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Tara & Rama Report 12-22-20
TARA: Greetings, Everyone. Thank you. Thank you, Eli. Even though we had a little glitch, we got plenty of news. Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet]. And it is always an experience every time holding onto your paws. Thank you, Eli. It's very, very much the Heart connection that we get through you with Mother. Thank you so much.
So we're going to start back on Wednesday of last week, the 16th. And Rama says: I talked with Rosa from Palestine, Sweet Angelique the Cat, and the Poppy Lady today. It was noon, as they called. They all said to me: Lord Rama, we are all in
Kashmir, on the Pakistani side, and we are on our way to Amritsar, India, to visit the Sikh Golden Temple there, which is on the border with Kashmir, on the India side. There, we are going to meditate and call in the Forces of Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and so on. There are many things going on in the
Fallen Matrix story. As we approach this Winter Solstice, everything appears to be complete total chaos, out of control. There are rumors of martial law, insurrection; you name it.
Sweet Angelique continued: There is a lawful process, and Captain Ashtar knows exactly what to do and when. Please continue to Blaze the Violet Fire surrounding this whole world. May we be blessed with Magic and Miracles in this Holy Season of the Christ Lights returning to Mother Gaia. Sat Nam. Namaste.
And as Mother Sekhmet was saying through Eli tonight: Pay no attention to what's going
on in the political situation. It'll make you go cuckoo. No cuckoos here.
Then on Thursday I received a call today from Natasha and Professor Z. It was 11:30 in the morning. Natasha said to me: Lord Rama, there is a big secret conflict going on -- that's not so secret -- between the different Factions of the Intelligence Community within the Deep State. Media-wise, they report that the U.S. is blaming all those kinds of things going on with the Russians; however, this is not that. It is the Clinton Foundation, along with our own Black Ops. Mother knows how to sort the stems from the seeds.
Meanwhile, out across the backdrop of our Galaxy, the Light pouring in from the Galactic Center is creating Divine chaos, which the dark side is using to create more chaos, not so Divine, due to resistance to Love, to self-acceptance of Truths and Peace. Yet -- Natasha continued -- we have won. The World's governments will, in their proper protocol and
timing, be held fully accountable for their war crimes. Stay in the High Heart. Sat Nam. Namaste.
So then we go to Friday. And his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, visited us, at 2:30 in the morning, with this message: “As those of us who are going to fulfill a vision for a happier more peaceful future in this World, we need to learn to live each day in a more meaningful way. We need to sharpen our Human intelligence through study, yet, we also need to develop a Warm Heart.” And that's the end from His Holiness.
Here Rama speaks: I received a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat, at 11:30 a.m. this morning.
Tom said to me: Lord Rama, there are many things going on. All of them are good, yet the
Fallen Matrix continues to collapse. Rumors of martial law and interruptions of transport of goods and services are being reported. And these reports are on websites "connected," as they say, with Patriots; yet, all of these types of reports are connected to Faction 1 and Faction 2, continuing to resist Love. All modicums of normalcy have been sent off to
the wind.
As we approach this Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn get so close, they look like one star, and we call it the "Christmas Star." This will be visible Monday evening two hours after sunset in your respective location.
We got to see it.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: It looks like one star.
RAMA: Yep.
TARA: Ultimately, there've been different reports where they're not saying they're actually conjunct, they're just so close that ..And one of the reports said it was 400 years
ago that they were that close, and another report said it was 800 years ago when they were that close. And so let's just say it's a "rare moment." So this -- this has not happened in this close proximity, they said here in the 1600s.
But like I said, it was even reported -- it was even 800 years ago, which would make it 1200s.
Yet, we know that it's with us at a very important time right now. So let's use this.
Saturn is Divine Dharma, working with the Light, the Dharma, every day, making our lives match this 5th Dimensional Ray, this 5th Dimensional – as Mother was saying through Eli, that we are in a new timeline.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: It's a 5th Dimensional timeline, and just allow the Old to collapse. Don't get involved. Let it go. Surrender. Stay in the Light of the Most Radiant One. Blaze the Violet Fire.
So then we go to see here. On Saturday a very simple message, again: I received a call from Sweet Angelique the Cat and Rosa from Palestine and Poppy Lady, again, this morning. It was 10:30. They said to me: Lord Rama, we are about 12 hours away from now, from Amritsar, India. We are on our way to the Sikh Golden Temple, to call in the Energies for the Solstice. Be the Love you came here to be. Sat Nam.
