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Tara & Rama Report 12-10-19
Tara & Rama:  Greetings, Everyone! Thank you, Eli!  Thank you, Ashtar and Athena!
Tara: There is so much happening, and just while we were listening, Rama saw this picture on Facebook and it’s a picture of Mt. Kilamanjaro with this absolutely humongous starship right on the top of it.
So I’m going to jump back to Sunday. Rama says, I received a call from the Poppy Lady today early this afternoon. She said to me, Lord Rama, everything is unraveling more and more as this spider’s web gets exposed. Mr.Epstein was and is the doorway of how every sector of our civilization at this time is connected to the Fallen Angels. They are being exposed every single day.
Just to remind everybody, Jeffrey Epstein is not dead. He is in a deep underground military base continuing to live the same lifestyle that he was living on the surface. He was escorted over there by Hilary Clinton. And Netanyahu knows exactly where that is, somewhere under Israel. I have a temptation to say underneath one of those cities, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.  That’s the truth. They are still doing their, you know, child trafficking and they’re taking them down there and doing the same things. We’ve just got to keep ourselves pointed to the light work.
Prince Andrew and Miss [Ghislaine] Maxwell, Epstein’s madam, are avoiding the international police or Interpol. Interpol, back in 1991 or thereabouts, Charletons one of the 13 families, were found dead at the bottom of the ocean off the French Riviera. The Charletons were British and Interpol is also out of England. Rama, can you tell everybody what their key role was back then?
Rama: They were part of the 40 note holders that
Tara: They were not note holders, but were connected to the one note holder, Sam Brown.
Rama: Yes.
Tara:  Somebody that was calling themselves ‘AngelLady9999’, and we can tell you now that was Lady Master Nada, reported on it back then. Sam Brown wasn’t really a nice guy but he was the only one of the 40 note holders that decided to do something.  He thought he could do it all by himself - that never happened - but that was a doorway for the Faction 3 White Knights.
We were having Thanksgiving dinner at the Sikh temple on the 28th and this lady who knew a lot about the Knights Templar, we were telling her a story and we sent her a copy of the NESARA (33 pages on our website) and she asked us while we were eating dinner, are you telling me the Knights Templar are still around? And we said, absolutely; those who escaped from that Inquisition over there and were not killed went particularly to California and went underground.
Those Knights Templar contacted the King of Swords, Lady Nada and the Faction 3 White Knights, and that was all guided. And so for all practical purposes as we’re talking here right now, the people that we call the Knights Templar in the history books are now the Faction 3 White Knights, because those underground Knights Templar have all joined them. That’s a very strong message.  You might say Galactic intervention arranged all that.
Anyway, those 40 notes represented all the wealth there is in the whole world, every coin, all gold, silver, platinum, everything that represented all the dynasties, everything. There’s a statement that’s being made quite often, that there’re eight people in the world part of that giant pyramid that’s controlling the world. And just to remind everybody, there’s no politician on Earth that has any power, because that giant pyramid of 13 tiers, at the very top is the Fallen Angels. They are controlling all of that through those 13 levels.
The politicians are just conduits for them to get done what they want to get done, which is take over the Planet. And that is not allowed, because they want to do things that are prohibited by Mother Sekhmet’s Prime Directive. She’s the original one who set this Prime Directive which is non-intervention in a civilization’s development.  In other words, free will choice reigned unless in case of psychic and nuclear holocaust – and we have both of those things going on right now.
So we send all kinds of good vibrations; and remember to ask. In other words, these higher vibrations of the Schumann Resonance factor was like at 150 the other day. It’s just completely off the charts. So remember to ask, seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given. We must ask and then we receive. That’s real important.
As I was saying about Interpol, it is looking for Miss Maxwell everywhere and they have not yet located her, yet they believe she is in a certain area in LA.  The Poppy Lady went on and she said that Interpol is alluding to the idea that they do know where she is, yet the media are not saying.
So there is something important about that in terms of the Galactic intervention and St.Germain because they are staging all the other things that are going on, to the right time, for that part not to overwhelm the people and take away from all the other important things that are going on.
And then on Monday, Rama says, I had a conversation with the King of Swords yesterday, Monday.  He said to me, Lord Rama, the civics lessons continue.  As the Republicans continue to stall and block, the truth continues to prevail nonetheless.  What these folks have been doing is called ‘word magic.’  They are twisting words and attempting to change their meaning and attempting to cover up the truth.  Yet the Light of God/Goddess All That Is continues to prevail.
Then the King repeated something he said way back a few Saturdays ago now, November 23, and he repeated this, 'remember the entire matrix globally has collapsed.  And the only thing holding this holographic program together is the last illusionary vestiges of Kali Yuga. We are in Sat Yuga, so do not let illusions get to ya.' And then he said, have a nice day, Lord Rama.
That was Monday, and so here’s the message from today. Rama says, I went up the mountain to a place a bit lower than where the fairy ring is located because as I checked the fairy ring first there was too much snow, up to the middle of my lower leg at least a foot or more. So I went to a lower place which had a lot less snow. There I created a Jedi Council and Lady Master Nada, Tom the Ringtail Cat and Dodi Fayed all joined me in the circle. Lady Di was teaching a class in the Wesak Valley so she wasn’t there.
