your evolution.
“We  protect  you  from  the  outlying  reaches  of  space,  where  there  are  stiII  pockets  of  dark  forces  that would  like  to  overtake  your  planet  for  the  wealth  of  resources  it  contains,  including  the  human being.
“There is  a  great  war  between  the light  and  the  dark  coming to an  end, and  we in the Ashtar Command know  of  a  certainty  that  this  final  battle  is  about  to  wage  its last  death  throes,  leaving  the  Earth  and the Humans free to  evolve.
“We  watch  over  your  skies  and  make  sure  that  you  are  always  protected  as the darkness plays itself out,  untiI it just evaporates and disappears  forever;  We are the great forces of  Light,  and  our cosmic  assignment is to protect you  always,  to  make  sure  that  you  regain  your freedom,  so  that  you  can  evolve in peace and prosperity forevermore.
“We  are  here  as  an  arm  of  the  Creator,  maintaining  peace in  your  sector  where your solar system resides as you circle  the  galaxy  in  your  everlasting  trip  around the sun.  Soon you wiII be in a new position in the galaxy,  one in which  there is a great Light and brotherhood of solar systems.
"Where there  is  immediate connection   of  thoughts  and  vision,  and  where  all  are  aware  of  each  other, regardless of what planet you reside on, aII work  together  in  brotherhood  of  peace  and  love  this  is what  you  are  moving  into  and  this  is  what  we  are  moving  you  toward.
“We wiII meet  you  there,  in your  new  home  position,  where  you  wiII  be  able  to  freely  and  visually  see  and  converse  with  us, so just  look  up  to  the  sky,  and  visualize  our  starships  hovering  above  you  and  capturing  you  on  our monitor  screens, we  know  where  each  and  every one  of  you  are,  always we  work  together  as  one.
“The  Great  Rebirthing  Process 
"I  am  with  you  this  day  of  great  earth  activity,  bringing  you  news  of the  great  rebirthing  process  taking  place  on  planet Earth; unbeknownst to your physical senses,  great amounts of energy are  catapulting to Earth,  bringing  all life into greater attunement with God.
“Your  scientists  and  astronomers  are  unaware  of  these  events, for  they  base  their  work  on  outer  occurrences  of  concrete  evidence  that  they  can  gather  and physically  prove. The  shift  that  is  taking  place  on  your  planet  is  the  shift  from  outer  consciousness  to  inner consciousness,  away  from  travel  to  outer  space  and  into  travel  to  inner  space.
“This  is  where  the Great  Exploration  takes  place,  this is  where  you wiII  find  all  the  answers  you  are  looking  for. Our  Computer  System  Links  Us  to  the  Confederation.
"l am Adama 
"Know  that  the  Confederation  of  Planets  works  closely  with  the  inhabitants  of  the  Hollow Earth and Telos.
"Know  that  we  are  in  constant  communication  with  them  through  our  Computer Systems.  Know  that  we  monitor  the  whole  Earth  surface  and  below  the  surface.  Someday  soon,  you wiII  have  access  to  this  vast  computer  system  that's  based  on  amino  acids,  and  you  wiII  be  able  to plug  into  our  vast  monitoring  network  in  the  Cosmos.
"Then  you  wiII  have  the  information  and guidance  you  wiII  need  to  stay  in  a  state  of  balance  and  harmony  with  the  Earth.  This  is  all  waiting  for you,  waiting  for  the  energies  to  bring  you  and  all  life  forms  into  the  necessary  state  of  consciousness that wiII allow  us  to  implement  this  grand  plan  of  bringing  forth  to  you  our  vast  computer  system  that wiII  network  you  to  the  stars.
"We  Trees  Are  the  Ground  Crew.
"We  trees  are  here  in  service  to  the  Ashtar  Command,  too.  Only  we  are  the  "ground  crew"  who  have "dug  in'' and  live  in  our  "dugouts” so  to  speak,  while  doing  the  same  job  and  having  the  same assignments  as  you,  who  walk  on  foot  and  travel  on  land  it's  just  that  our  "physicality"  is  stationed  in one  spot,  while  our  leaves  blow, hither  and  yon in  the  wind,  and  our  scent  and  voices  travel  far inland.
"For  we  communicate  with  all  living  life  on  the  surface, just  as  you  do.  Our  bowels  reach  through many  dimensions  as  we  stand  guard  on  earth,  and  we  are  privy  to  information  coming  in  on  different wave bands  also.
"Our  auras  are  vast  and  connect  us  to  one  another  across  space,  and  we  span Earth's  globe  and  hold  her  tightly  within  our  arms  of  green  and  gold  We  bless  the  Earth,  for she  has  given  us life, life  to  reveal  our  innermost  natures  and  life  to  express  ourselves  in  so  many myriad  ways  and  forms.
"For as you walk,  we  talk,  and  our  voices  ever  follow  your  footsteps,  guiding  you  on  your  path  through Nature's  innermost  realms  where  you  can  play  and  experience  the  magic of  our  species,  albeit,  in different  forms.
"Don't  get  caught  up  in  the  news  or  the  skirmishes  between  the  Light  and  dark  that  are  erupting.-  For they  wiII  reach  a  crescendo  and  then  decline  and  fade  away,  as  these  souls  wiII  finally  step  down from  their  positions  of  power  and  be  removed  from  the  Earth,  never  to  reappear  again.
“Their  time  is up  and  yours,  dear  brothers  and  sisters  of  Light,  is  just  beginning  soon  the  Earth  wiII  have  a  new beginning   a beginning  free  of  coercion,  where  every  species  will  thrive  through  Unity Consciousness,  and  be  able  to  bring  all  their  dreams  to  fruition  it  is  the  dream  of  life,  and  it is  soon to  be  the  norm.”
Namaste everybody!  What a beautiful message! Thank you, Everybody; please bless us as you can with some contributions  as we could have what we need at this time to pay bills and eat and celebrate and maybe even get a book from our sister [Michiko] here, for the children and for the child in all of us. [see speaker above] www.emotopeaceproject.net
I pass this talking stick with emerald green and gold and every color in the rainbow and angels and fairies and feathers and rainbows to my sister Fran, here it comes.
Fran: Alright, thank you, now I do want to mention in connection with John Lennon, everybody probably knows that Caroline Oceana Ryan has just channeled a book of the messages from the spirit of John Lennon [Lennon Speaks: Messages From The Spirit of John Lennon], so if anyone is interested in that, it’s on Amazon right now and you can check it out and get yourself one if you like.
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