And then we go here to Monday: I received a call from the Poppy Lady, Sweet Angelique the Cat, and Rosa of Palestine, again, and it was 10:30, again, this morning. And then they were all calling me now from Amritsar, India. They were at the Sikh temple there,
called the "Golden Temple." They said to me: Lord Rama, we are here, finally, at the Golden Temple, with the Company of Heaven. We are playing Crystal Bowls here and focusing the sound frequencies on the Light coming in. Leave the fallen old matrix alone. Let it continue to collapse.
We are linked up by Zoom on this one laptop computer we share here, with the Nameless Ones, in the Wesak valley. They have 7,000 Llamas spinning their 7,000 Prayer Wheels there, for today, the Solstice Day, December 21st, 2020. And the Llamas will continue to
spin their prayer wheels till midnight Thursday morning; thus, a total of 72 hours of this work. Remain in these energies of this Solstice. Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
And I think Rama found this -- "Mele Kalikimaka" and "Hau'oli Makahiki Hou," as they
say in Hawaii for those two things.
So now, we come to today. So today I received a call from the Poppy Lady, Sweet Angelique the Cat, and Rosa of Palestine, again, today. It was 11:35 this morning.
They said to me: Lord Rama, we are still at the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, right on theborder with Kashmir's India; Kashmir border.
And while the 7,000 Llamas continue to spin their Prayer Wheels in the Wesak Valley, we
continue playing our crystal bowls here at Amritsar. And they were singing the mantra as well with the sound of the crystal sound of the bowls.
RAMA: And this mantra is called the"Maha-mantra," whereas you repeat this mantra throughout your life, it physically brings in immortality, these words. This mantra has been around since the – the Vedas were written, and --
TARA: That's 5,000 years ago.
RAMA: And even longer than that.
TARA: Okay. The words mean, "I Meditate on Shiva, the Three-eyed One, a Sweetest Fragrance, helping me Flower Spiritually like the fully ripened fruit easily snapped. May I be free from the Bondage of Death. May I not be without the Nectar of Immortality."
This potent mantra is said to have the power to remove all suffering, to remove diseases, of any type of physical problem, to ward off all evil, dissolve inner fears and grant the Aspirant with energy and health. In addition, to recite this mantra daily purifies the Practitioner. As we cannot chant or pronounce this mantra, we can just listen to it, with
closed eyes, and feel the power of Divine Mantra. Moreover, it is said that as this mantra is recited aloud or mentally with sincere devotion, adoration, veneration, and serious contemplation, the knowledge of the birth and death cycle, "Samsara", is revealed to the Devotee; hence, this mantra helps in overcoming the fear of death.
The Great Death Conquering Mantra can be recited by anybody. Moreover, importantly, as the practitioner understands the meaning of the mantra word-for-word, before chanting it, the spiritual benefits will increase. That's because by knowing the meaning, the practitioner can easily contemplate on the aspect of Samsara, birth and death cycle.
Lastly, recite this mantra early in the morning, as it is a very good practice. However, we can recite this mantra any time of the day as well. Just learn to pronounce it correctly.
TARA: Okay. So I'm going to read something here that's really beautiful, to complete the report tonight:
"We are the Bridge -- you are the Bridge that leads out of darkness."
"Your reality has reached a major pivotal point. This is the change we have asked for.
There are no directions on how to navigate these new times, yet, they will be created in each moment by following our Heart Center.
"A New Dimension, A New Reality, a New Earth Template is landing now. We don't have words for this and neither does anyone; yet, we see that we can feel the reverberation or the ripple from this new energy. We are stretching and reaching for it now. It is not quite close enough. And it is not time to make the complete total leap. There is still some polarized
baggage to clean up.
"Duality is canceling itself out through the use of exaggerated extremes created between the forward thinking and the past dependent ones within humanity. Absolute programming is being dissolved as it fights its last battle. Humanity's consciousness continues to go through a huge awakening by the way of a Collective "Dark Night of the Soul."
"Radical emotions and reactions in humanity are symptoms of this. The Collective Consciousness is being flushed out and prepared for the future. The Polarities will now begin to dissolve because they are contaminated in every direction and on all fronts. These things do not belong in the New Earth nuclei. From this point forward, as we look back, you
will wonder how we achieved this transformation."
I just thought of something: Rama got an email from Bill Moyers. What day was that? Saturday?
RAMA: I don't know.
