Tara & Rama Report 12-12-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, 
Tara: all you Eagles, Commanders and Angels.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Do you want to share first, Rama?
Rama: That was so awesome to hear Mother [Sekhmet] through Susan at this tremendous time. I spoke with Natasha today and I can say that, in great sincerity and clarity the higher energies pouring in right now are transforming, transfiguring everything and it is creating quite a cosmic dance as everything is rolling out [that is] unlike Love and we are seeing it in major disclosures as the empire is falling apart at this time; and it has to do with the higher energies pouring in from the Sun and the Sun behind the Sun, you know, the Great Central Sun.  What Natasha showed me on the screen on her pad is just that the higher energies’ electromagnetic fields are affecting the entire solar system and our planet. The Sun is opening up portals, and folks, ships are coming through the portals. The Sun is a portal to the other parallel Universes and right now what is happening is this entire fallen human ego matrix is falling apart at the seams.
Tara: And Rama told me that Natasha mentioned that that Schumann resonance factor that Jack the Alien Hunter told Rama about, almost two and half weeks ago now, the Schumann resonance factor shot way up off the scale and so, it’s making the electromagnetic field of the Sun with all of its colors much, much more brilliant than the last time that Natasha showed this same field on her galactic pad. I mean Rama could see it. Natasha said too that, and I was noticing that she kind of said the same things that Mother was just saying, you know Mother was saying, let’s pick up our bootstraps and use this time to bring them to our LoveLight field of Courage. And Natasha was asking us to do the same thing because all of Heaven is behind us now,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and she said that because the Sun is sending out such intense energies across our Solar System, we and all of life on Mother Gaia are being required to embrace a transformation in our lives, a metamorphosis as you say, and these higher frequencies of Love are inspiring each of us to look deeper into our hearts and open much more to the Love that we are. You might say the 'phoenix rising' is indeed happening on our planet and our true history/herstory as a planet is being brought forward.
Tara: It’s happening more and more on the news, even in the main media. They are unavoidably having to look deeper into the cause of the situation that we as a country have created on this planet. And we, all together without judgment, can bring forth the truth and be able to face it and it only takes a small group of us to do it. We are the Commanders, Eagles and Angels, so our feet are being held more than ever to the fire, because we asked to do this. We are the teachers’ teachers’ teachers, so thus we have a greater capacity to accept truth. That’s the first thing - acceptance of the truth of Self, and then for the whole of the Planet, and then assist others to do the same, to wake up and to hold all of us together in that LoveLight that Mother [Sekhmet] through Susan was talking about and to co-create this New Heaven and this New Earth together. It is a wide open space this Christmas-tide season and we are going to keep it moving together so the Divine Goddess is manifesting in the physical through each and every one of us, inspiring the Courage we already have within, along with the persistence to guide and to complete and to close the old order and bring in the new.
There have been conflicting reports on the news. Some networks are saying three women have come forward regarding being abused by the Grump and another network said they are reporting four. Natasha just confirmed clearly to Rama that there were indeed four women.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So there is something going on with not wanting to acknowledge on certain networks the fourth. So just send more light to the situation and that no matter how hard the controllers attempt to manipulate the truth, the Light and Love of the Sun is shining into every shadow and not one stone can be left unturned now. Natasha said the walls of secrecy are caving in. "Do not fear, because we have already won," she said. And Sekhmet, who was here before even the Gods were, she is right here, right now with all of us and with all her aspects of the Divine Feminine made available through all of us. And let us climb every mountain and as Natasha said, ford every stream, follow the dream and make more use as you can of the Violet Fire, as it shatters and consumes with that Light everything that’s not like that Light, and it renders all of us naked before the Goddess. And St.Germain always will say as he said, I will never say ‘God Bless you,’ I will only say, 'May we all pass each and every test right now.’
And yes, on the way up the mountain, they went up to 10,000 feet with Natasha. Rama parked his vehicle on the side of the road on the way up and then when they came back down and Natasha took him back to the automobile, there
was a huge hole in the windshield and the whole windshield was shattered and Rama took a risk and he drove all the way through town to get home.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It’s going to cost somewhere between 245 to 250 dollars to get the windshield fixed and we’re just asking for assistance. That would be very good because we don’t have anything otherwise, and Rama needs that vehicle to get everywhere, importantly to convey his way to being able to get more messages. 
I was just going to say that there has been another major discovery about the original cause of various dementia levels and Alzheimer levels. It is pretty interesting and you can go to medicalexpress.com. The reason we’re speaking of this is that with this Light coming in, our bodies have to be capable of taking it in and that’s why there is more of this dementia coming in. They said from the University of Manchester in the UK, Professor Garth Cooper looked at what was causing this dementia and all the different spectrums of Alzheimer’s and Huntingdon’s disease. These are all dealing on the spectrum of dementia.
They discovered that as they started looking at (this was a group of scientists from New Zealand to Australia to England) across those groups they were looking at what causes dementia and what they found was that the precursor to dementia, the thing they can reliably find over a period of months and even years, is that before people experience it, there is a high level of urea found in the blood and even ammonia too. And urea is produced in response, it’s the stuff that produces the characteristic appearance and smell of urine, and it is the by-product of the breakdown of protein, in particular all animal products and proteins thereof. So as you eat these things, higher levels of urea and ammonia appear in the bloodstream and that takes it to the brain, and the study says that is what is causing the Alzheimer’s. And they really have been doing research showing us the people that turn this around eat a plant-based diet and there’s no chance of this to start up. And also they found that when there are animal proteins of any kind that are being consumed, it changes the bacteria in our gut and it a lesser quality of health when those products are being consumed and they also see the relationship of the quality of the gut bacteria to the brain too in causing the Alzheimer dementia.
I was just saying that, in terms of these higher energies, it would bring on a more Sattvic energy of this higher form of Love that goes with a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle, and we also know that in terms of participating in what’s going on in the world, the animal agribusiness is the largest cause of the climate change on the whole planet. So taking care of our physical and actually working with this reality right now, that’s a huge change we can all make on the planet.
And so I just wanted to read Mother Sekhmet. There are 4,000 names for Mother Sekhmet and counting. We are just going to do a short invocation* for Sekhmet and she says here in the Invocation of Sekhmet* ~
As it was at Memphis, So be it now!
Hear me, I beseech Thee,
O Powerful One!...
……Mother in the Horizon of Heaven,
In the Boat of Millions of Years,
Thou art the Great Defender!...
….Deliver us from
the abode of Fiends!
O Thou Who Art Sekhmet, Life-Giver to the Gods….
….Do not consume us with Thy Fire,
Give us Light!
O Lady, Mightier than the Gods,
Adoration rises unto Thee!
All beings hail Thee!
O Lady, Mightier than the Gods!
Preserved beyond Death,
That Secret Name, O Being Called Sekhmet.
At the Throne of Silence even,
Shall no more be spoken than
Encircling One!
I lose myself in Thee!
I pass this Sekhmet talking stick with the power of the Violet Fire to my sister Fran. 
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Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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