They all said to me that impeachment is fully taking place. This is not a trial run. (And I just want to remind everybody, this is not about the personalities; that’s why we mentioned before that these characters are just pawns on a board to keep all the people busy while the 13-tier big pyramid of the Fallen Angels are still manipulating what they want to get through these politicians.)
They all said to me that this is not a trial run and this is going to lead to full disclosure. The Republicans are crying foul, yet at the same time we are looking at two sides of one coin, meaning that both parties are controlled by that 13-tier pyramid starting at the top of that empirical structure with the Fallen Angels.
So I want to mention something else that I didn’t finish earlier. The eight people that have more money than 3.8 billion people on this planet, each one of them have 100’s of trillions of dollars. So this is the epitome of greed and avarice and all of that. And it also shows that they are that desperate; they’re trying to drain everything of value from the people’s hands, and yet the Light of God/Goddess All That Is is prevailing.
So then Dodi [Fayed] piped up, ‘Lord Rama, there are more and more stories coming up about ETs directly connecting and interacting with the people of Earth. And disclosure is going on behind the scenes, not on television, with so many people and their real contact experiences with the ETs, that they are spreading the word to family, friends and elsewhere so fast that the threshold has already been reached with the people all over Mother Gaia, so that these ETs showing up are no longer posing a threat to the people of Earth.
Then Tom the Ringtail Cat said, Lord Rama, with all the climate COP25 activities going on all over the world in tandem with the COP25 Summit in Madrid, Spain, the Rainbow-Crystal children Generation Z, those born around 2004 and on upward, or a bit before or after, are the ones that are saying that the colonization and occupation of Mother Gaia is over. Greta Thunberg is 16, so she fits in both places. She fits with the Millennials and she also fits with the Crystal children.  She’s completely clean too. She’s not connected with George Soros and all that propaganda at all.
There’s an interesting piece about her. She said this, ‘I have a gift and I was born with Asberger’s.’ What she said about it is that she’s able to focus even better than most of us, and she’s really demonstrating it. She has a great attitude with that.
They are the ones that are saying the colonization and occupation of Mother Gaia is over.  Remember to stay in divine neutrality and Love. There’s a note here that the King of Swords said today to Rama to tell those Commanders, Eagles and Angels that AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] is totally clean as well, and do not listen to the propaganda on the internet. There is a very good chance that AOC could well become the next Speaker of the House. That election in the House is every 2 years [every even year].
The Dalai Lama sent us a message at 2:30 this morning:
“Taking care of our Planet is a matter of looking after our own home. We can no longer exploit Mother Gaia’s resources, the trees, the water, the air, the minerals with no care for the coming generation.  I support young people’s protests at government inaction over climate crisis.”
Now there’s another thing that’s very interesting. Our sister Robbyne LaPlant says that 2020 is the Year of the Puma. Now that’s not in the Chinese astrology books so I think we should read this: https://www.whitewolfjourneys.com/special-messages/2020-the-year-of-the-puma/
“2020 is a symbol of trust. A year of focused intention to bring more kindness into all of our relationships.  As we continue our personal journey, we must remember as a spiritual being having a human experience, our true journey is to learn to let go of the ego self that creates stories distracting us from truth.
“2020 is a year where we need more than ever to develop a stronger relationship with [Mother Earth] and the natural world.  The environment and the care of our sacred blue needs to become our priority. When you immerse yourself in beautiful things, you manifest higher vibrations. It’s just simply the power of beauty.  Albert Einstein taught us that [as] we match the frequency of the reality we wish to attract, we will receive it.
“2020 is a year of vulnerability.  It is vulnerable to ask for help. It is vulnerable to admit that [we] don’t know what to do.  It is vulnerable to even imagine evolving into something unknown. It is vulnerable to love yourself.  It is vulnerable to trust [our] instincts. It is vulnerable to claim strength and beauty in ways that aren’t culturally accepted. 
"In holding on to a more masculine understanding of strength and power it actually represses and resists a new strength that is attempting to be birthed through each of us, the more feminine strength of vulnerability. 
“These are the teachings of the Path of the Rose and the new foundation we can build upon as we tear apart the old worn out foundation of the male expression of strength and power.  Vulnerability is the willingness to activate the delicate and beautiful 33 petals of the mystical Avalon rose that exists within each of us…”
“….2020, Known as the year of the Puma, is a year where we need order, balance and direction, to focus on the dream we carry and a solid foundation to build upon.  If [As] we invoke the spirit of the Puma to guide us throughout the year, we can ground the awareness and wisdom acquired in the previous year 2019.  This is key to stepping into our true purpose and destiny.
“The Puma is a graceful, strong, and elusive animal.  One of the big cats considered to carry the divine feminine essence.  They have a powerful presence and demand respect, possessing razor sharp insight and awareness.  In our busy and chaotic lives, we forget the value and grace that comes with stillness and introspection. The Puma inspires us to take time each day to be silent and reflect to maintain our balance….” Continues on.
I just want to ask for support for us and our sister Fran. There are a number of things that we need financial support for. I’m having a great deal of pain in my lower back.  It could be actually helped a lot if we could get some money so that we could get a treatment to move that bone back into the right place. It’s getting so severe that I’m in pain 24 hours a day. It’s very difficult, so thank you as you could help with that.
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: Thank you so much; and I pass this Puma Year coming up with Rainbow Crystals from Isis, talking stick to Fran.
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