TARA: Anyway, Rama hasn't heard or talked with Bill Moyers for a couple of years. So that was a big surprise. But he said: Here we are, NESARA now.
Rama. Just letting you know. It's coming now. And Bill Moyers has been sitting on the Council for Foreign Relations for decades and decades and decades, and he's one that's been the mole in that place, meaning, working for the Light all these decades.
And we send him some good vibrations. I know he had some challenges -- we'll just say that – health challenges a couple of years ago, and he hadn't said anything to Rama when he sent him the email here, but we can send him good healing vibration in case that's
necessary. So go on here.
"We are on the Masters Path. This is a very fine-tuned dance, to not take sides or take up arms or go to battle for any extreme position. The way through this is to keep our balance, to stay in our Center and out of the non-permanent distraction of chaos that is
all around us. Keep flowing through our Center. We can maintain our balance by adopting an attitude of flexibility and radical acceptance of process that is in front of us at any given moments.
"Remain in our Hearts without judgment. Be very patient and stay in our grounded bodies.
As we become polarized we could collect impurities that we will have to clear and heal later, and with more challenges. To stay clear and land fully into the New Earth
Template totally prepared, we must maintain ourselves in a neutral Center until the balance returns, and it will.
"This time of confusion and challenge is not forever. We will know as we begin to anchor within our Center and the higher frequencies, we will begin to feel uncomfortable taking up any side or battle. Our biases will be very few because we have already begun to anchor ourself in the New Earth Template and its new frequencies that are balanced and non-polarized.
"The places we judge are the places, the dimensions, the levels of consciousness that we will be stuck in until we learn to go beyond it. Let the old fall away as it is too dense to be
useful anymore. Be compassionate and let others who seem to be lost catch up to the new program. This all takes time. And they will come to the truth in waves.
"All the upcoming events that transpire are all in Divine order. There is nothing to worry about. Just take comfort in knowing that what is out of balance with the new frequencies absolutely cannot come forward into the future. We can have confidence in this fact.
Where we place our energy is where we are. Not taking action is an action in itself. Be in the still Center place. Do not get drawn into the drama that is playing out now.
"There is power in doing nothing and letting the Universe self-balance. We will be a Bridge for all of Humanity. We are moving beyond the separation of time. We will find it easier to be present in the moment, yet, it will be a natural part of the process to go through grief and regret of the past, fear and worry of the future, and self-doubt and questions. Do not escape these feelings, rather, go through them, learn, and come back to the
Present at our Centers.
“Tomorrow will be a great mystery that we will navigate together. As we have discovered, it is pointless to expect to find Truths out there, no matter where the source, no matter what the source. We must find and live from our Own Inner Source and Center so as not to attract an event created by an imbalance or karma.
“As any situation triggers us, reexamine the origins of our belief system surrounding it. We are not our beliefs. Beliefs are not Truths. They always change with the times; yet, our Essence never changes, for it's Eternal. We are mirror, yet, we are not the reflection it sends out. All of creation is being cleared to create a New Vessel for the New Earth nuclei and the larger Earth Template. We say again: Search in the Center. Live in the eye of the storm. Act....”
Talk about a storm -- Kilauea blew yesterday.Oh, my goodness. They were saying that it was going very high in the sky. I can't say because there were so many different estimates that it was too vast. I'm just going to say I saw some pictures. And I was there when it really went off the first time. Oh, I mean, that was nineteen -- I was living on Maui. And I went to the Big Island. And we went -- we went there, watched it live, go off, something like 1980-something. I can't remember. But what a sight. We watched that fire. And then it would -- it would create a pool. And it's created another pool in Kilauea there now. And then it would harden, of course. That's Mother Earth speaking big time when it does something like that. So just let's honor her. She's -- really and truly best to stay in the eye of that storm, yes.
“Act from unity or tribal consciousness and make our choices based on the Collective well being, and not just our individual self. As we live from this new balance within All That Is, we support and create a path for all to follow. We are the Bridges that lead out of the dark night. We are the New Visionaries and the Way showers.
And I am so grateful for all the messages. They all are seeming to be converge on staying in our High Heart right now 'cause we're actually leading the way for immortality and peace in the world, and we are grateful. And we ask with humility for contributions to
assist us in this Christmas season. We will be very grateful.
And thank you, everyone. And "Mele Kalikimaka," again, and whatever that other one
-- "Hau'oli Makahiki Hou," Happy New Year.
And I pass this talking stick with fairies and feathers and angels and crystals and rainbows to my sister Fran.
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